A letter from my brother

letter from prisoner jailed and tortured without charges for 2 years to his brother and parents.

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Wa-Ramathullahi Wa-Barakatuhu

Please read article below based on the Muslims POW's.

If we do not unite as an Ummah and stand together against the enemy, but rather continue and find faults among ourselves and continue to bicker then woe unto us, we will face a disgraceful plight.

We are all responsible for the safety and well being of all Muslims and we will be accountable as well. Please afford us the opportunity of being among 'those that benefit mankind'.

Fathimah Shaikh
Richards Bay

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Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

O Ummah of Islam! This is a letter from a prisoner to all those who are
responsible: to every scholar ..... to every Muslim..... to all men and women
..... O Muslims .....

"Indeed I am living through testing times. Illness has overwhelmed me and
fatigue has exhausted me. The sun blazes continuously until sunset and the
dealings of the captors are very harsh. Every time I enter or exit my cage,
the chains are on my hands and feet. I am weighed down by their weight. What can be bitterer than to fall into the hands of a seething enemy? What can be more distressing than to be forced to bow and be humiliated in front of a Christian lout? However, to Allah I complain of my helplessness, the weakness of my stratagem and my dishonour in front of people. O Most Merciful! You are the Lord of the oppressed! You are my Lord! Whoever have you entrusted me with, whether into the hands of a distant person who frowns upon me or to an enemy who has been given control over my affairs, but as long as Your Wrath does not fall upon me then I do not care.

But Your Pardon is sufficient for me. I seek protection from the Light of Your Face that illuminates the darkness, through which the affairs of this World and the Hereafter are set right. May it never be that I should incur Your Wrath, or that you should be angry with me. And there is neither power nor recourse but to You Alone!

O to the one who hears my letter, whatever situation I am in from anguish,
misery and distress, it pales in comparison to what runs through my head when I think of how the Muslims have forsaken us. How they have forgotten our issue, how they have not raised awareness of our plight ..... as if we are people of another planet ..... as if we are not Muslims. It is indeed shameful that the Western organizations are moving to defend our cause in the midst of the incompetence and apathy of the Muslims towards our situation. It is strange how Australian-American relations can become strained because of one Australian prisoner and how the relationship between the Anglo-American Alliance has become worse because of a few British detainees. As for us, no one will cry for us despite there being more than six hundred of us. Rather, if it was not for America declaring our nationalities, the Arab countries would have continued pretending to ignore us and our existence.

O to the one who hears our letter ..... we are the prisoners ..... we will
stand against you all before Allah on the Day of Judgement and we will say to Him ..... 'These people, they knew the orders of your Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) regarding freeing the prisoner, but they did not oblige nor did they take all the courses of action that could lead to our freedom.'

Indeed we call out to all people who are jealous of their religion. We call
you with the bond of Iman (faith) that is between us, that you move to make our issue a living issue. Through lawyers that can demand our release, to speak about our plight via the media, to put pressure on America, to warn her that it is against her interests if she does not let us free. As for the one who can do nothing then the very least that he can do is to raise his arms in the last third of the night praying against the oppressor and the despondent one, asking Allah to relieve us of our woes and to remove the burden from us.

The Prophet (SAWS) said: 'Whoever forsakes a Muslim in a situation while he
has the ability to help him, Allah will forsake him at a time when he would
want the help of Allah' And he said (SAWS): 'Whoever removes a grief from a Muslim, Allah will remove a grief from him on the Day of Judgement'

If you do forget us then please do not forget our wives and our children, to
care and look after them, for we can bear with resolve – and to Allah swt do we pass our complaint. And finally to my dear and beloved mother and father, have patience; seek the reward from Allah and say often, 'There is no recourse or power except with Allah,' as our Prophet (SAWS) advised us.

Indeed Auf bin Malik Al Ashja 'I came to the Prophet (SAWS) and said, 'O
Messenger of Allah! Indeed the enemy has taken my son prisoner and his mother has become distressed. What do you order me to do?' He (SAWS) replied, 'I order you and her to say as often as you can, "There is no recourse nor power except with Allah." 'The woman said to her husband, 'What a blessed thing he has asked you to do.' So they began to repeatedly say this, until the enemy then became negligent and the son managed to flee with a herd of four thousand sheep, which he then brought to his father. The following verse of the Qur’an was then revealed, “Whoever fears Allah, Allah will find a way out for him (from every difficulty) and He will provide for him from sources that he could never have imagined." [Qur’an 65:2-3]

Finally do not forget our plight. We are the prisoners ..... we are your sons in Cuba ..... do not forget our plight ..... do not forget our plight .....

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