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istanbul nobese
istanbul nobese

NOBESE players had their performance at Istiklal Street in Istanbul.
But their non-violence action ended with civl polices' verbal violence and one player had been taken into custody...

On IDAVS(International Day Against Video Surveillance) on 19 March 2006, NOBESE had started just in time in 14:02 in front of the camera at the most crowded street of Istanbul, at Istiklal Street. We first had tied up a necktie with an 'evil eye' on it on the Camera. Then we had tied up 4 players to an empty boss chair in the middle of them. While our players were watching people around, chair was symbolizing power and authority. We believe that if none of the ropes pull the (boss) chair, authority will lose it's function and won’t be able to rule anymore. We gave our announcements with 'evil eye sticker' on them and we had made music with our instruments. We had walked to the Galatasaray with a crowded number of people watching us. Police had just confused when they realized our movement to Galatasaray. Mis Street was planned as the action place on the announcements but we had walked to the Galatasaray and this made polices gone crazy. As a classic of Nobese we had started to take photos in front of cameras but polices that became insane shouted us to end the action. One of the players had showed his middle finger to cameras that was enough for polices to get wilder. Player had been taken into custody because of his finger-show and the reason was told, "he insulted citizens". One person that, we suspect that he was a civil police, had attacked to our large banner and one another had manhandled to one of the players. Sure it is not necessary to state that verbal violence from the civil polices during the action. During the manhandling incidents we were said not to make any more actions and threatened in case of we do. Player in the custody was hold there about 4 hours. After these events we had experienced the eye of authority one more time.

Of course, NOBESE players will continue to their actions.

Acting with solidarity,

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