Corsica becomes EU Deportation Centre

Last weekend in Bruxelles, the EU foreign ministered pushed repression against migrants and other foreigners further in their effort to build Fort Europe.

In an effort to control migrants, it was decided to use the island Corsica in the Mediterranian Sea as a central deportation centre by 2005. As an intended side effect, this will also help to control protesters who repeatedly do actions at deportation centres and other facilities all over Europe (like for example at the new deportation centre at the airport Schiphol). A German hardliner on the issues, Beckstein, was quoted as commenting on the effect that this will have on organisations like no border: "Now they'll will have to borrow boats from Greenpeace." Plans are also underway, to use the island Sardinia, South of Corsica, as an immigration centre for all refuges. The Australian minister xx was flown in to report from experiences with Woomera and other centres. Both projects will be subsidies by the EU as creation of work opportunities on the islands.

After national plans to ban head scarves and to deport foreigners on the suspicion of terroristic thinking only, the EU also decided to set up stricter controls for Christian terrorists. "The danger of a world organisation that idolises the image of a tortured man, that restricts rights of women, that has a proven history of torture against women and of expanding through harmless looking missionaries, cannot be taken light anymore," so the Irish president Mary McAleese. Measurements will include a special visa restriction for visitors from the US due to its high percentage of Christian fundamentalists, a surveillance of buyers of crosses, and travel restrictions for the Pope.

One proposal, however, not went through. To avoid further protests at EU tops, plans were put forward to have all meeting at the Isle of Man, an island between England and Ireland. Concerns were raised against a meeting on an island on which homosexuality was a crime until 1992, and plans were finally cancelled when the UK pointed out that they didn't really own the Isle of Man. New plans include Helgoland or Disneyland Paris.

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stanislaw 06.Apr.2004 16:49

what's the deal with the Isle of Man? Is it some form of colony ("Overseas Territory" etc)?

really quite puzzled