How to fight terror=

International and internal terror threats life

It had been and still is going on, endless news and panic about terror. By terror ,it had meant to refer to the reactions of the victims and the oppressed. While it is sad enough that the victims are dragged to a point of self defence which makes them double victims in the media, the real terrorists continue making victims by their misactions.
The misactions are: Occupations and theft of others'countries.
Humiliations of the occupied people
Distortion and falsifying of the media

But this is only about super terror; led by the super militarized powers.
The allies ,the alliances lust for false power, and for psuedo prosperity.

Real power and real prosperity and real peace , all these are in the heart.
To get rid of global terror one must look for universal laws:
Fight internal greed and abolish it permanently
Fight and trace lust for power in the mind and celebrate when you have done it
Fight envy and erace it from the feelings and stop plan for new occupations
Ask God as one understand Him, to transform arrogance to modesty so that racism is annihilated from the thoughts
Be haping by giving rather than stealing the lands and countries of other peoples
Relearn to preserve life than to to wipe it with hilokeprers
Learn to love,and enjoy empathy to be happy wherever you are
Give up all vicious plans and remake new loving plans
This will fight terror from the roots.
This way internal terror is uprooted for good .
This way will be global peace and happiness.
By giving back the countries and the dignities to their populations.Start by leavibg Irak and Palestine .

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