America's Antiquated Social Structure

What is called democracy and speaks of consensus is in truth a multitude of Petty Kings or as I call them "Petty Capitalists"

Americas Antiquated Social Structure

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America's Antiquated Social Structure

Class As An Economic Base
The Class Continuum
Petty Capitalist Society
Where Are The PCs
In Side The Mind of the Petty Capitalist's Children
The Big Picture
The Dynasty Of Government
The Erroneousness Of Class

My derision of Petty Capitalists should not insinuate that amongst them there are none contributing to the progress of Humanity. What you read is perhaps an over emphasis over looking exceptions, but I doubt it will disenfranchise the well situated just the same, so it stands. And an occasional slap is a very good reminder of where we are and what Time it is.

Class As An Economic Base (top)

Class originated as an economic base in the middle ages. It was the policy of Kings to maintain class by perpetuating their blood lines and living a particularly distinguished life style. The lifestyle consisted of an assortment of pleasantries, ornaments, a set of manners befitting Royalty, and a slovenly attitude which conveyed status to the peasants and the help.

Finance made it possible for mankind to use ingenuity to rise above the status of peasants and help. Those who utilized finance as a structure and guide to rise above peasantry are called the capitalists. As the capitalists rose out of the annals of history they took with them the only philosophical foundation they knew; which was that of the Kings. So we have the present day longing after class, which is an extension, distortion, of the philosophy of medieval Kings. It just happens that in the present day every single citizen thinks they are capable of having class and so they blindly follow in the footsteps of the capitalists pursuing it. In reality class was an attribute of Royalty and Royalty held socio - economic - political governance and as such were a far cry from the modern commoner who is attempting to climb the caste ladder.

It was known early in the game that capitalism would eventually reach a limit because freely exploitable resources on the Earth are limited. Thus Karl Marx wrote: "What will become of capitalism once the historical conditions which gave rise to it no longer exist?" The economic system proposed by Karl Marx was by no means some conspiracy against the people of the Earth, but rather a realistic observation of historical process and it's inevitable results. The most brilliant economist I have read, I can find no point of diversion from the verity of his prognosis. 

What resulted from the free expansion of capital, given the foundation of finance, was what we see around us today. Some capitalists became rich early in the new structure of finance, some became rich only recently. Unanimously they have sought after the one thing: class. Consequently, a close look at modern society will show something very similar to a multitude of dynasties centering around the various capitalists. The earliest capitalists having the largest and most concrete dynasty and so on until we arrive at the most recent recruits to the capitalists who will have no dynasty at all, but will be, almost without question, in the process of building a new dynasty of their own. These literally millions of miniature dynasties are the realms of the Petty Capitalists. And as an astute observer might hypothesize these dynasties function with a certain amount of lawlessness as the Petty Capitalists who control them are in possession of financial resources sufficient to "cover things up".

So it is that what is called democracy and speaks of consensus is in truth a multitude of Petty Kings or as I call them "Petty Capitalists" or PCs each having just enough financial power to drag the laws of the land and the destiny of the nations in hundreds of chaotic directions all at the same time resulting in very little progress for themselves and retrogression for Humanity. Humanity exists within a state of retrogression with the Petty Capitalists - PCs, because multitudes of the PCs support their opulence by pillaging the public with ad hoc legislation and creative marketing, not to mention blatant fraud.

The freely exploitable resources are long gone, just as Marx predicted, but the PCs exist in the tens of millions and expanding everyday by child birth and other means. These new recruits to the PC ranks have little hope of bringing in the millions that their predecessors brought in with simple trick advertising. They are more and more inclined to bilk the citizenry by distributing new diseases - (1974. "Ceremonial Chemistry." Thomas Szasz), new legislation, manufacturing markets for useless products, etc. which force the citizenry to "give them money" to cure the problems that the PC's created for them. As a result of this piracy the PCs and their progeny have become a very real threat to the existence and progress of Humanity. The PC longing after class has wasted billions of Human lives to vain ineptitude for lack of resources that were stolen and hoarded by PCs who had no greater purpose for the monies than to build resorts and pleasure palaces for themselves. From their pompous houses to their pompous lifestyles PCs have become the greatest check on the further development of Humanity that has ever existed on this Earth in all of previous history.

