global posture of USA
global posture of USA

Drone attacks are in a sense an attack on all of Mankind. See my reports on this topic.

Drones & Directed Energy Assaults are used for two purposes:
1)mass murder
2) kill the will of man.

Understand that the wholesale killing and torturing of people globally by
the fbi/cia/pentagon, and their operatives is executed by any means
available, including Drones, Directed Energy Weaponry, High Tech Chemical &
Biological Assaults.

The killers of this nation understand that mass murder
is not enough to stop the adversaries; one must also break the will of man
to defend his own country, his own life (& that of his family) and his own
sanity. Total psychological surrender is required. Torture and the threat
of torture are the new weaponry used by the United States Of America in
order to once and for all control all mankind and all nations. The USA's
own combat veterans and patriots are also subject to the deadly assaults
and torture. For more on torture see:



Early on in the efforts by the fbi to prevent me from reporting their
crimes, the fbi notified me that they will break me:

See broken toothpick message dated Feburary 8, 2002 at


For more info see:



e-mail:: gsosbee@gmail.com homepage:: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com

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mind control

geral 16.Nov.2013 19:33

geral sosbee, viet nam combat vet
geral sosbee, viet nam combat vet

Today we have global mind control through torture (physical &

psychological),*forced suicide, mass murder, selective assassinations and

fear thereof, caused by the **overthrown government of the usa and its

allies; this 'fear' phenomenon is in a sense equivalent to a virus that

affects the majority of the world population, and I dub each perpetrator of

such assaults on human beings as representative of the ***living dead.







I defended an evil nation: