Man of color found hanging from tree in Mississippi

A brother named Roy Veal, just got lynched in Mississippi on Friday. Roy lived in Seattle and had gone to Mississippi to help his family secure their property that a white man was trying to take from them (oil was found on the land). He was found hanging from a Mississippi tree on Friday morning.

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A brother named Roy Veal, just got lynched in Mississippi on Friday. He was the cousin of one of my best friends. Roy lived in Seattle and had gone to Mississippi to help his family secure their property that a white man was trying to take from them (oil was found on the land). Please circulate this article to your list, to people you know who have list and the media. This needs national and international media coverage ASAP. Roy was a Vietnam vet who survived Vietnam only to come home and be lynched in Mississippi. He was found hanging from a Mississippi tree on Friday morning. For more information people can call the Sheriff Pip Jackson, of the Wilkerson county Mississippi Sheriff's office. The sheriff is black.

His number is: 601 888-3511. They are not giving up much information but should still be flooded with calls demanding a federal investigation. THEY ARE STILL LYCHING US! DEMAND A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION! CALL THE PRESS! THIS IS A 2004 VARIATION OF THE 1955 EMMETT TILL STORY!

Dr. Jewel Loretta Crawford

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From: Alvin Blakes
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This was my cousin they found lynched in Woodville, Mississippi. He was researching papers in the same courthouse I go to. This white man obtained one of the shares of the family plots when another one of my cousins (now deceased) sold it to him in secrecy. Then he started trying to take other pieces of the land.

Take Care,
(link to full story onlinefrom Seattle POst - Intelligencer)

Friday, April 23, 2004 .
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Washington man found hanging from tree

-- Family members say a man found Friday hanging from a tree in rural Mississippi had returned home to fight for his family's land. The body of 55-year-old Roy Veal was discovered in Wilkinson County, relatives said. Warren Strain, spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, said the body was discovered about midday in a wooded area of the county near Woodville. Authorities declined to identify the man pending notification of relatives. But Doris Gordon, a Woodville native now living in San Francisco, said the victim was her brother, Roy Veal of Washington state. Thelma Veal, the man's mother, also confirmed the identity. "They found my brother hanging from a tree with a hood over his head and some papers burned at his feet," Gordon said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from San Francisco. "It's awful. We don't know who did it." Oliver James, 72, one of the men who led authorities to Veal's body, said there appeared to be a blue-flowered cover over Veal's head. James said one of the investigators said it appeared to be a pillow case. James also said Veal's truck was parked about 50 feet away. Gordon, who said she would be returning to Woodville as soon as possible, said her brother had returned to the family home in Wilkinson County "to help with a lawsuit pending against our family." "There are people trying to take part of our land because they apparently think there is oil on the land," she said. Strain said the Highway Patrol's Bureau of Investigation was looking into the death. County Coroner Travis Sharp said he had not been contacted; the sheriff's department declined any comment. FBI spokeswoman Deborah Madden said agents were available if needed but at this point the investigation was being handled by local authorities. Officials at the chancery clerk's office in Woodville said a lawsuit pending in chancery court names several members of the Thelma Veal family, including Doris Gordon and apparently Roy Veal, as defendants. Chancery Clerk Thomas Tolliver Jr., said the case involved title to land in the county and damages. Thelma Veal said the lawsuit sought portions of land owned by her late husband and his brothers. She said her son had obtained a map of the property and was collecting documents to prove the family owned the land. "Now they have found my son hung back there on a tree," said Thelma Veal, 79. She said her husband owned more than 40 acres in the area southwest of Woodville and that it was being sought because it might have oil deposits. There is oil production in that area of the state. "My husband's daddy bought this land in 1926 and I've been here ever since I was 18," she said. "It's our land."

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King Amdo 06.May.2004 10:15

These murderer's would be trying to use the white supremist 'energy block' to prevent hide behind...thinking that they can get away with this sort of thing...the 'energy block' being generated by actual and real screaming racist/pain dodge occult rituals...KKK looney fringe?...No...actually the way christianity was/is 'constructed'. (So ya'll can forget black christianity's just as bad).

christian system is a vam-pie-er Jah Rastafari.

I trust that this (white) oil man will not be allowed to get away with this.


Blessed be,

King Amdo.

Best Friend of Roy Veal

Charles V. McClain III 05.Jul.2004 12:18

Roy was living with me prior to his trip to Mississippi. He was like a brother to me. I knew him for over fifteen years. He was estranged from his family and had not talked to several of them in years. I lent him one of my cell phones to take with him in case something happened on the trip. He carried a red journal my wife had given to him to write out ideas for a book on his great great grandfather who as it turns out was one of three free blacks in Mississippi in the early 1800's.
I did legal research on the lawsuit that was filed and he took over 150 pages of that research with him to Woodville to give to the family attorney. I received a call from him on the Sunday before his body was found. I detected optimism not depression. He said he would call me on the following Saturday. He left his car in Snohomish, WA and drove his truck. I have proof of the oil on the land. I also can show that the deed to the property that was sold by his relative was corrected to include mineral rights. Boyd Alexander worked for an oil company for 30 years, but he claims he is suing for timber. Roy's mother sold timber she had no legal right to do. Roy counted every stump and there was a total of 175. His mother told him she got $450.00 as it turns out it was over $18,000.00.
The last person Roy called on the phone was his mother on April 22 at 5:04pm from Hattiesburg MS. I found out he was looking for work in Baton Rouge. I have never been contacted by any one doing any investigation and now since his death has been ruled a suicide two news stations have changed their minds on doing a story. I would like to know what really happened but I need some help. Please contact me if you want to help.
He was a true friend and a good man. He deserves better. I was contacted by Jim Varney a reporter at the Times-Picayune who told me he was unaware of the article about the toxicology report and that now when you call the Sheriff's office you get a recording directing you to the FBI. I hope this demonstrates that there was no through investigation. The phone records were never checked.
Something is definitely wrong here Hattiesburg, MS is approximately three hours from Woodville. If Roy called from Hattiesburg at 5:04 pm as the bill shows it would have been at least 8:00 pm or later when he reached the pecan tree. It would seem to me he either hung himself in the dark or waited until first light to hang himself as soon as he woke up. Not having the autopsy fixing the time of death I can not be more accurate with the timeline. Roy was my best friend and one way or another I will find out what really happened to him. He was like family and many times said that my family was more of a family to him than his own. I now see why. I waited to contact any official department purposely just to see how through an investigation would be done.
After the decision was made it was suicide, I contacted the local FBI office here in Washington State. That was about two or three weeks ago and have not heard anything. I have several items such as phone records, Deeds, land maps and mineral leases. I do not believe Roy committed suicide, although I will at least submit it could have happened under some extraordinary circumstance and even then I have doubts. I believe those doubts to be justified given that I was never contacted by anyone not even his family. I have been to his mothers house on two occasions once when Roy was there and once by myself. His mother knows me
personally. On my trip alone I must have talked to her for over four hours in
the two days I was there. She knew Roy was like a brother to me and I made
sure he had food, clothing and shelter. Even though at the time he left the only address he had was mine, as long as he was my friend he was not homeless or hungry. As soon as I can
raise enough money to take off work and go to Woodville, MS. I plan on retracing Roy's steps thru the phone records. I know he was looking for work as a bus driver so that along with talking to the Coroner, Sheriff, County Clerk, his mother, people he called and the two hunters that found him I will get to the bottom of what really happened.


Charles V. McClain III