The Class Continuum (top)

Living in a era which is based on the struggle for class it is fitting to understand the citizens in the light of their affliction with the pursuit of class. I will make it brief by saying that on the one side of the continuum we have those citizens who are afflicted with the pursuit of class to the extreme and on the other side of the continuum we have those citizens who completely ignore the real foundation of this era in Human development which is the struggle for class. Below is a graphic showing this truth. (The "all show" and "no go" era.)

Obviously class is a real issue in the current day, after all the current day is based on the individual pursuit of it. Even so to be completely lost in the affected manifestations of class is indeed a fools path as in truth class is an attribute of Kings and the citizenry pursues it in vain.

The entire longing after class is really foolish and arises from antiquated philosophies. It is an accumulative approach to social living. I call it "Separate but Together" and it must now yield to a fully United citizenry in a cooperative resource share political scenario. If it did not do so Human evolution would stop right here, which would be impossible.

Petty Capitalists Society (top)

Who is a Petty Capitalist - (PC)? I'm classifying every citizen owning wealth exceeding 500,000 dollars as a Petty Capitalist. I consider anything in excess of that quantity to be in excess of needs. Every Petty Capitalist is surrounded by an entourage of helpers - (his companions). The entire society is functioning, via the patrimony of Petty Capitalists, for the enjoyment and enrichment of Petty Capitalists. The Petty Capitalists have fashioned for themselves an impenetrable caste in the modern world and by this suffocated all social progress except as it suits them. They have walled themselves into a pseudo reality of bliss and are becoming progressively insane; deluded by their own valuations of their own antics with no or little comprehension of the overall World on which Humanity exists or why it exists.

What follows is a closer look at this phenomena.

No sooner had the first petty capitalist bumped into the first free resource which made them wealthy than they began securing that resource in an effort to monopolize it. After completely securing it's availability they set about securing the many aspects of the resource which put it into circulation: refinement, production, distribution. Soon after that they secured employment in those processes. Having children and companions in increasing numbers made it necessary to provide for them specifically and specially. Now the consumer who was forced by monopoly to consume only their products was forced by patrimony out of employment. This lead to the crippled consumer who could purchase goods but had no source of income other than state assistance, prostitution, theft, or the sale of illegal narcotics. 

It is obvious from the nature of Humans and their enterprise that if there existed any way to make money the petty capitalists would collect it up for themselves and hire guards to protect it and probably create legislation to prevent competitors from entering into it. It follows from this that there is "no way" for the people to make money, yet they require money to survive. Only a damn fool could not see it's reality. Idealists speak of opportunity here and opportunity there but any child with a brain can ascertain from the quantity of existing PCs - (petty capitalists) that this could not possibly be the case.

Thus the petty capitalist was first a provider then a vampire and then a genocidal machination against the public. Now not even public parks are available to use as the citizenry deem necessary. Thus the phrase "public area" has been virtually redefined as "petty capitalist and companion area". So blatant are these redefinitions that "public areas" are patrolled by armed pigs who are on the look out for inappropriate citizens utilizing them inappropriately and the hundreds of homeless in the cities will be seen sleeping on streets, even side walks but not in "public parks". So the free citizens have no area which can be used as a poor class of citizens deem necessary. The citizenry was by this shut down; forced to both solitude and poverty .  

