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URL -  http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Internet_Vs._Traditional_Banks-106678-1.html

Story Paragraph - "Before proceeding further, I would like to introduce myself and about my achievements. Recently, I proved LIVE ON-AIR on a reputed news channel of India, that India's all internet banking, internet shopping and internet trading websites of India have vulnerabilities. I proved this LIVE (on camera) right in front of 'IT' Minister Mr. Shakeel Ahmed, Technical and Legal Experts, Director of Indiabulls Securities LTD. (Share broking firm) and India's star editor and chairman of IndiaTV news namely Mr. Rajat Sharma. You may confirm about my expertise level by checking on (+91)9350593505(INDIA TV). In this LIVE and Exclusive Breaking news continuously till 24 hours I challenged and proved right in front of camera LIVE by hacking all bank websites, shopping, websites, trading websites of INDIA. This is the world’s biggest ever Hacking proved challenge in legal way to help the Nation and with an intention to work for National Interest. I proved that as concerned to India's Information Security field not one or two or three but all internet banking websites, all internet trading and all internet shopping websites within India can be hacked. This was proved to be possible during my LIVE telecast on 3rd August 2006 recently. More then 60 websites were hacked all at a same time right in front of camera. With my previous 6 years experience in security research, I worked as technical assistant of chief minister of gujarat and even for army intelligence. So, this was something about me.

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Kalpesh Sharma
Information Security Expert.
Ahmedabad, India.

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