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Anti-deportation action Belgium
Anti-deportation action Belgium

In the Netherlands are there already 3 months of direct-actions, demonstrations, people who open their house for refugees. On April 10, there was a demonstration in which 15.000 people participated.

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In Belgium there was an action (pictures 1 | 2) against the collective deportation of refugees by military planes from the Benelux-countries(Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) and also a demonstration at a closed center that exists already five years. In february, Iranian refugees were arrested when they wanted to hand over a petition to the Minister of Internal affairs. Earlier overview

In France there are actions in different cities. In Lille, 42 Guinean woman are holding a hungerstrike since April 1, they want a better place to stay: now 130 personnes have to live on 40 square meters. An occupation of an university some weeks ago was broken up agressivly by riotpolice, some people were beaten so hard they lost blood and had to go to a hospital. News from Paris

In Helsinki, Finland, there was a solidarity demostration against the deportation of more than 200 Roma from Finland to Slovakia. Report | Pictures.

Other European countries: Italy | Germany | Austria Feature on Roma. | Switserland | Map of Fortress Europe (pdf)

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More information on the Dutch situation

Libby 17.Apr.2004 01:35

See previous feature

Background information: migrants criminalised to control cheap labour

noborder 18.Apr.2004 21:34

The series of large-scale immigration raids started already in September 2002. The first two took place in The Hague and Rotterdam and the media was invited, giving the impression that the authorities were in need of a spectacular event as a deterrence and threat to other migrants to leave the country as well as to show the Dutch public that the authorities really did their ‘job’. During these raids, the police was mainly focusing on immigrants from Bulgaria, Romania and other Balkan countries. The raids are characterised by a deployment of a large police force, a stigmatisation of the immigrants and a lack of legal aid and adequate judicial attention.

The raids were followed by large-scale deportations with charter flights. Thousands were deported to Bulgaria....

Read the full article (published on 19 Mar 2003):

video deportation airlines

a 19.Apr.2004 13:57

a video of a part of the action at the airport in Brussels against collective deportations:

Lille, demonstration against closed center

a 19.Apr.2004 14:40

Report (in French) + pictures:

Centre de rétention de Lesquin : manif 17 avril - photos

On April 21, there will be a demonstration at the prefecture, because earlier promises are canceld,

in French:


Perhaps they shouldn't illegally immigrate

Anonymous 19.Apr.2004 21:20

Perhaps if "refugees" don't want to be deported, they shouldn't enter by illegal means. It's easy enough already to enter Canda, or many European countries if you are a legitimate refugee--i.e. you are fleeing persecution. However, many of these "refugees" you speak of are simply people who have snuck into Europe for more opportunity, who had a decent life in their home country, and who want to freeload off the social welfare systems in Europe. I fully support deporting these "refugees" back. It's one thing to be a legitimate person in need of asylum, it's another to exploit the system.