Peace and Pride : A Global Solution

Denmark (for now, living"underground" for safety reasons)  
A global fusion of all nations, respecting all faiths and gender. Lasting peace in a flexible and viable global solution, leaving domestic problems to those who know what they are talking about. Giving this world of ours a second chance. Humanity will save the day, not a deity.


Author :-

This book and its contents do not subscribe to any normal standards of writing. The way the book and its message is delivered, is purposely presented in such a manner, as to enable the focus of the text to be the main issue. It is non-conformist for reasons that will become apparent as you progress through the chapters.

This book is the creation of a single mind, yet it encompasses the works, of millions of minds. The subject matter is one, which has been written about, for centuries. Thousands of people have tried in thousands of ways to achieve what this book can promise to deliver.

There are many reasons to want to deliver the message within this book, most of them are obvious and some of them not apparent until you reach the end. How you perceive this book is up to you, as an individual. It can be both fact and fiction. If you wish to accept the entire work as one of fiction, then it is up to you. On the other hand, if you wish to accept the entire work as possible fact, yet again the decision is yours and yours alone.

This is a book of possible answers. The answers to most people’s prayers. It will give you a logical explanation of the present situation of the world today, and then give you a perfectly logical explanation to a viable solution.

The reasoning behind the solution can easily be explained. No matter what you believe in, no matter what you pray for, or to, it is not working. The world is full of humans who think that they are unique. Many will argue that they are unique, as there is no one else alive quite like them. This is of course a human wish to be identified as being one of a kind, but in reality, we are all very alike. We all have a common background, this is our collective history. Although across the globe we can plainly see the diversities of our cultures and beliefs, they are actually based upon the same premise. A will to survive.

The age old question : The meaning of life ? Can be answered very simply : to survive. Everything else you could add to this definition, stems from it. In the due course of the book you will get used to seeing simple answers to very complex questions. At first glance they seem to be wrong, but if you take away all of the excess information and get down to the core of a proposition then you will realise the simple answer is the correct one.
To give an example : the human eye, can distinguish sixteen million, seven hundred and seventy seven thousand, two hundred and sixteen shades of colour, but there is only one black and only one white. This doesn’t mean that everything can be explained as black and white, but when you are searching for extremes and opposites, no matter how wide the spectrum is between them, the two foundational elements are also the closest two elements within the plane. Instead of thinking of a straight line between two extremes, try to think of them as circular, where the two extremes become opposites.
See figure 1 at the end of this introduction.

The language used and the way it is presented to you, must be understood in two different ways. The word you means, to you as an individual, to you alone, the human being that is you, unique in every way, but it also means, every single living human being as one entity, you all. Yet again two extremes but they can be considered as equals and exact opposites.
The familiarity of the text is to make you feel at ease, the subjects that will be explained throughout the book, will be in a manner that is not normally expected. I would like to appeal to you, that you inside yourself, the one, only you hear. Some call it a conscience, some call it an inner voice, I would like to refer to it as, the real you. No matter how we are perceived by others around us, we all know that we have our own opinion of the surrounding world, and we also know it is sometimes better not to voice our true opinions as this can make matters worse.
We all have that something unexplainable inside of us, something that makes us say the worst things at the worst times. Who hasn’t said something, and the very second it leaves your lips, you regretted it. Not that what you said was wrong, because it is what you truly meant, but the fact is now someone else knows exactly what you think. Maybe you said something that others thought to be the truth too, but they wouldn’t have dared say it at the time. That little unexplainable thing, is the one I want to relate to. You alone are reading the text, and your mind alone is the one interpreting it. The intimacy is between you and the text. It is the only way this message can get through. I want to go beyond the facade that is : the you : everyone else sees, please allow the text to come to you, for one simple reason : this book is written for you, to you, all of you.

One of the main subjects within this book, is the subject of truths. It will become apparent to you, that all truths are time related. What was true yesterday is not necessarily true today. This book gives you a version of the truth, and not the only truth. This is due to the fact, the only thing in this vast universe we are part of, that stands still : is our past. When we record our past it becomes stationary. Everything else is in constant motion, not only forward but circular. We can do nothing to change the past, we could falsify it, yes, but in reality, what has happened in our past has already happened.
We as humans cannot traverse freely in time ( at this present moment in time, but who knows what the future holds for our species ? ) So all we can really do is change our present and thus our possible future. Decisions made now will affect not only our immediate future, but the future of all those yet to come. This reality has never been fully addressed, the reasons why will become apparent.
We have always believed that what we do is for the best, but when you look at our past, can we really say that, as a species without having a bad taste in our mouths ?

We all know the destructive capabilities of the human species, so it would be useless to write page after page of horrific facts. What you need to know is why. Why can we as a species give ourselves the right to do these vile acts against each other and still think that what we have done, from our own point of view was correct. The answer to this is also very simple, when you understand what humans are all about. That comes much later in the book, at this point I would just like to say that this again shows the way that truths are time related.

I like you have always had a sense of curiosity. Something deep inside of me that wants to know answers. Answers to questions that mean a great deal to me and everyone else, but they always seemed to be clouded in great philosophies. Hard to understand mammoth pieces of literature that take years to investigate and even longer to fully become versed in. Why are we here ? Where do we come from ? Why do we do the things we do ? Why are some people seemingly good and others evil ? Why can’t we just get along with each other instead of having to war with each other ? Etc, why are the answers so complicated ? This book will give you simple answers to all of these questions and more. You will also be very surprised to find out what they are too.

The last point I would like to make in this the first introduction part of the book is a very brief understanding of why I actually wrote this book. In the next introduction I will go into depth, describing the way the world is today and all of the text within that chapter can be understood as reasons for wanting to write this book, but I have also my own personal reason too.

