Camilo Viveiros was arrested in summer of 2000 at the Republican National Convention, and has been facing serious felony charges since, for allegedly attacking former police cheif commissioner Timoney. He, and two others were found INNOCENT an hour ago!

From Philly IMC

Tuesday April 06 @03:30PM

Timoney Three Acquited

By Hannah Sassaman ( hannahjs@prometheusradio.org)
Camilo Vivieros and the Timoney Three were acquited of all charges placed against them by the City of Philadelphia today, Tuesday, April 6th. It was the second day of a trial that had been stalled for over three years.

Mimi Budnick, a supporter and friend of Vivieros and an organizer with FriendsOfCamilo.org, broke the news at about 4pm on Tuesday.

Testimony Tuesday was scheduled to focus on personal accounts from John Timoney, who had accused Vivieros and his codefendants, Darby Landy and Eric Steinberg, of property damage and assaulting police officers.

This is breaking news and a developing story. To learn more contact Katie Krauss with the R2K Legal Collective at 215 500 8580. See www.friendsofcamilo.org.

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