New Nukes, More Tests, Say NO

Both the Senate and House Armed Services Committees are likely to begin writing the
annual defense authorization bill this week. The full Senate and House are then
scheduled to vote on these bills the week of May 17 before the Memorial Day recess.

Key votes in the House and Senate are expected on New Nuclear -Weapons and Missile

Contact your Representatives and Senators and ask them to:

1. Support the amendments likely to be offered by Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.) in the
House and Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Edward Kennedy (D- Mass.) in the
Senate to cut funds to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons.

2. Support the amendment expected to be offered in the House by Rep. John Spratt
(D-S.C.) and in the Senate to cut funds from the missile defense program and require full
testing of the system.

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New nuclear weapons: The Bush Administration is preparing to build a new generation of
nuclear weapons and resume nuclear weapons testing. It has requested $27.6 million to
work on a nuclear bunker buster (Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator) and $9 million that
could be used to develop a low-yield nuclear weapons. It is also requesting funds to
prepare for new nuclear explosive weapons testing and to build a new nuclear weapons bomb

Reasons to cut the funding for new nuclear weapons:

The U.S. has plenty of nuclear weapons, including more than 10,000 deployed or reserve
nuclear weapons.
The Administration claims that it is only conducting research, but its 5-year budget
request for the nuclear bunker buster is $485 million, far more than required for pure
Other countries may follow the U.S. example and consider building or expanding their
nuclear weapons stockpiles, undermining our non-proliferation efforts.

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Missile defense: The Bush Administration plans to deploy a national missile defense
system in California and Alaska by September 2004. The Administration's budget request
includes $10.2 billion for missile defense, although it has cut back the testing program.
Thomas Christie, director of the Pentagon's testing office, has testified before Congress
that there is no way to determine whether the system will work. The General Accounting
office has confirmed his statement in April: "As a result of testing shortfalls and the
limited time available to test the BMDS [Ballistic Missile Defense System] being fielded,
system effectiveness will be largely unproven when the initial capability goes on alert
at the end of September 2004."

Reasons to cut funds and require testing

The system has not been tested in realistic combat conditions.
As a result, there is no way of knowing if the system will be successful.
National missile defense will sap money from other budget priorities.

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John Isaacs & Guy Stevens
Council For a Livable World


Keep Space For Peace!

May 15-16, 2004
Vandenberg Space Command Demonstration
Armed Forces Day Action
Vandenberg AFB, California

May 15 , 2004
Peace protest at front gate of Vandenberg Space Command
1 pm to 3 pm.

Located 6 miles north of Lompoc in Santa Barbara county, California. Loring Wirbel
author of STAR WARS: US Tools of Space Supremacy live music with Dan Fortson the
frontline singer.

Night of May 15 there will be a peace camp at the farm of Bud and Dotty Boothe in Los
Olivios. Music and discussion.

check on May 14th for last minute info

WARNING: Be careful not to drive onto the base, or to drive across the thick "green line"
painted at the entrance of the base, you might be arrested for trespassing.

Details + carpooling info: Phone: (831) 754-5554 or
Email: or call Judy Evered at (805) 685-8822

May 16
West Coast conference against US Weaponization of Space.
10 am to 3 pm at the Guadalupe Catholic Worker
4575 Ninth Street (cross street Olivera)
Guadalupe, California
(near Vandenberg)

To reserve a space at the conference call MacGregor Eddy at 831 754 5554 or Denis Apel at
805 343 6322.

Special guests at the conference Loring Wirbel, Peter Lumsdaine, Carlo Urner Reilly and

Hosted by:
The Guadalupe Catholic Worker
(805) 343-6322

Attendance is limited so please call (831) 754-5554 to confirm your attendance
and get directions, or email or

See for details

More details from: MacGregor Eddy
Tel: (831) 754-5554

Sponsored by:
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and Global Network
PO Box 5789
Salinas CA 93915-5789

Warm Regards,

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