U.S. soldier dies in Iraq after dump truck attack

Post contains latest coalition troops losses. That is, the ones they admit.

05/05/04 UPI: U.S. military medics strained in Iraq
U.S. military staff in Iraq are being strained by the mounting violence and subsequent casualties, the Washington Times reported Wednesday.

05/05/04 Reuters: U.S. soldier dies in Iraq after dump truck attack
A U.S. soldier died south of Baghdad on Wednesday after his Humvee was rammed by a dump truck at the checkpoint he was manning, the U.S. military said

05/05/04 myTellus: Toronto man freed by Iraq kidnappers
The latest Canadian to be taken hostage in Iraq is free, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

05/05/04 Centcom: Afghanistan - One U.S. Soldier Died, 16 Injured
One U.S. Soldier died and 16 were injured in a single military vehicle accident today at approx. 9:30 a.m. when traveling from Bagram Airfield to Kabul

05/05/04 AP: Coalition Soldier Dies in Karbala Battle
Clashes with Shiite militiamen loyal to a radical cleric left one coalition soldier dead in a southern Iraqi city on Wednesday

05/05/04 AP: Basra council member shot, killed
Local officials say gunmen shot and killed a city council member in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

05/04/04 DOD: Casualty Identified
Staff Sgt. Erickson H. Petty, 28, of Fort Gibson, Okla., died May 3 in Salman Al Habb, Iraq

05/04/04 DOD: Casualty Identified
Gunnery Sgt. Ronald E. Baum, 38, of Hollidaysburg, Pa., died May 3 due to hostile action in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

05/04/04 DOD: Casualty Identified
Staff Sgt. Todd E. Nunes, 29, of Chapel Hills, Tenn. died May 2 in Kirkuk, Iraq

05/04/04 DOD: Casualties Identified
Petty Officer 2nd Class Scott R. Mchugh, 33 of Boca Raton Fla
Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert B. Jenkins, 35 of Stuart, Fla.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Ronald A. Ginther, 37 of Auburndale, Fla.

05/04/04 DOD: Casualties Identified
Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael C. Anderson, 36, of Daytona, Fla.
Petty Officer 2nd Class Trace W. Dossett, 37, of Orlando, Fla.

05/04/04 DOD: Casualty Identified
Capt. John E. Tipton, 32, of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., died May 2 in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, from an explosion while conducting combat operations.

05/04/04 DOD: Casualty Identified
Staff Sgt. Kendall Thomas, 36, of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, died April 28 in Baghdad, Iraq, as the result of a vehicle accident

05/04/04 DOD: Casualty Identified
Sgt. Joshua S. Ladd, 20, of Fort Gibson, Miss, died May 1 in Mosul, Iraq, when his convoy vehicle hit an improvised explosive device

05/04/04 AP: Coalition base and water purification plant in Iraq attacked
A base for multinational forces near the Iraqi holy city of Najaf (NAH'-jahf) came under mortar fire overnight. No reports of casualties.

05/04/04 RTE: Large blast near controversial Baghdad prison
There has been a large explosion in a western suburb of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, where the Abu Ghraib prison complex is located.

05/04/04 breakingnews: Shiite fighters launch attack on US base
Iraqi Shiite militiamen fired several mortar shells at a US base in Najaf early today and at a city hall guarded by Bulgarian troops in another Shiite city.

05/04/04 DOD: Casualties Identified
Staff Sgt. Oscar D. Vargas-Medina, 32, of Chicago, Ill.;Spc. Ramon C. Ojeda, 22, of Ramona, Calif.

05/04/04 DOD: Casualties Identified
Spc. Ervin Caradine, Jr., 33, of Memphis, Tenn.; Pvt. Jeremy L. Drexler, 23, of Topeka, Kan.

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