One of perhaps millions of examples of this phenomena, world wide:

The Economist January 6th - 12th 2001 (pg 50 Britain - "Mean Streets")

Quote - "Balsall Heath was once the center for Birmingham's vice trade. Legions of prostitutes plied their trades on corners...Then in 1994 a group of residents formed the Balsall Heath Street Watch, and began patrolling the neighborhood to drive the vice away. ...These days, though, there is virtually no prostitution in Balsall Heath, and the streets are deserted at night...."
What happened there is the same thing that happened globally and it can be summarized as follows:

Now having reached the final days of capitalism, days wherein freely exploitable resources are almost non-existent, the people are finding it progressively difficult to drink, eat, and stay alive with little or no opportunity. The people's first response to their ill fate is to "take it to the streets" and engage the huge prostitution market which caters to the Petty Capitalists and their employed helpers. Although, the poor class of men who are behind the prostitutes are not a happy lot having to sell their women to survive. This progressively results in the streets becoming something of a battle ground of chaos and random expressions of discontent. Meanwhile the Petty Capitalists and their helpers are not hurting at all, so to them all these "street" people appear to be a mere nuisance and are titled "losers" as they set in place a "cover it up" campaign. All of these things have already taken place and the people, already having reached the poverty line, are now SHUT DOWN and LOCK OUT, with NO WAY to maintain survival. I'm guessing millions were "covered up", and will never be seen on Earth again, in this recent worldwide PC crack down on the poor for being ALIVE. (24 million and counting, were murdered with AIDS alone, in the name of hoarding resources [they even gave it to me]) 


So Let It Be Said, So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done. O.K.

The petty capitalists so fervently guard their advantages and properties passing them from generation to generation as the people become progressively impoverished that eventually only the strongest of the people remained roaming the streets in search of opportunity which did not exist. Frequently drunk and angry the Petty Capitalists found it necessary to restrict these few remaining free citizens by completely shutting down whole cities after hours and allowing nothing to take place which was not directly in the interests of and suitable for Petty Capitalist profits. With no opportunity for free expression or progress in the cities life as it was came to a halt. The bustling metropolises of old gave way to the stagnant, frequently empty, albeit fully beautified, modern suburbia, utilized in manners, conditions and times as suit the security and profits of the petty capitalists.

Civilization functions only for the wealth, prosperity, and security of the petty capitalist. Petty capitalist's control jobs to ensure status for their offspring cutting outsiders out of the economic process. Until at last with no opportunity for business or employment the people turn like a mass of lifeless sheep to state assistance for survival while the petty capitalists hold hands tightly and run modern civilization slowly and half heartedly for their own personal profit and enjoyment. Seeking through every channel a means of covertly eliminating "the people" as vile, unclean by products of their enjoyment, while the petty capitalists and their children having separated themselves into a caste whose only function and expertise is to maintain the caste, become progressively inept.

As the entire society shut down to the people creating a system by and for the petty capitalists with armed pigs (cops) combing the streets and fat pigs (petty capitalists) struggling with one another for class the people exist in deprivation not only economically but also emotionally as a result of their inability to bind with one another emotionally in their cities and would be public areas which have been shut down by the petty capitalists for security reasons and to keep them clean and proper. This emotional binding of the common people in congested public areas, market places, etc. was an essential part of their stability and growth. Thus the instinct to security of the petty capitalists which caused them to shut down society to avoid revolutionary impulse served as the source of a new type of revolutionary impulse. A "quiet", inconspicuous revolutionary impulse with much greater intensity.The petty capitalists rise each day to open their shops with the same blank optimism which has become the mandatory "good citizen" perspective completely unaware of the catastrophe which envelopes them. They are happy, full of last nights wine and the longing for a weekend at the yacht club. 

The PCs never stop building fascinating structures for their further entertainment and enjoyment. They have Hilton hotels, Marriot hotels, fine (and fashionable) restaurants of every variety. They have property which in sum suffices to consume nearly all lake fronts, river sides, ocean views and fertile valleys. They have clothing, furniture and jewelry. Not to worry if the business cycle has slowed a bit more or less chiefly because worry is so utterly unfashionable and it even causes wrinkles. The homelessness and suffering that they see more and more around them they have their ways of "covering up". After all those types are so "mean", "where did they come from?" asks the PC child, the mother responds "They are bad people" and the conversation and the issue is terminated without further thought. After all doesn't the bible say that "all good things are gentle and clean" while those people are mean, and frequently dirty. Like the truth of their own nature (ISM) these "bad" homeless people are "covered up" by armed pigs and other social institutions to "remove them from view". Religion has taught the PCs that if it doesn't look, smell, and act "Nice and clean" it should be "covered up". The PCs thus cast away the by products of their exploits which are the least firmly situated citizens who fall out of the economic ecological cycle as a result of insufficient resources. Deluded in a fantasy altruistic religious purity and goodness they loll around half alive, half aware, even less concerned about truth, contemplating ways of increasing their profits and enjoyment. 

