Seven Oaks issue 7 online

This week, Seven Oaks looks at the politics of global warming, a new kind of Irish immigration, and prison chic in Berlin. Commentaries look at the Air Canada fiasco and Cuba's doctors without borders. Plus 7 questions with Lily Loncar on protest for social housing, a critical-satirical look at Viagra's multicultural advertising, a look at the legacy of the 1990s, and a photo gallery from Peru and Bolivia. See

Vol. 1, no. 7


The new Irish immigrant

Global warning: Climate change as a real weapon of mass destruction

Berlin’s convict chic


What’s the deal with airplane feud?

A real humanitarian intervention: Cuba’s doctors without borders


Oh well, whatever, never mind: Looking forward to the 90s, again

Viagra: Movin’ on apna!


Simón says


Lily Loncar on the tent city and homelessness


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