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David Goodman is a filmmaker with an Oscar under his belt (for a Documentary Short). He's trying a new method of raising money to produce his current film project. (Please see the info below)

Hi everyone,

Florence Reed, the founder of Sustainable Harvest International, just forwarded me the below message about a wonderful cause that I plan to support. I hope that you will consider doing the same and will pass this along to others who will appreciate the information.


Dear Friends of Women and Peace,

I have a friend from Peace Corps day's named Ethan Perry ad he has an uncle named David Goodman, who is a filmmaker with an Oscar under his belt (for a Documentary Short). He's trying a new method of raising money to produce his current film project. (Please see the info below) Let's make it successful by each sending at least $1.00 and passing this request on to as many like-minded people as possible.

For several years he's been traveling around the world for this project, and he already has much of the necessary footage. We all need to see the full story, and we can, with just a tiny bit of effort from folks across the country.



DAVID GOODMAN 5020 Schuyler Street Phila., PA 19144

tel/fax: (215) 843-0201

Speak truth to power with a well-aimed buck…

Dear friends,

I am an Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker (see for details) who is asking you to help out with an unprecedented grassroots campaign.

I am producing a feature length film for national public broadcast and international release, which examines the role of the United States military in fostering prostitution and the trafficking of women worldwide. From Admiral Dewey’s arrival in the Manila harbor heralding the birth of the U.S. global empire in 1898 to the current basing of troops in Central Asia and Iraq, the program explores issues of U.S. institutional and individual responsibility for exploitation of women.

The project has five major strands: an historical overview, and narratives about the Philippines, Korea, Fayetteville, NC and the Middle East. These case studies are stark examples of the inequities that exist between men and women everywhere, which are further exacerbated when the women are of color, poor and “third world.”

The film will be used to stimulate public discussion, build and broaden constituencies, and support on-going domestic and international work to abolish sex trafficking and enslavement of women.

The project is currently in production. Research and Development support has been provided in part by the Independent Television Service (ITVS) with funds made available through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Why am I asking you? We have succeeded in raising approximately $75,000 from institutional types, but we need another $500,000. Traditional funding sources like foundations and governmental grant-making agencies that could have supported this work have far less money and are politically scared -- real scared.

A well-timed audit by the IRS or the very real threat of even further cuts in your agency’s budget will do that to an administrator. Taking on a project that many may perceive as maligning the reputation of the U.S. military is a serious risk.

My partners and I wager that there are at least 500,000 of you out there who would support this effort if we can find you through the Internet, good old word of mouth and positive karma.

So help us speak truth to power:

1). Get on line and send your dollar(s) off to addressed to It is safe, secure, and credit card friendly or;

2). Give the bearer of this letter a dollar, better yet shower them with dollars or;

3). Mail those checks payable to me, David Goodman, at my home address, 5020 Schuyler Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144 and note that they are for David v. Goliath Productions. It’s that simple!

Be part of history! You notice how those credits at the ends of films are getting longer and longer …well here’s your chance to help set a record that will never be challenged. And for contributing, we will notify you when the film is coming to your town or local television broadcast.

We’re counting on you.

See you at the movies,

David Goodman


ps. If you want to be a real angel, make a commitment to get 20 people to contribute. This will assure that you will be at the top of our “thank you” credit list in lettering appearing on the silver screen big enough for all to read. Please email us or list below everyone you have contacted who also wish to be credited and provide their contact information. Thanks.

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