Class is what the PCs want but they don't even consciously understand what that means they are caught up in yesterdays religious values trying to keep the dream alive another day in today's world. As weak and imbecile as they are they would fail in an instant except that they have property and a firm grip on at least some piece of the economic pie. With this and the cleverness of at least a cow they are able to maintain their holdings. Primarily by destroying potential competition in youth while they are still helpless and progressively shutting down social activity with fences, chains, locks and armed pigs. It's probably true that more than 30% of the profits of all the industry of the petty capitalists was and is spent on implementing security to prevent competitors. Another 20% spent on beautifying and maintaining good, clean, pure properties which is the only way of impressing other PCs. Meanwhile social innovation comes to a near stand still and what innovation exists is almost entirely flawed coming from the hands of antiquated PCs. 

But the poor and the working citizens admire the PCs. In fact they follow the PCs every where because that is the only way of making a living in the current day, being a lackey for some PC. And so it goes that the working people are all in a fit to show their own attributes of class, not even knowing what that means - (a vain longing after an attribute of Kings). The working people are quick to buy a new car or a fashionable new clothing item just to keep pace with the PCs. Look in the house of the average working family these days and they don't have much more than a slaves pittance but in the driveway is the new car and the clothing is always designer fashion. Which leads us to the sad conclusion that the entire society is lost for want of better leadership than the petty capitalists, but better leadership is impossible because armed pigs have secured society for the PCs by disallowing everything from protests to real price competition let alone angry and potentially mean political innovators. Suffocating the potentiality of tomorrow, for want of sufficient resources to develop, to pay the bill for PCs to wine and dine in class for another day.

The PCs on yachts, their entourage waits patiently trying to be as "good and clean" as possible so they do not disturb the recreation of the PCs. While the poor cling to state assistance and hide "out of view" doing "appropriate things" which includes watching PCs make millions of dollars on television. The poor must remain "out of view" so armed pigs don't seize and imprison them as rebels who need to be "covered up" to protect society. 

The PCs fancy themselves to create a "good, clean" society for themselves by eliminating the "bad and unclean" and dancing into tomorrow wearing their finest knit briefs having a constant party with class. The colleges are full of PC children, few others can gain admittance as a result of the cloud of paperwork the PCs have implemented as a means of "reducing competition". But tomorrow is for their children and of course "the help". But I'm afraid their children have scant more promise than they themselves as they are carrying the same antiquated philosophies and exist in numbers far exceeding them. 

Unity is the solution but before unity can be implemented the separatist attributes of society must be broken down. Which implies essentially all the moral and value associations, organizations, of the past being destroyed. 

Where Are The PCs (top)

Like any parasite PCs usually don't live amongst their victims. They prefer the company of other parasites. With so many petty capitalists in America you do not have to go far to locate all the money and goods that your community is missing. It can be as easy as locating the highest ground in your community. PCs like to be above the people so they usually take hill and mountain side property for themselves. Another place you can find a congestion of PCs is near lakes, or surrounding entire lakes with their large homes. If you have checked the lakes and the hills and still haven't found the goods and money missing from your community you might check the ocean front properties. PCs love the ocean fronts, or coastal properties and nearly every coast line in this country is completely consumed by PC houses. There is of course one other place that bellows a high PC population and that is river side properties. You might even think there is a little shark blood in PCs by the way they seem to cling to the areas providing water; for their further entertainment of course. Sometimes locating the community parasite population can be as easy as looking for "gated communities". PCs always have something to hide from the people, namely the goods and monies that they steal.

