Illusions, Propaganda and Lies

Is it really that difficult to believe that US and UK soldiers can behave in an inhumane way?

Is it really so difficult to believe that US or British soldiers are capable of behaving in an inhumane way?

Is it really so difficult to believe that the Occupying Force have resorted to torture, do you think this hasn't occurred since day 1 and the capture of the first poor Iraqis?

Is it really difficult to believe that the US army is made up of sick psychopaths who enjoy seeing the humiliation of other people, it's the American way people, survival of the strongest and the persecution of the weak. In the US you regularly see once a person suffers some sort of fall, then that fall is picked up by the vultures and they will not stop until that person has hit the bottom. So, the torture of Iraqi prisoners is hardly a far stretch of the imagination. This coupled with all the reports of released Iraqi's and, let's not forget this, as it is important, the release of the 5 Brits from Guatanimo Bay - all have given report of systematic abuse by US military, Amnesty and HRW have all condemned the jails in Iraq for being ripe with abuses, of all types - the photographs are just the final proof - for the dismissing of them that is just pathetic and shows how out of touch with reality the people of the US and UK are. Or rather, how tightly controlled the medias are in those respective countries.

Another very important issue, which seems to have been forgotten by the English speaking media is that one of the first things that President Bush did when he took office was to withdraw the USA from the ICC and other international law treaties - giving the US a free range to do whatever they pleased with respect to international law. The US troops and the so-called "civilian contractors" (makes me laugh that mercenaries are called like that to get sympathy from Americans when one of them is killed in Iraq) can commit any crime (civil or war) on foreign soil, and in the case of Iraq as occupiers, and escape punishment. Best highlighted recently with the case of the US servicemen raping a Japanese girl, it took four days of high-level talks between conducted by Japanese PM to allow for the hand over of the guilty serviceman.

The Bush Administration is under strict doctrine put forward by the PNAC committee, who stated that the control of the middle-east was there main short-term goal. Look at it again, a country whose leaders are hell bent on the control of the middle-east, this country has in civil society the worst crime rate in the world (murder, violent crime, sexual crime etc), the worst human rights record of any western country, a government driven by Christian fundamentalist apocalypse cultists, a flagrant disregard for human life (20,000 civilian casualties in Iraq and still rising), no international laws to bind them - the evo-fascists who lead the Bush Administration spinning more and more lies and half-truths to keep their agenda moving the way they need.

Just look at the 911 commission, this does not look like a government with nothing to hide, they have done everything to hinder the commission - to the appearance of Bush with Cheney holding his hand.

Do you really believe when Rumsfeld comes on TV and says its a small number of soldiers who are guilty of torturing humans?

Do you really believe that these photographs are fake, even the US military have taken steps to punish some soldiers, and the soldiers who have handed them to the media are sticking to their stories. If these pictures where fake these men would be risking a lot more than being thrown out of the army.

Let's not forget the fact that we have been lied to on the reasons for this war, and no the argument that Saddam has been deposed does not wash as the situation in Iraq is worse - no water, no electricity, no law - the jails are overflowing, with up to 60% of innocent people making up the total of the inmate population.

The US government refusing to acknowledge the legitimate right of an Iraqi resistance movement, they are a country being occupied, and instead classing them as terrorists when they are dishing out terror on a state level - collective punishment, etc.

There is no defending a country whose army has illegally started a war and occupied a country illegally and have done everything to make the situation worse.

Is it really so difficult to believe that soldiers are capable of inhumane behauvior? Or do you have to witness it first hand to realise that this illusion of how "great the troops are" or "how butter wouldn't melt in their mouths" is that, just an illusion.


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good post

aw 05.May.2004 23:21

According to Nuremerb the waging of aggressive war is the highest war crime because aggressive war provides the basis for all other war crimes.