Islam is flawed?

Muslim against Muslim? What a bunch of crap!

I'm sickened when I come across this kind of stuff. I'm no muslim and have no interest in actually reading the Koran but when I read arguments like this I get a tad fn FEEUUURIOUSSS!

With all due respect! Is Islam inherently, intrinsically, and systematically FLAWED???

get this...

"First of all, it is to be noted that Islam prohibits torturing living people and
mutilating the dead even if they are non-Muslims. By law, people who do any of these
two things are considered war criminals."

I'm not anti-(anything that is good). But I hate it when Islamist's spread this crap around. This crap about Muslims not being against other Muslims is
total horsecrap and pigpuke. And it's time everyone learns that. Like right fuckin now!

It's completely pointless. As if a Muslim person was more important than a non-muslim! Give me a flying flipping fucking break asshole! This reasoning clarevoyantly points out the flaws of ISLAM, in ISLAM.

Unfortunately, it's a great trick! The rhetoric put out by the Islamic community in times of strife is wimpy assed bullshit. Cry me a river. Who do you think support Hamas and Al Quada? I think it would do
the entire world, I mean the whole of planet Earth, a lot
of goodness if Muslims/Islamist called on their
leaders to get off their fucking asses and help fight
the war on terrorism. The Saudis are just sitting back cutting the flow of their precious oil to further their
worship ot the oil & money god. They are worse than Bush and his gang. Just ask Henry Kissinger!

So I call on the House of Saudi to invoke it's forces to assist in fighting the War on Terrorism. Or else I will call them nasty nasty nasty names!!!

If you ask me anyone that supports Hamas suicide bombers and Al Quada terrorists are mind fucked!

more of this pigpuke later!

by I.S. Pizzedov!

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