I have provided a map of the USA below. Take note of the rivers, lakes, ocean fronts throughout the country and you will find the PCs laughing, partying, enjoying themselves, in the most pleasant of moods but always in hiding. And be weary if entering a PC neighborhood because most PCs live in a certain amount of fear and would probably shoot first and ask questions if their police arrive. I believe the rules are: anybody is out of bounds in a PC neighborhood if they are neither "a resident " or "the help".

PC housing lines the shores every where there is blue, generally. (above)

In Side The Mind Of The Petty Capitalist's Children (top)

First let me go over a few basic truths so that we have a solid conception of the point I'm about to make:
  1. Where are we? 

    We're on a planet in the middle of space. Planet and space, of course, have been defined by us which isn't saying much.
  2. What are the most basic conditions of our survival?

    Food, water, shelter.
  3. What are the extended conditions of our survival?

    The need to assuage our biological nature (ISM).
  4. How do we secure our most basic conditions of survival?

    By fighting with the forces of nature on this planet.
  5. How do we secure the extended conditions of our survival?

    UCOM is working on that. Chiefly through our bonds with one another in a variety of ways.

Two things are very clear:

  1. What we need to be fighting is the natural environment for our basic requirements (food, water, shelter)
  2. The thing we should not be destroying, misdirecting, or hindering is "one another", ISM can not be satisfied without other Human beings.

Now for a look In Side The Mind Of The Petty Capitalist's Children:

The children of the PCs (Petty Capitalist's) are nurtured in luxury. Which is to say that they have never wanted for anything that they could not have since the day of their birth. The basic conditions necessary for Human survival (food, water, shelter) therefore have never presented themselves as a problem to the children of the PCs. This is an extraordinary flaw in Human character, to have little or no conception of the very thing for which the great majority of humanity labors and strives daily for all the days of their lives. Assuming as we must that the reality of Humans revolves around the events and needs of Humans and therefore the common good and condition of all is by virtue of reality "the true sanity" it can be extrapolated that the Petty Capitalist, having left this reality behind and opened the doors to a fantasy realm where in truth has a different color, have become Insane.

But when we are talking about the PC's children we must remember that PCs didn't just pop out of the closet in this generation. They have been around for many many many generations, therefore, even the old amongst them today is in truth "a child of the Petty Capitalists". 


1942, "A Pocket History Of The United States" Allan Nevins & Henry Commager .

"As early as 1876 the millionaire philosopher, Peter Cooper, running for the presidency on the greenback ticket, warned that "There is fast forming in this country an aristocracy of wealth, the worst form of aristocracy that can curse the prosperity of any country.""

Indeed, if their was a fast forming aristocracy of wealth in America in the year 1876 then as of 2004 every existing Petty Capitalist is more than likely "A Child Of The Petty Capitalists". This being the case we can see why our societies are so utterly out of synchronization with the needs of the people. Quite frankly because literally none of the leadership has any real conception of "the needs of the people", nor have they for practically centuries!

So if the PC children have no conception of the most basic conditions of Human survival with what do they occupy themselves? This is where things get ugly. I will try to explain the best I can, but I'm certain the case is much worse than I'm capable of elucidating.

PCs have the intrinsic nature (ISM) as every other Human animal on this planet and their most basic conditions for survival are fulfilled so fluidly that they have a scant chance of even perceiving their existence. This leaves PCs in an extended human mind frame. Meaning that PCs spend most of their lives solving the extended aspects of the human condition. If you haven't read the ins and outs of ISM, then it is time to do so now because these things pertain to this explanation. Solving the extending requirements of the Human condition is a complex matter. It is so utterly complex that until the birth of UCOM nobody was working on the issue with any definite clarity. Solving the extended aspects of the human condition revolves almost entirely around manipulating other Human beings. These manipulations can be, and should be symbiotic (equally gratifying), to all participants. But in the case of the PCs some very strange things have resulted. It appears that the intrinsic nature of man (ISM) has been interpreted almost entirely as each individual saw fit to interpret it and this turned out to be whatever was most gratifying to the PC without concern for anything else.


