Police Raids against G8 Mobilisation in Germany

This morning police raided about 40 places, including social centres and several private homes in Berlin and Hamburg as well as the alternative web provider so36.net . Police forces searched the "Rote Flora" in Hamburg as well as parts of the "Bethanien" in Berlin, both places planned to be decentral convergence spaces for the G8 protest. see de.indymedia.org for detailed info.

Reports so far on imc UK: 1 | 2
On imc germany: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Repression contre le structures allemandes pour protester

liaphin 09.May.2007 11:01

*Vague de repression contre le structures allemandes pour protester
contre le g8*
*Communication structure main police target*

Ce matin a 8 heures une vague des attaques policiers contro le
structures gauchistes a commence. Frappes sont plusieurs projets e
personnes qui sont engage contre le sommet du G8 qui se tient a debut
juin a Rostock-Heiligendamm.

A Berlin au moins 7 maisons and bureaux ont ete affectes, dont deux a
Bethanien et le Fusion Shop de Skalitzer Street. Les endroits ou la
Gauche Antifa de Berlin et les reseau "Gauche Interventioniste" se
retrouvent pour s'organiser.
Touche aussi la librairie "Mehringhof" et les bureaux de nombreux
projets des medias alternatives a Lausitzer" Street.

Le BKA (le bureau federal de police criminale) a donne attention
pariculier au server Server SO§&.net, ou plusieurs projets de la
gauche alternative ont leurs pages web et adresses de poste. Ils ont
evidemment en train de chercher de deranger toute la structure de
communication du Mouvement contre le G8.

A Hamburg la repression a frappé le centre social "Rote Flora" et
differentes maison occupés. Il y aussi des actions policieres dans la
province de Berlin et a Breme.

La saisie policiere a ete fait au sens de l'article 129a du code
penale "formation d'une coalition terroriste pour empecher le G8"

Cet article donne plen pouvoirs a la police pour saisir materiels et
donnes et est souvent utilise comme forme d'intimidation: seulement 2%
des cas finissent par une condemnation judiciaire.

"Qui invite le g8 invite les protestes, dit Mister Jobst du
"Bethanien" en Berlin. "Le proces et la criminalisation ne changera
pas le fait que le mouvement utilisera le g8 pour montrer l'injustice
inflige au monde."

La repression du BKA n'est pas surrpenante. La resistance de la gauche
radicale au G8 a pris de proportions enormes que la police n'arrive
plus a controler. Jusqu'a present la police a chercher de creer de
tensions dans le mouvement de resistance en parlant au media "d'une
armee de chaos" que va arriver a Rostock-Heiligendamm.

generals legal support information

rote hilfe 09.May.2007 11:46

The legal support group "Rote Hilfe" in Germany provides a G8-Xtra Page with informations in several languages. There you can read:

"The police have announced that they will prevent all blockades and obstructions of the G8 summit. The federal government will repeal the system of open borders as specified in the Schengen Convention and conduct controls all along German borders. As it is possible that activists may be denied entry, we should prepare ourselves for obstructions by the police and find out about alternate travel possibilities.
Anyway: no one should be intimidated by the announcements of the police or be scared off from participating in the protests in Heiligendamm. Everybody should find out about his/her rights towards the police beforehand.
Here you can find legal information about dealing with police excesses, in case of detention or other harassment..."

You can find a Red Aid Antirepression Guide, a booklets in various languages informing demonstrators of their legal rights, local and national laws and police regualtions (en|ca/es|el|it|arabic|ru|tuerkce)

G8: When the going gets rough (Supplement of the Red Aid Antirepression Guide). What foreigners need to know about the german police ans laws as Anti-G8-Demonstrators in Heiligendamm, Germany. (ca/es|en|de)

Police powers and presence for the G8 summit: What to expect and how to protect yourself - Informations on new Police Law in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where the G8 summit will take place. (en|nl)

Information on border points and more....


