War In Iraq, Not Sunday School

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War is hostility between two groups of people. Hostilities that are vicious, deadly, irreverent, and at the point of conflict resist conformity to rules of ethical conduct. Only those who don't know the reality of war can believe there is a civilized way to win at war. Training people to kill other people and sending them into a war zone puts them in a frame of mind that doesn't lend itself to niceties. The hazing of prisoners in Iraq falls short of being criminal or against the precept of winning at war at all costs. We must win this war or civilization as we know it is at risk of becoming a memory.

War In Iraq, Not Sunday School

by Gary Revel

What a surprise, war in Iraq is nothing like the stories we heard in Sunday school about turning the other cheek and winning our enemies over with love. For those of us who went to Sunday School and then later faced death in the fight for freedom so other children could continue to go to Sunday school the recent photos of Iraqi prisoners being hazed by MP's is not news. Much worse than what the photographs show has been going on for centuries and whatever happens because of the exposure of the photographs will not prevent it from continuing.

Why? Because war is hostility between two groups of people. Hostilities that are vicious, deadly, irreverent, and at the point of conflict resist conformity to rules of ethical conduct. Only those who don't know the reality of war can believe there is a civilized way to win at war.

War is not civilized behavior. It is really based on the survival of the fittest rule. The strongest, most intelligent, and sometimes the shrewdest may win. Contrary to one presidential candidate's opinion respect doesn't win war. If we had waited for the Japanese to respect us during World War II we would all be speaking Japanese today. We didn't win that war by getting their respect we won by the brute force of atomic bombs that destroyed cities and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Too often our troops are ordered to wait until they receive fire from our enemies before they can defend themselves in war. On the face of it this handicaps our troops from winning at war. Enemies that have gone to war against the United States are enemies. Their deaths and destruction of their cities should be a given. The treatment of their captured is of no consequence as long as we get information that saves American lives and prevents destruction of our cities.

Wake up people. We are at war with an enemy who even now is planning the bombing of major American cities with millions being killed and the killing and mutilation of Americans all over the world. You cannot play Sunday school with these people if you want to survive. Let the military do whatever it needs to do to win this war. Don't punish soldiers for doing what they believe is their job in the part they play to win this war. When we train people to kill our enemies and put their lives at risk in a foreign country to do the job it is too late to ask them to be nice. That is how you lose a war not how you win.


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Gary Revel: Born in Florala Alabama June 29, 1049. Raised in Lower Alabama and Florida. Formed rock and roll band at 15, played guitar and sang lead. Graduated high school from Holmes County High School in Bonifay Florida. At 18 he joins the United States Navy and from there it's the music business in Hollywood California. Then New York City, Memphis Tennessee and finally Nashville Tennessee where Gary wrote songs, made recordings for various companies of his self-penned songs, played guitar in recording sessions for other artists and played various night clubs, concerts and lounges. Gary met attorney Jack and Mary Noel-Kershaw and began working with them in 1974. Jack's law office began representing James Earl Ray and by the time the House Select Committee on Assassinations began their inquiry Jack and Gary were actively engaged in an attempt to bring the case of King's assassination to court. James had never had a trial and this was something both Jack and Gary thought should be remedied. Gary began an aggressive investigation and soon the murder of his brother, cousin's husband and associate in the investigation followed.

Gary currently lives in the Los Angeles, California area and recently published his first of three autobiographical works planned. The book, 'To Live or Maybe Not' tells some of his story related to his military service in the US Navy during the Vietnam War Era and his investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.


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go gary go

aw 06.May.2004 00:20

hey gary get your chickenshit ass over to veitnam sorry Iraq. They need you to win one for the gipper. Gary go quickly our way of life is at risk.

We started that evil war

walrus 06.May.2004 02:03

War is not sunday school. And our leaders are not sunday school teachers.
They started that illegal attack on iraq in order to profit from the killing and the stealing and the lying.

Our leaders are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents among the victims (the so-called enemy) and maiming and wounding of thousands among our own troops.

If you want them to continue expanding the war until millions die, just do and say nothing. That's all the encouragement our "leaders" need.