  1. M: The need for meaningfulness. PCs having no conception of the most basic requirements for Human survival have no string attached between themselves and the common man. Therefore when they go out seeking meaningfulness in their lives it can not be derived from any common man, or common thing for that matter as they consider themselves to be of "higher grade". But they can see the better quality (more concise abilities) of the common man which leaves them filled with jealousy that they have no real way of equalizing. They are also in a precarious spot trying to juggle their need to be "centrally valuable" - (meaningful given a selfish framework) against the usually inordinate opulence of their parents and the petulance of their peers. What I have been able to ascertain by watching and evaluating them for an entire lifetime is this:

  • They almost unanimously have come to the decision that to prove their meaningfulness in relation to the common man (who they perceive the better quality of (meanness, ruggedness that they interpret as "higher") they must secretly hurt them. This functions by showing them that they are superior to the common man [(centrally meaningful in relation to) - thus solving ISM in a hideous manner]. It is the reason why we see such horribly heinous crimes originating from the class of the Petty Capitalists.

  • Furthermore, to attain the financial wealth of their predecessors (parents) and thereby feel meaningful in relation to them they have decided almost unanimously to cheat or steal from the public (who they have no conception of anyway) in any manner feasible.


These are the things that I have come to see quite clearly pertaining to the children of the Petty Capitalists. They can be described better and I will do so when I have a chance.

The Big Picture (top)

The following is a completely approximated diagram of the existing distribution of wealth on Earth.

As you can see from the diagram above the Petty Capitalists constitute the greatest number of persons supporting themselves and their opulence by means of exploiting the citizenry. Just below the PCs are their companions, helpers, who consist of prostitutes (which by the way has become a mainstream occupation), builders, service personnel, secretaries, maids, laborers and any others who are favored by the PCs and thus provided with a position in service to them. They exist mostly in the modern world and live at a wage level which is substantially above the common citizenry of the World. The wage range for PC helpers is from 10 to 500 dollars per hour. As such they see almost eye to eye on issues of class with the PCs and tend to ignore the "lesser ones" by "covering them up" likewise. The average PC income is from 500 to 20,000 dollars per hour. 

At the bottom in blue you can see the great bulk of Humanity. Their lot is the lot of the poor. Frequent homelessness, dirt low wages, if any, starvation level nutrition, illiteracy, and none to bad medical treatment. This great bulk of Humanity can not even attempt to manifest their abilities to assist the rest of Humanity in the process of developing a superior system for us all because they are so entrenched in poverty that they must spend every waking moment, like beasts of the field, in search of basic Human requirements. There have been and are those amongst this great bulk of Humans who I'm absolutely certain could do a thousand times better than most if not any Petty Capitalist or helper for Humanity, but they are cheated, NO WE ARE ALL CHEATED, for want of a daily sandwich of nutritious food or books to acquire an adequate education. Meanwhile the Petty Capitalists party and dance as if the entire future of Humanity was theirs to waste and refute without further ado.

Although, in America, the government dynasty frequently passes legislation presumably to "help the poor" in truth they are simply passing additional legislation for themselves and other Petty Capitalists. The way they pull off this elaborate treachery is worth noting. They will provide several types of government dynasty financial assistance for acquiring a college education for example. But at the institutional level they will so complicate the process of admissions that the only ones capable of surmounted the hurdles are the well situated Petty Capitalists and their children. If any dare to differ with me on this point, go to any college in America and take note of the origins of 80% of the students (all Petty Capitalist or their helper's children). It is not by accident that society is turning more and more to favor the Petty Capitalists and their helpers, it is by insidious design on every level of society instituted by attending Petty Capitalists and fanatical helpers. It is their intent to form a caste where in they (Petty Capitalists) live as do Kings above the authority of law and above the citizenry. But they are not Kings, nor do they accept or intend to accept any social administrative responsibility other than that of bilking the masses to maintain their opulence. It is a condition which can not and will not be tolerated by nature, but it is the existing condition.

