Fascism & Jingoism in North America?

How did jingoists, fascists, ethnic separatists, racists, and neo-Nazis come to infect North American society and government?

Could somebody please provide some answers and solutions to the problems mentioned in the previous statement?

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Read David Icke or William Cooper or Rense.com.

Jan Fredos 04.Apr.2004 01:56


Not a New Phenomenon

Gary Sudborough 04.Apr.2004 04:57

These aren't new phenomenon in American life. Fascism goes back at least to the industrial revolution in the US and the rise of capitalists like J.D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, DuPont, Harriman and others. All these industrialists and bankers were sympathetic toward fascism because of the repressive nature of fascism towards unions and the working class. Henry Ford, for example, wrote a book called The International Jew and was a friend of Adolph Hitler. Such things as jingoism, racism, ethnic rivalries and nationalism have existed long before fascism, but fascism utitlizes and propagates these things to build support for their agenda. They can't simply go to the working class and say that they want to make the rich a lot richer and the poor, poorer or that they really work for the interests of corporations. They can't build a popular movement that way. Therefore, they have to work on people's fears, prejudices and animosities to mask their real goals. In the 1930s during the Great Depression this country was near to revolution and there was enough pressure by unions that reforms like Social Security, unemployment compensation, sick pay, paid vacations etc. were allowed to pass. The problem today is that we have a bunch of reactionaries in power who want to turn back the clock and abolish all these very hard won gains by the working class.

Other way around

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J.D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, DuPont, Harriman and others, actually included former Heavyweight Boxing champ, George Herbert Walker, his son-in-law, Prescott Bush, and second generation steel industrialist millionaire Frizt Thyssen.
These guys wern't just sympathetic toward fascism, they created, built up and profitted from fascism.
In his tell all book written just before his capture and incarceration by the Nazis he'd turned on, "I paid Hitler", Fritz Thyssen tells of steel he was getting from his "American Friends". They were aquiring it from jewish suppliers and shipping it to Germany via Britain. The steel was helping to prop up the desperately unresourced Nazi War Machine. Frizt Laughed about what the look on the Jews faces would have been if they'd known about the steel's final destination.
In the early 1940s, the US Government finally stopped looking the other way and started acting on these millionaires' treason. They actually seized several companies owned by Walker and Bush at the time. A scan of one of the vesting orders can be viewed here.
Prescott Walker later went on to be a US Senator. His son the head of the CIA, and then the President, and then his Grandson took the Presidency in 2000, under highly dubious circumstances.
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