Ewen Cameron and his conducted Nazi type experiments

This is some info by the scientist Allen Barker about information on D. Ewen Cameron at the McGill Archives and their failure to note Cameron was a CIA cronie doing actual vicious human experimentation for the U.S. CIA MK-Ultra program.

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(The following is by Allen Barker)-

AREN'T THEY OMITTING A FEW THINGS??? And does anyone know what kind
of "research" Cameron did *after* 1964, back in Albany and at the VA?

(For those who don't know, Cameron conducted hideous, despicable
mind control experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute. They
were partly funded by the CIA's MKULTRA mind control program.
Some of the surviving victims were basically left as vegetables.
A few actually managed to "win" a paltry settlement from the CIA:




D. Ewen Cameron was born in Scotland and received his medical degree
from the University of Glasgow in 1924. He began his career as
resident surgeon at Glasgow Infirmary, but in 1929 came to Canada to
work in the Brandon Mental Hospital. In 1936, he became Director of
Research at Worcester State Hospital in Massachussetts, and in 1938
was appointed Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at Albany State
Medical School. It was at Albany that Cameron conducted his most
important research on sensory deprivation, memory and aging.

In 1943, Cameron entered on a new phase of his career when he was
appointed Professor of Psychiatry at McGill and director of the
newly-created Allan Memorial Institute. On the clinical side, he
established in-patient and out-patient services, and a day-hospital
programme. He developed laboratories for psychiatric research, and
promoted advances in psychiatric training through undergraduate
curricula and teaching hospital programmes. Cameron's high reputation
in the psychiatric field is attested by his appointment in 1945 to the
American panel to examine Rudolf Hess at the Nuremberg trials. After
retiring from the Allan in 1964, he returned to Albany as Research
Professor at the Albany Medical School and Director of the Laboratory
for Research in Psychiatry and Aging at the Veterans' Administration


Originals and Printed Materials, 1941-1971, 10 cm, 3 reels of
microfilm (M.G. 1098)

In addition to some items of biographical interest, Cameron's papers
contain teaching materials, articles and addresses, and a file on the
Rudolf Hess case. Teaching materials consist of notes for a seminar on
tension and anxiety for military psychiatric personnel
(1943). Articles and addresses comprise a draft, with letter from the
McGill Medical Journal, an article on psychiatric education (1944) an
address to the American Psychiatric Association on day-hospitals
(1947), opening remarks for the World Congress of Psychiatry meeting
(1961), and "Some thoughts on my years as director of the (Allan
Memorial) Institute" (1964). There are also a few reprints of articles
on memory, psychiatric training, and hospitalization. The file on
Rudolf Hess contains trial transcripts, examination reports, Cameron's
contemporary notes on Hess's condition, and some later comments on and
correspondence about the proceedings (1945-1947). Biographical
materials consists of a copy of Cameron's letter of appointment at
McGill (1943), and a biographical sketch by Dorothy Trainor of the
Allan Memorial Institute. These papers, together with reprints of his
articles, have been microfilmed.

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Gregory Baker 03.Apr.2004 04:59

Could you maybe broaden your horizons a little, and find material other than Alan Barker's to post every day? It IS a very, very important subject, but there are other researchers and whistleblowers worthy of our attention.


JH 03.Apr.2004 08:54

The posts are different information whenever there are posts by him. Posting constantly different information even if its from the same source is not necessarily redundant. Posting the same exact info. day after day regardless of the source would obviously be redundant. The posts are always different. Try finding credible info. on the subject from someone else. Who would you say? I guess the only redundancy is that the info (thats always different each post) is from a single credible scientist. Is that what your complaining about?