Wave of Repression against anti-G8 structures - Press relaese

Gipfelsoli Info Group, Campinski Press Group 09.May.2007 12:24

* wave of repression against anti-G8 structures*
* houses searched in Hamburg, Berlin, and Bremen*
* communication structure of anti-G8 movement targeted*

Press release

Since Wednesday (May 9, 2007) morning 8 am a wave of searches is taking places against left structures throughout Germany. Targeted are social projects and private persons that are organizing against the coming G8 summit - or suspected to do so.

In Berlin at least seven flats and office spaces are being searched, amongst which two offices in Bethanien, a social centre in Kreuzberg, Berlin, and the Fusion shop in the same district. The latter is a space used by an antifascist organization and the Interventionist Left. Moreover, a bookshop in Mehringhof and the office spaces of several alternative media projects in Lausitzer Straße have been searched.

The criminal investigation police was putting special attention on the alternative Internet server so36.net. Many left and alternative projects have their websites, mailing lists and mail adresses hosted there. This way, the communication structue of the anti-G8 movement is hit on a sensibel point.

In Hamburg the repression is aimed against the social centre "Rote Flora" and diverse housing projects. Also in the surrounding of Berlin searches are taking place. And there are first reports about searches in the city of Bremen.

The orders for the searches are based on § 129a: "Formation of a terrorist association with the aim to stop the G8 summit". The random selection out of many left housing and infrastructural projects makes clear that the investigation is used as an excuse in order to weaken the mobilization against the G8. "Probably diverse cases of property damage serve as an excuse for these investigations", so the impression of the Campinski Press Group. One of these cases occured at the Kempinski Hotel, where the G8 summit is going to take place. The hotel was targeted with paint balls some months ago.

The context of a §129a investigation are instrumentalized in order to gather data about the protest movement. Besides, such measures have, most likely intended, intimdating effects. Only 2% of all $129a investigations result in sentencing.

However: "Who invites the G8 summit, also invites the protest against it", explains Hanne Jobst of the Berlin Bethanien office. "All attempts to criminalize this movement will not prevent us from exposing worldwide inequalities during the G8 summit."

The repressive acts of the criminal investigation police are not entirely surprising. The left and radical left resistance against the G8 has reached an uncontrollable level for the police. "So far, the police only tried to split the resistance in the public media through hallucinating about an army of 'anarchists'. Now they will try to sabotage the organizational structures", Jobst explains further.

"It is noteworthy that the searchces are targeted agaist all those parts of the resistance that refuse to direct claims to the G8, because they refuse the G8 in general as an illegitimate institution", explains a spokesperson of the Gipfelsoli Info Group.

spontaneous deomstrations against the anti-g8 raids

stop repression! stop g8! 09.May.2007 14:23

meeting points (as far as we know):
* Berlin, 8pm, Mariannenplatz (Kreuzberg)
* Bochum, 7pm, Hauptbahnhof (main station)
* Bremen, 7pm, Domtreppen
* Frankfurt, 6pm, Campus Bockenheim
* Hamburg, 7pm, Roten Flora (Schanzenviertel)
* Kiel, 7pm, Asmus-Bremer-Platz
* Köln, 9pm, Rudolfplatz

* Amsterdam, 4pm, manifestation in front of german consulate, Honthorststraat 36 (near Museumplein)
* Vienna, 4pm, Schwarzenbergplatz (march to german embassy)


ME 11.May.2007 18:21

Where are the detained being held? What can People accross the atlantic do to help out?


we are everywhere! 12.May.2007 05:36

Actually there are no detaines. A few people have been arrested because of protests against the raids or for DNA identification but all have been released later during the day). The fact that noone was detained illustrates perfectly that this was nothing more than an long planned attempt to hinder the preparation of the protests against the G8 summit and to scare the public in order to discredit the protests. Imagine 1.000 FBI agents searches 40 locations all over the US, they have a list of 20 persons against whom they investigate because of "building a terrorist organization", they are coming across all of them during the raids but nobody is detained. How would you call that? This time the afford to criminalize the protest movement turns into its opposite. A few hours after the raids more than 10.000 people were out on the streets of some 30 German cities (and some more in other European countries) to protest against the raids. Demonstrations still continue and are a a major topic in the German mainstream media. And most obviously the government really fears for its image during the summit. Yesterday the German secretary of the Interior, Wolfgang Schäuble, a far right wing politician who took weapon industry bribes a few years ago, anounced a couple draconic action during the summit. Those measures include closing the borders during the summit, the biggest police operation in Germanys newer history with more than 30.000 police and 1.000 soldiers envolved, the possible taking into custody of up to two weeks for anti globalization activists without any prove and their concentration into special camps. What you can do about it on the other side of the ocean? The summit itsself is little more than a symbolic meeting, the decisions making the hell out of the lives of hundreds of millions all over the world are taken elsewhere. Our enemy is everywhere, in the management of every company, in every administration, in every goverment. So the best you can do to support us, is propably getting organized and continuing or beginning the fight against the small portion of the global capitalist system that is terrorizing your life.

