ACLU Challenge to "National Security Letter" Authority

In an extraordinary sealed case, the American Civil Liberties Union has challenged the FBI’s unchecked authority to issue “National Security Letters” (NSLs), which demand sensitive customer records from Internet Service Providers and other businesses without judicial oversight.

The ACLU filed the lawsuit under seal to avoid penalties for violating the NSL statute’s broad gag provision, a provision that the ACLU is challenging on First Amendment grounds. Similar gag provisions are attached to other controversial provisions of the Patriot Act, including Section 215, which the ACLU has challenged in another lawsuit. While the challenge to the NSL provision was filed on April 6, it took nearly three weeks for the ACLU to reach an agreement with the government that allowed the disclosure of anything at all about the case. A redacted version of the complaint is now publicly available, but many details about the case are still under seal. The ACLU believes that the public has a right to more information about the government’s use of the Patriot Act and is committed to unsealing more information about the case as quickly as possible. Read more on this story:

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African-Americans invented sexism, and other interesting tales - 29th May, 04

Now, having read Toufe's piece on moral agency I am not about to try to make some kind of case absolving an artist like Nelly for creating a video in which women are treated in degrading, sexist, and appalling ways.

Grinning, Parasitic Bastards: Class Notes From Chicago - 29th May, 04

In my last posting I referred to the employer class as “vicious, blood-sucking parasites.”

A man for all intrigues - 29th May, 04

Iyad Allawi, the new choice to lead Iraq, isn't Ahmed Chalabi -- but that's about the only thing to commend this wily member of the old-boy, CIA-sponsored exile club.

How Much Is Hussein's Departure Worth? - 29th May, 04

Despite all that's gone wrong with "Operation Iraqi Freedom" (such as the lack of freedom for Iraqis), we still hear over and over that "the world is a better place with Saddam Hussein gone."

Vanunu says he wanted to prevent 'new Holocaust' - 29th May, 04

Mordechai Vanunu, released last month after spending 18 years in prison for revealing Israel's nuclear secrets, says he acted to stop a "new Holocaust".

Assume the position: a play about prison is followed by arrests - 29th May, 04

The prisoner asked that the tea be without sugar, but the interrogator -- the nicer one, who called off the beatings and offered cigarettes -- insisted to the guard that the tea be as sweet as possible. So the guard came in carrying tea and his rifle, presented the prisoner with the glass, cut loose the plastic cuffs holding the prisoner's hands together. Minutes later, the prisoner seemed drunk, as though the tea had been drugged.

British-educated surgeon is new Iraqi prime minister - 29th May, 04

A British-educated neurosurgeon who spent 30 years in exile in Britain, and who has close links with both the CIA and MI6, was named as Iraq's new interim prime minister last night.

Soldier beaten at Guantanamo in interrogation training - 29th May, 04

In an incident that confirms the routine torture and brutalization of prisoners in the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, a former soldier there has revealed that he was savagely beaten and suffered brain damage when he posed as a prisoner as part of a training exercise.

Canadian elections: campaign hype cannot mask popular disaffection - 29th May, 04

Ending months of hesitation and speculation, Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin has called a federal election for Monday, June 28.

New Indian ministry to continue right-wing policies - 29th May, 04

The composition of the Indian council of ministers, sworn into office last Saturday, provides further confirmation that the Congress Party-led coalition government will maintain essentially the same right-wing policies at home and abroad as its predecessor


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