Taking over Monsanto

Under the slogan "Don't hate the corporations, buy them!" a global coalition of anti-GE activists has decided on a new strategy in campaigning against genetic engineering and is preparing for a hostile take-over of Monsanto, the world's biggest producer of GE crops.

In the last years, different groups have been regular visitors at Monsanto's offices (1 | 2), test sites (1|2 |3) and during shareholder meetings (1), so that they decided to move their offices there permanently. Office space at the European headquarters in Bruxelles will also be provided to other anti-GE campaigns like Stop Bayer and Corporate Watch. The take-over is supposed to be completed soon, with a public party planned for 1 May.

So far 33 million Euros have been raised, and Soros Foundation has offer to double all money raised. The EU Commissioner on Competition Policy, Mario Monti, has welcomed the move as an important step towards a system of accountable and sustainable transnationals.

First changes in the corporate agenda will include to hire Percy Schmeiser, Jose Bove and Vandana Shiva to set up a business unit on Agricultural De-contamination. International stoke markets reacted positive to the announcement, because it might stop the negative impact that Life Science Companies and their patent policies have on the international market.Meanwhile the US considers to bring the new Monsanto before the WTO court.

This move has a longer history with approaches to change companies from within or by offering alternative products (like Adbusters' Blackspot Sneaker) and Fair Trade distribution systems like TransFair ( de, en) or the Cafe Libertad.

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So close!

Ashe 01.Apr.2004 05:08

I just realized that this is an April fools prank. :( It had me going, now I'm really dissapointed! I think people should get together and pull this off anyways! This is the best idea I've heard in years! We need to start taking donations.


Frederik Grøn Schack 01.Apr.2004 07:05

Dooh, I'm an Aprils fool....

Been Done Before, Let's Do It!

Jonty 01.Apr.2004 09:06

Early in the last century, supporters of Marcus Garvy bought shares in the Black Star Line. In an age where national prestige was demonstrated by ocean liners like the Queen Mary, Black Star Line cruise ships were appearing across the globe maned by all African crews.

One aspect of owning stock which I find quite fascinating is that owning even a single share requires companies to send you notification of any major board decisions with the option to vote your share and an often full color quarterly edition of the company report.

What you get for owning even a single share of Monsanto, Chevron, Lockheed... is a lifetime subscription to their company magazine, in which they are required to tell you about how various social and economic factors effect their financial performance.

Also, you get an official invitation to board meetings and the ability to communicate via letters/email with the company governance as "a concerned stock holder".

This article on Monsanto is a well conceived spoof, but over the coarse of the next 10 years corporate boards my well come under the control of concerned citizens groups one share at a time.

Covance Takeover

BlueBird 01.Apr.2004 11:31

A nother possible take over bid could also be Covance in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. There has been ongoing protest at Covance becasue of its inhuman, barbaric, cruel and unnessary experiments on animals mainly for the purpose of cosmetics. Covance is on an industrial park on top of Halow hill, Harogate about 2 miles north out of town. There are other companies working on the industrial park put as far as can be gathered thier exists spaces to let. Once upon a time there was a joint socail centre which operated in the site put this, for unkown reasons, closed. There is also a possiblity that there exits radioactive waste on a piece of land which convance happen to own! It would be good to see perhaps an animal rehabilitaion and animal welfare unit set up say to help thrown out greyhounds or horse for example. Anyway anybody wishing to set up a site like such please reply.


Enough April fools gags now please!

mahoobley 01.Apr.2004 13:12

Its 2 hours after 12:00pm GMT so can we stop with the April fools jokes now ok? :)

Surely one story was enough?

ah smile.

Ms funmachine 01.Apr.2004 15:41

The editors are just being playfull :)

seriously its rare to get to have fun being a revolutionary (I guess its serious business) but we got to remind ourselves to do it ocassionally. Think Marcos's never ending "who am I pranks" . Its so we dont take ourselves so seriously and believe our own propoganda so hard we lose the ability to be critical.

Plus its fun to play. Reclaim the streets! Fuck each other then do it again! CLimb a tree! Send yer dear mother some flowers! All of these and more are revolutionary things!