CAMP Solidarity with German Free Spaces Raided By Police

CAMP board 19.May.2007 02:47

CAMP, a free community center in St. Louis, USA, expresses solidarity with the free/autonomous spaces that were raided last week by German police under specious accusations of organizing violent protest against the G-8 summit to be held in Heiligendamm in June 2007. Similar police raids against the housing cooperative, the Bolozone, and our community center occurred in 2003 in St. Louis.
These raids were justified by a broad-ranging resolution adopted by the German legislature (paragraph 129a) that outlaws the formation of "terrorist organizations," which in many ways resembles this country's Patriot Act in vagueness and bias against civil liberties. State-perpetrated violence to crackdown on free speech and free assembly is reprehensible. In particular, CAMP expresses solidarity and sympathy with Rota Flora in Hamburg and with free spaces in Bethanien in Berlin.

Biodevastation 2003 Protests/Raids:

The Biotech Industry And Repression In St. Louis (Z Magazine)

Police Attacks Against Activists, Indymedia in STL and UC (Global Indymedia)

Post-Dispatch Clips (biodev([search]).org)

Back to the Bolozone([search]) (RFT)

Police & Monsanto([search]) Fail to Intimidate Activist Gathering in STL (org consumer assoc)

Police make preemptive arrests at STL bio-tech conference (Asheville Global Report)

St. Louis Gestapo… er, Cops, Make Pre-Emptive Raids on St. Louis Indymedia & Other Collective Spaces (Mediageek.org)

Protester = Criminal? (The Progressive)

Cyclists Arrested for Riding Without a License (Bikeforums.net)

Guardian Weekly Coverage

rusl 24.May.2007 16:09

The Guardian Weekly newspaper of England - supposedly a left leaning and critical publication - wrote a small blurb about this raid/arrests that basically parroted the state repressive view: 18 arrested, terror suspects. One would think with the long history of similar propaganda/repression preceding other G8 events that they would know better. The editorial email is  weekly@guardian.co.uk

Represion global

carlos vigueras 06.Jun.2007 01:24

El miedo contra la verdad es alimento para la represion.Las maquinarias represivas
de todos los paises mas desarrollados muestran su miedo para poder controlar a los
activistas que se oponen a que unos cuantos decidan el destino del mundo. Su miedo
es tal que temen que las organizaciones de protesta puedan mostrar la verdad sobre
esta fiesta de los paises ricos y sus implicaciones en seguir contaminando impunemente
al planeta y burlarse de billones de seres humanos que no pueden hacer nada para frenar
a las grandes potencias y a sus corporaciones sin rostro,a seguir emitiendo gases y humos
letales que siguen cambiando el clima a costa del sufrimiento humano.
Los cateos ilegales que realizan las autoridades alemanas muestra su clara intencion de
prohibir las protestas mediante la represion y supresion de las libertades democraticas
para enfrentar a ese gigante contaminante que lanza mas de 29 billones de toneladas
cubicas de gases toxicos a un planeta indefenso.
Es muy lamentable que las autoridades alemanas impongan criterios violentos para prohibir
la libertad de expresion de millones de seres humanos que tienen el derecho global a
resistirse a aceptar la triste realidad que unos cuantos paises y corporaciones millonarias
pueden disponer de los recursos de toda la humanidad en su beneficio personal, ademas de
lanzar humos y gases mortales como criminales que nunca seran procesados por sus crimenes
contra la humanidad.