Tell Rep. Nadler that a Ghetto Is a Ghetto  
Come tell U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler that his support of ghettos and attacks on international law are not acceptable!!
Saturday, May 8, Noon-2:00 p.m.
72nd St. subway station plaza, West 72nd St. & Broadway
Manhattan, New York City

On the first day of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, in an exclusive resort on the island of Bermuda, British and American delegates began a 12-day conference supposedly to consider what their countries could do to help the Jews of Europe. Their conclusion...that there was little to be done.

Yet the people of the ghetto resisted and held off the Nazi occupying army and delayed the "liquidation" of the ghetto and its remaining population for weeks. While the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising did not bring down the walls which surrounded the ghetto, it has remained a symbol of resistance to oppression and occupation.

This year, the Israeli government has erected a wall - cement, barbed wire, machine-gun towers, checkpoints -cutting farmers from their fields and orchards, students from their schools, families from relatives.

And this year NY legislators are promoting resolutions that encourage the creation of a new ghetto and the trampling of international law.

U.S. Representative from NY Jerrold Nadler, along with his colleagues, Major Owens and Charles Rangel, have co-sponsored a regressive congressional resolution. House Concurrent Resolution 311 advocates the "resettlement" of Palestinian refugees within the current Israeli Occupied Territories or to neighboring Arab countries. HCR 311 does this while neglecting to demand Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied Territories or a dismantling of the Israeli Separation
Wall. The bill's proposal would strip Palestinians of their rights under international law.

Nadler has also co-sponsored HCR 371, a congressional resolution that supports Israel's construction of the Apartheid Wall and condemns the use of international law - through the International Court of Justice - to weigh its legality.

As we look at how the Wall has been built to surround the Palestinian city of Qalqiliya on all sides, as we look at towns throughout the West Bank imprisoned by this new facet of occupation, we cannot help seeing the walls against which the Warsaw Ghetto rose up.

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