"I Have A Dream" - Martin Luther King

The Dynasty Of Government (top)

It wasn't long into the capitalistic mode of production when the need originated for government, primarily to protect advantages. How each government around the world formed is beyond the scope of this explanation so I will focus on the USA, although, many of the world's governments probably followed the same coarse.

The Petty Capitalists created local government in the name and by the consensus of Petty Capitalists. Government became a dynasty of Petty Capitalists similar to every other Petty Capitalist dynasty controlled by PCs. In America the government originated as an additional source of wealth and leverage for Petty Capitalists and they turned it into a dynasty of pseudo Royal luxuriance. Most other nations followed this pattern. Literally bankrupting the various nations as a means to increasing personal wealth. The PCs in the government dynasty barter legislation in the same way that they bartered everything else; up and above any concern for the common people. Government is just an additional parasite on the citizenry working for the successful PCs historically but now mostly just to carry the weight of it's own dynastic exuberance and indulgences.

Government being a dynasty with a constant income came to be one of the most powerful dynasties in America. Government, unlike business, could enter into the enterprise of using the people of the nation as collateral in acquiring additional monies for the dynasty's incumbent Petty Capitalists. Thus an instrument which had been created by the Petty Capitalists, for the Petty Capitalists, became so powerful that it took on an independence from the Petty Capitalists becoming a dynasty of it's own with it's own agenda and internal class struggle. Until the current day when the echelons of the government dynasty are so full of greedy government Petty Capitalists that they tax, abuse, build and monopolize nearly everything and everyone in the nation primarily to maintain and expand their dynasty, secondarily to expand their personal profits and enjoyment.

Have you ever seen a president, or senator who was not fully adorned in the perfect outfit of class while in public? No, you have not. The reason you have not is because government officials, like all other Petty Capitalists are indeed competing for social class. They have themselves driving always the newest government vehicles, even limousines and decked out with the most expensive, frequently luxuriant, equipment in every field. Quite frequently the government PCs will form alliances with external PCs and over charge on government contracts to be handled by the external PC who then splits the excess monies between the two accomplices.

As such modern government has become a chief proponent of the overall exploitation of the people which is being perpetrated by the general Petty Capitalist population. It is an extension of their ability to exploit and so tightly interwoven with the general Petty Capitalist population that government officials are inclined to think of themselves as "Men of Business" which they are, but the business that they are in is that of bartering and exchanging the public good for that of themselves and their accomplices.

The Erroneousness Of Class (top)

Knowledge and expertise must replace class as the criteria for personal value and social prestige!

In ancient times when the Kings utilized class as a means of showing their power and prestige Humankind had just recently crawled out of the swamps of tribalism. The use of class as a social lever lost it's functionality with the advent of modern literacy. When a man could investigate the details of another man's accomplishments his show of imminence meant only as much as could be verified. Thus the functionality of class as a social lever was reduced to that of the smoke and mirrors effect. Namely to lie and cheat for a little while to take whatever one could find in it. But the value of lying to and cheating fellow Humans is rooted in a separatist form of economics and has no place in modern civilization.

The longing after class is the source of all this decoration, ornamentation in every aspect of modern society from watches to houses to vehicles and clothing which has cost Humanity a million times more than it could ever be worth. Generally the ornamentation built into modern production items adds a tremendous amount of unnecessary instability to the functionality of the items. The need to show extravagance should not exists in a society where all are equally respected. These pompous displays of extravagance are a crying out for additional attention and result from deficiencies of attention which should not and will not exist in an orderly civilization where all Humans are equally cared for.

Thus class the need to manifest class arises from a social deficiency and after that is passed on through patrimony to become a social monstrosity that has no basis in modern civilization yet serves as a chief source of social schisms thus propagating separatism and social retrogression. All the gangs and the mentality of gangsters in modern civilization are the direct product of these schisms formed by Petty Capitalists pompously displaying class to snob and show privilege above that of the people. The people are not inhuman, they have the same intrinsic personality traits (ISM) of any PC. Thus they are rendered jealous and inflamed by these useless displays of class and it results in the necessity to build additional jails to suppress the people further perpetuating the problem.

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