The Big Ape is coming to Ireland!

President Bush will be arriving in Shannon, a civilian airport on the West coast of Ireland at the start of a EU-US summit. Join Us on the 25th June 2004!

Come to Ireland to ambush Bush on June 25th!
The latest E.U.-U.S. summit is to take place in Dromoland castle in
Clare, in the west of Ireland, on the 26th of June.
George Bush is to land in Shannon airport on Friday the 25th, and to
be ferried from there to the summit place by helicopter, before going
on to a NATO meeting in Turkey. Also present will be representatives
of those E.U. states involved in the war, such as Italy, Britain, and
Seeking to iron over their differences with the supposedly anti-war
block of France and Germany. Supposedly "Anti-war" in reality anti
any changes to the oil contracts they signed with Saddam Hussein.
Hopefully, for the White House, making the finishing touches to the
planned U.N. involvement in Iraq post June 30th.
The choice of Shannon airport, is particularly apt, for it is this
formerly civilian airport which of late is being turned into
America's garrison in Ireland. A re-fuelling stop over for soldiers
and weaponry on their way to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
AMBUSH 2004! was initiated from a meeting attended by representatives
of Mid west Against Military Aggression, Galway Grassroots Group,
Cork Grassroots Group, and Dublin Grassroots Group.
From our last meeting on the 18th of April we are proposing the
following strategy:
We have local protests before Bush arrives – these to be directed at
Top Oil, the company which re-fuels the American warplanes at
Shannon, or Esso, in view of their financing of Bush's election
campaign, and as a way of highlighting the oil-profit-war axis.
We echo the call for a demonstration at Shannon airport on the night
of Friday June 25th coming out of the initial Anti-War Ireland
We propose this takes the form of a `Hands Around Shannon' carnival,
an encirclement of the airport with candles, torches and other light
bearing objects, and drums, guitars, pots, whistles and other noise
making instruments, plus kites and whatever else that makes a
spectacle. Our aim is that the maximum number of people come to
participate in these protests.
We aim to establish an international peace camp in Shannon, at least
for the duration of the summit.
AMBUSH 2004! is for making a stand against any alternative their
system offers:
Against the U.S./U.K. war machine, and most particularly it's use of
Shannon airport as a military transit point on the way to Iraq and
Against the United Nations, dominated by five of the main imperialist
powers (Britain, France, the United States, Russia, and China) – the
permanent members of it's ruling "security council", architects and
colluders of the sanctions on Iraq whose effects were described by a
former U.N. bureaucrat as: "over one million Iraqi civilians,
including at least 500,000 children, have died since 1990. Genocide
is the right word for such a sanctions regime."
Against the Franco-German block's plans for the militarisation of the
E.U. as a counter-balance to the United States.
Against a White House of the Republicans who led the onslaught on
Afghanistan in 2001 and on Iraq in 2003 up until today.
Against a White House of Democrats, who when it was previously theirs
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright dismissed the mass murder
inflicted by sanctions with "the price is worth it.".
The summit offers us a chance to demonstrate our rejection of murder
for profit in front of the world's press and T.V. cameras.
But most importantly it offers us a chance to gather at the place
where the Irish state plays it's role in the flow of blood, oil and
profit: Shannon airport. Where it happens. Where the war is in
Ireland. Shannon is part of the essential European logistical support
to the war in Iraq, without which the war could not happen.
Shannon Airport: A Military Base
At least 1 in 4 American troops who served in Iraq have passed
through Shannon airport, 10,000 soldiers per month (TV3 News,
December 6th, 2003)
According to official figures 125,855 American soldiers went via
Shannon to the Middle East last year, that's just 10,000 less than
the amount currently serving in Iraq.
The latest official figures just released show that 35,926 troops
came through Shannon airport in the first three months of 2004.
16,797 of these came through on 161 flights in March, this is a
massive increase on February representing about half the total
(46.75%) for the 3 month period.
The American military's use of Shannon is not a minor incident, but a
crucial pit stop on the road to Iraq.
As American Ambassador James Kenny, recent target of protests at
Galway University, put it when questioned if this meant the Irish
government acted as an ally: "The Irish Government did, yes. I will
say they did."
But not just an ally of the United States, but of Israel also:
Last fall the Irish Examiner (3rd September 2003) reported that a
cargo plane carrying 28 Israeli `Patriot' missiles, en route to the
U.S. for up-grading, made a planned stop over in Shannon in June
"Each missile contained 44kg of high
explosives and 498kg of rocket fuel. Despite the dangerous nature of
the cargo, four separate Government departments raised no objections
nor made any detailed comment."
Other media reports tell of a emergency landing by an Israeli KC135
cargo plane in July of 2003. What that was carrying remains unknown,
not surprising given as it was being patrolled around by 28 Mossad
agents to make sure it remained an `unknown'.
Not just providing succour to the U.S. murder machine then, but the
Israeli one also. Nor just that but creating a potential disaster
zone by planting an array of death dealing weaponry amidst a largely
residential area. All the more so when one end of the runway is right
next to a chemicals factory, and the other not far off a highly toxic
aluminium plant. Not to mention the normal typical everyday highly
combustible fuel one finds in airports.
While actual disaster zones are created of country after country
subject to America military invasion.
Re-kindle the Resistance, actions at Shannon in the last two years:
August 2002: Small demonstration ignores police attempts to halt us
and enters the airport grounds, causing war plane to leave without re-
September 3rd 2002: Ploughshares action where U.S. military transport
plane is re-painted.
October 12th 2002: 700 strong demonstration, towards the end of which
the fence around the runway grounds is taken down and one hundred and
fifty people participate in a mass trespass.
December 8th 2002: 400 people protest at the airport.
January 2003: Peace camp is established.
January 18th 2003: Inspired by the peace camp thousands join protest.
January 30th 2003: Disarmament of U.S. military plane.
February 3rd 2003: Second disarmament of the same plane, after it had
been repaired.
March 1st 2003: Attempt at pre-announced fence breach and mass
March 29th: Symbolic funeral march for Irish neutrality.
June 21st 2003: Small march is prevented from entering airport
grounds and blocks roads in response.
December 6th 2003: Attempted blockade of the airport.
There have also been innumerable vigils, one off peace camps, regular
surveillance of the military uses of the airport, some actions
against Top Oil, the company which re-fuels the war planes, and in
Dublin on February 14th 2003 the largest demonstration in Ireland in
20 years.
What you can do:
Give us your money! Get your group to organise a fundraising gig, and
get listed on our website as a sponsoring organisation (hey just what
you always wanted!!!)
Cheques can be made out to Shannon Solidarity, and sent to Shannon
Solidarity c/o Ecology Society, Student's Centre, NUIG, Newcastle,
Or money can be sent to the Bank of Ireland in NUIG, Newcastle,
Galway, Account Number 89174196, Sort Code 904018, Account Name
Shannon Solidarity.
25% of the money will go to support defendants prosecuted for
protesting the summit. The rest is for publicity and logistics.
Publicise the event in your country, even if only through word of
mouth and e-mail lists, volunteers especially needed for
translations. We have a short promo film, and other publicity
Come and visit us. We are planning an international peace camp, to
reflect the nature of Shannon airport as a crucial European hub of
logistical support for the American war machine, and to give a Europe
wide answer to the E.U. – U.S. summit. If planning on coming bear in
mind the need to come as self–contained as possible, that is, with
your own camping and cooking equipment. We will sort camping areas
for some days before, and for during the summit.
You can contact us at:


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