A million European anti-nuke signatures sought

Unbenanntes DokumentNGOs and political parties from six European countries have pledged support to a Europe-wide campaign to collect a million anti-nuclear signatures launched by Finnish activists.

On the 18th anniversary of the Chernobyl meltdown, a conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, rejected the plan of Finland’s government to build the country’s fifth nuclear power station.

The organisations, including “Aktionsbündnis CASTOR-Widerstand Neckarwestheim” criticised the decision-making process and called on the Finnish government not to license construction of the European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR).

They also demanded more investment in renewable energy sources and to use the available energy resources more efficiently.

In St. Petersburg the conference participants demonstrated with Russian activists against the enormous dangers of the nuclear installations in LNPP Sosnovy Bor. A nuclear popwer station there is to be brought back into operation.


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