Clipart4all Begins Distribution of Logos for Legitimate Use

Corporate, and Federal logos to use in a newspaper article, or for a protest poster are being distributed gratis.

Each year, many organizations seeking a nice logo to put on their protest posters often go away empty-handed, or worse, use their creative minds for other than alcohol to create something more improved than the original, and often bland corporate design.

Well, fret no more, now these bland corporate logos are being distributed gratis to everybody. If you have a legitimate need to use a corporate, or a Federal logo, such as for a newspaper article, or even for a protest poster, some logos in EPS format (vector graphic) have been provided gratis at this URL

Find logos from the CIA, department of homeland security, DOD logos, starbucks, enron, McDonalds, Halliburton, World Bank, World Trade Organization, World Economic Forum, Altria, Citibank, and more!

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NEW SITE, sorry for inconvenience

clipart4all 05.May.2004 13:31

as rumsfeld, bush, cheney might say "I regret" (for legal reasons) instead of outright apologizing..... for the bandwidth limitations at geocities, so try mirror site

they say unlimited bandwidth, let's see if this is true or not.

searches work

£ 05.May.2004 14:22

"[company] logo" on an image search engine that qualifies image sizes into searches is highly effective. You can search for 'wallpapers' and even find megapixel templates.
I word of note: I don't know the proper web-publishing term, but brand logos are often embedded is such a way that the really large template logo is resize in reality appears tiny on the webpage.
It's a crappy method of antialiasing (makes edges appear smooth), but it is why some sites take a while to load on slow connections. The trick is to right-clic with your mouse pointer on the logo and address the image itself (this may mean copy the address of the image, many browsers have this feature when you right-clic on webpage images, but you might have to copy the url and place the address into the browser search box).
Observe your search results and adjust your searches and you should find quality images. Knowing about the brand helps further, like searching for individual products and services.

those logos on the webpages are raster images

clipart4all 05.May.2004 15:09

most webpage logos are already small to begin with. and those web graphics are rasterized images which do not resize well. enlarge them and print it, and you will get bad results. vector images are based on mathematics, and can be resized with excellent results.

most searches you do will only net you the raster image whereas vector images are hard to find. these eps files you can open in illustrator if you have it.