Iran Contra Rides Again

Imagine a White House that deliberately hid money from Congress to invest in a war in the Middle East. Imagine that same White House crafted secret deals with an oil-rich Islamic fundamentalist theocracy with ties to terrorism, and appointed ideologues to key diplomatic posts in a war-torn region. Think you are watching '80s reruns of the Iran-Contra scandal? Think again.

David Sirota sums it up:

The first step in the vendetta was to secure funding — and that started early. According to Bob Woodward's new book, Plan of Attack (Simon & Schuster, April 2004), in July of 2002 President Bush took $700 million out of operations against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and diverted it into planning for an Iraq invasion. Woodward said Bush hid the move from Congress and kept lawmakers "totally in the dark", even though the Constitution and federal statutes require the President to consult with Capitol Hill before moving money. He even lied to the country right after 9/11, reassuring the jittery public in December that he had just held and important meeting with top officials about hunting Al Qaeda, even though the meeting was really about planning his revenge on Saddam. full story


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