Wake Up and Smell the American Coffee! - Essay on Immigrant Rights

The author is a leader of the Socialist Arab Coalition of North America, Co-Founder of the North American Coalition Against Zionism and Racism (NACAZAR), and Co-editor of the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network

Wake Up and Smell the American Coffee

Socialist Arab Coalition of North America: Discussion On the Immigrant Diaspora Experiance With Regards to Racism and Globalization.
Wake Up and Smell the American Coffee

Ziad Shaker elJishi



Every time a poor immigrant raises his head from the dog leach they put on him when he arrives in the United States and complains about his horrible life in the United States under capitalism the common racist answer comes speeding along:"so why the hell are you here?"

So in this modest article let us address all the racists out there and the ignorant self-hating reactionaries on why people come to America?


US imperialism has destroyed their countries and made them poor

It is the United States of America that destroyed and continues to destroy their countries.

Whether directly by supporting and sustaining "israel" as in the case of Palestinian refugees, or indirectly by the continuous theft of their resources and spread of poverty for nations from Mexico to India.

It is also US imperialism that supports the rule of corrupt and reactionary leaders and forces them over their citizens' heads against their will.

It is US imperialism that went to Iraq, Somalia, and Yugoslavia and destroyed those nations.


US Capitalism Needs Cheap Labor Stupid!

It is necessary that the United States of America under capitalism to maintain its wealth, to continue to exploit immigrant cheap labor.

It does this internally as well as externally.

Even the half-witted Bush figured this one out.

He decided he would grant all illegal immigrant workers in America a residency giving them a temporary legal status.

The truth of the matter is America needs immigrants to exploit internally. It would not be rich without them.

Externally, American capitalism needs to destroy the homes of all peoples of the globe in order to maintain a lavish life-style for its few bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie classes.

So for all the racists and bigots and self-hating reactionaries, ignorant immigrants, that are out-there:

America can not be America without the exploitation and destruction of others.

As a poor Mexican laborer who works eight hour days at a meat packing factory said: They bring us here because they do not want their hands getting dirty.

The Mequiladoras' that are setup along the Mexican-American border attest to this.

Not only do they involve the exploitation of Mexican labor but they market for sale this labor to capitalists in Germany and Japan to come to the US and use.


Who Died and Made you King!

Those that keep telling every other immigrant living in the United States to get out, need to spend a few minutes examining the following question:

Who died and made them proprietor of the United States of America?

We need not remind them of how this land does not belong to them to begin with and that it is stolen from the Native American.

That the history of exploitation and forced abduction of the African man and woman had nothing to do with the African man or woman's great desires to be part of this country.

But now that they are here, they have as much right to this land as every other immigrant who comes here and spends his blood and sweat to make the rich of this country even richer.

On the other-hand we as socialists consider ourselves part of this land because we believe the world is our home. 

Also, if we were to leave who is left for the poor and oppressed but the exploiting bourgeoisie killers and fascist racists of Amerikkka.

No way in hell are we going to leave it for them to steal and plunder.

You have your Amerikkka we have ours.


No One is Happy Under US Capitalism But they Have No Choice But to Endure in Order to Survive!

Do you think the immigrants are happy here being exploited by capitalism?

No they are not.

They are here because America destroyed their home-countries and robs them of the hope of living a decent life there, they come here trying to provide their children a better life than the one American imperialism has robbed their parents off of.

Most endure the hardships by becoming religious.

Religion pacifies their wounds when they go home at night battered and humiliated.

Ask most immigrants and they will tell you: when i get enough money i want to go back home to my country.

Ask about their children and they will tell you: I want my children to grow up away from being Americanized in this society.

What they really mean by not being "Americanized", is not only the general social disintegration of this society under capitalism, but the fact that their children should be made to grow up to be capitalists themselves, with the American capitalist values that come along with that.

So here it is, wake up and smell the American coffee.

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