Mayday cancelled

Surprise Government Announcement! Quite literally, this year, there will be no Mayday in the UK!

In a surprise announcement, Tony Blair's government has decided to ban the 1st of May. April will have 31 days as opposed to the usual 30 and May will formally start on the 2nd. During the hurridly convened press conference last night the Prime Minister said, "Due to recent protests, demonstrations and marches disrupting the center of London and the City on May 1st by anti-globalisation activists and unions, we have decided to do away with the day and hopefully it will be just like any other working day." The Home Office will be sending out instructions to all businesses to adjust their calendars accordingly and has banned all marches to do with Mayday - as there won't be one. The unions, who will be hit hard by this, have yet to respond, but a government spokeswoman said "I'm sure they will understand the reasons for this measure". George Bush has fully backed the proposal saying he would "take up the idea and run away with it."

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those bastards

globalslave 01.Apr.2004 13:46

we must resist to this now, our children are next
workers rights must be guaranteed, or else we will return to 19th century class systems, (behind the propaganda this is allready true, infact it was never gone)
the fight for human rights must go on, it must never end, or they will crush us.
"If the rights of one are violated, then our rights are not guaranteed."

Don't let this happen to you!

Hamid Karzelzman 01.Apr.2004 14:33

First they came for May 1st, but I wasn't born then,
so I didn't care. Then they came for Ramadan, but I
wasn't ethnically or spiritually tied to that event
at all, so again I didn't care.

Then they came for yesterday. And I wasn't born yesterday
you know. So again I didn't care.

But then they came for the coffee break. And I can't live
without my cup(s) of coffee. I must've been born during
a coffee break, or at least conceived. Either way, it was
far too important to me that I was NOT going to sit idly
by and watch the coffee break disappear.

I poured scalding hot water on the same people who took
mayday, ramadan and yesterday. They will take no more,
let me assure you. For they've had a most memorable
coffee break.

Now there will be coffee breaks for perpetuity. Sorry
I couldn't resecure Mayday or Ramadan or anything though.
They're gone for good I guess.

But at least this time we learned from Hitler and got
them before they came for too many things.



haha 01.Apr.2004 14:56

check the actual article it's an april fools joke...

This is, of course, an APRIL FOOL...

Don't believe the media, be Indymedia

The real MAYDAY feature is here:

Press Hysteria Ahead of Dublin EU Mayday

Press hysteria and propaganda around this years Mayday has been mounting over in Ireland, where the latest headline to hit the streets revealing that troops will be drafted in to "Put Down" EU protests!

All of the media reporting so far about Mayday in Dublin has concentrated almost exclusively on "violent" protesters, while no evidence has been presented of a real risk of violence, and barely a mention has been made of the reasons that people will be protesting. Indymedia Ireland comments:

"The corporate media is creating the climate for repression. They are trying to drive people away from protests and creating the climate where the police can smash the protests with force."


Not such a silly spoof!

infos 01.Apr.2004 15:59

There's a strong sense of sarcasm here and even irony since in London UK a few people from the 'Mayday Collective', the loose group who for the last few years have promoted the large autonomous demos and actions in London for Mayday, have this year issued a statement saying they are not organising a large Mayday Event for various reasons.

This is a serious statement andquite a long one looking at various issues. You can read it in full here:

Meanwhile a short hop away in Dublin, Ireland, plans continue for Mayday protests alongside the EU Enlargement Summit and celebrations. Here the normal Trade Union Mayday March has also been cancelled (by the trade unions themselves no less!) in favour of the official EU events - which is a DISGRACE! - especially given so many of the issues around the EU enlargement on May 1st are about workers rights!

Also a BBC / RTE free public celebration concert planned for the streets of central Dublin (with 10,000 tickets distributed) has also been cancelled, apparently because the cabinet said that closing the area for five days in the run up to the concert would be unacceptable.

You can read about the EU Enlargement Summit / Dublin Mayday and UK Mayday news on Indymedia UK at:

I guess the final link in this story is that it does nicely reference the origins of the April Fools thing - re the standard european calendar introduced by Julius Caesar being changed...

In 1582 Pope Gregory the 13th ordered the adoption of a new method of calculating the passage of a year, which corrected the inaccuracy of the Julian system by advancing the calendar, and changing the date of the new year from what was april to january 1st. With no modern communications, news travelled slowly and new ideas were often questioned. Many people did not hear of the change, others chose to ignore it, while some merely forgot. These people became April Fools. In a striking early example of Euro-scepticism, the English resisted until 1752, by which time they were eleven days out of step with their neighbours!

1984, room 101.

turnip's twistedboy 01.Apr.2004 17:13

Not only have there launch war that was wrong, changed the law to suit them, but there have changed a dates, to suit them selves.cesar did this and brought population unrest, but this not 2 cope with weather changes, but stop historic voicing of opions. Wipe out all dialic with there cause.

orwell warned of the nanny state, durkeim warned of these normless, and many more are critics, and show of wrong doing:but still there carry on.

Anybody close to these peoples protesting want stop them, just give them more fuel and good reason to hit the streets. History will tell of these wrongs as long we report of them on here.

Ps respect to all Blackwood poeple, with lack of support still had maximum outcome. Little steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayday Farewell

tom 01.Apr.2004 18:26

Well, it was a great day of remembrance while it lasted, and the Labor movement will mourn its loss. Mr. Blair's actions are quite clear and reasonable, and I'm sure Mr. Bush will follow suit. Soon the world will be free of May 1st. Every good thing must end, and the labor movement has used this "holiday" long enough as an annual rallying cry. Change is good, and while I'll miss the 1st of May and everything it stands for, I'm fully prepared to start May on the 2nd from now on. Thank goodness for such bold leadership.

Farewell May Day, we knew ye well

colonial 01.Apr.2004 20:16

It's a real loss.....but won't the gods & goddesses be angry? Before May Day you know, there was Three Milkings!