I am a parent.

You might wonder why that statement should be enough reason, but if you are a parent too then you know that it is enough. I am one of the two parents of our three children. I want to do something about this world, because as far as I am concerned, it isn’t a place I would like my three children to grow up in, if I had a choice of giving them a better place to go. This is impossible so I have to make do with what we have got and try to improve it enough, so when I leave this place, I can do so with peace of mind. Making this world a better place for my three daughters, automatically makes this world a better place for every single child alive and all those yet to come.
You will also see this world is the way it is, because of adults. No child is ever asked to be born, that decision is made for them, the least we can do is try and repair the damage caused by our predecessors and give our children a safer future. The choice is ours to make. Yes, you too, it is also your choice to make, no matter who you are. One thing this book will also give you is a sense of pride that you never thought you could ever have. You know how proud you are now, as an individual, as a town or city, as a state or country, nation or continent, well just imagine how much pride every single person alive can generate as a united globe. Do not think this is impossible, it is the easiest thing in the world to achieve when you understand the rest of the book. Every person being proud to be a member of a global community, still with their own unique faiths, their own unique cultures, their own unique borders, their own unique laws etc… It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it ? It sounds as if this could be the answer to everyone’s prayers doesn’t it ? Well it is ! It is not impossible ! The reasons how, will unfold in the due course of the book.
So I cordially invite you to sit back and relax with the book, it is not a race, allow the book to calmly and logically explain all those mysteries that have never been answered before. Take a journey around our globe and its inhabitants, get to see the entire world as an entity for itself, maybe even get better acquainted with yourself. Who knows, you might develop a better understanding of everything around you and to make it all complete, a solution not only to your fears, but the fears of us all.

A wise saying : Never promise anything you cannot deliver.

Well, I promise you this : The book will give you all the answers you will ever need.
The answers it cannot give you, you will find yourself.
Not because you have to, not because you need to, but because for the first time in humankinds history you will be ABLE to.


Foreward :-

In this part of the book, you will find out how the structure of the project will be presented. Instead of a book being just a literary piece, think of it as conversation. As the author I try to imagine that you are here with me. I am explaining certain aspects of life to you in a very personal way. Do not think of the text as a person though, think of it as an airing of ideals and possibilities. The person behind the theory has no importance, I could be anybody, I could be someone you already know, or I could be “a perfect stranger”. Trust what you read. The way you interpret the text will be unique to you anyway.
One thing that I must ask you to do before we go any further is to open your mind. I will also ask you to do something quite special in this field. No matter who you are and what you have been taught to believe is the “truth”, put that knowledge to one side. Don’t forget it, don’t dismiss it, don’t think that this book is going to make your faith, beliefs and cultures disappear, just please put it to one side. The message within the text will never be allowed to get through if you as the reader are constantly referring to your own “truths” in your mind. Remember one thing, this book does not claim to be the truth, it does however claim to be a possible truth, just how much of a truth it will represent for you is left to your own personal evaluation.

Now that you have opened your mind, let me try and introduce to you a totally new way of thinking. It is called global thinking. I know you think that this is nothing new, but believe me, it is. We as humans have always thought of ourselves as something special, a cut above the rest so to speak, well for the duration of the book, think of us as just one of billions of life forms inhabiting this planet. This is crucial, if you cannot let the idea go, of us being the apex of life here on Earth, then please, close the book now, as it will have no bearing in your life whatsoever.

In your mind’s eye look at the entire planet, land, sea and air. There are complex structures that we as a species are now beginning to understand. Just think of the amount of life there is to be found. We marvel at the complexity of nature, because we try to find structures and order within everything. We know as human beings that it would be impossible for a single person to understand it all, let alone try to construct something similar. We are in awe of our surroundings and that is how it should be. I do not need to tell you the beauty of a mountain, a forest or a stream. I do not need to impress upon you the miracles of life that surround us every single day of our existence, we all know these things are real. We can touch them, feel them, see them, yet we do not give them the respect they all deserve.
There is a large amount of the human population that have seen the pictures of our planet from space, and no matter how you perceive our own part in this vast universe, the picture of our beautiful planet on its journey through space, is one that takes your breath away. This supposedly insignificant sphere hurtling through space, just one of countless billions upon billions, is our home. It may be insignificant on a larger scale, small even in comparison to some of our own local neighbouring planets, but it is still our home, everyone’s home. Pictures of planets and galaxies, nebulas and spiralling arms all have a majesty all of their own, but they pale into comparison to our home planet. They pale because they have a possibility of containing life, here we know we have an abundance of life.
We take life for granted, we do, don’t deny it. We are surrounded by it every single second we exist, and we take it all for granted that it will be there tomorrow. Why shouldn’t we ? We know that this planet has been inhabited by life forms for hundreds of millions of years. We also know that some of the life forms that have inhabited this planet over this period of time, are no longer in existence now. Plants as well as animal life forms have come and gone. This is what life is all about. Cycles. Things come and go in cycles. We humans have been around for a very short time in comparison to many other creatures that have roamed our planet. What makes us very different is the impact we can actually have upon the planet as a whole.

Out of all the life forms that have inhabited this planet, none have been or even come close to being what we humans have become. We can, if we so wish, destroy everything on this planet at a time of our own choosing. This used to be the soul territory of natural disasters. Just think, what used to be deemed as impossible for humans to achieve, can be achieved a thousand times over by a small percentage of the entire human species. We certainly are a force to be reckoned with.

One thing has to be said though, we are not very good at controlling this power we have, are we ? We are for all intents and purposes the custodians of this planet. Our problem is we all think we are unique in some way and so our collective power is being pulled in too many directions at one time. The possible consequence of this, is we will eventually pull this world apart.

There is no need for this to happen at all. What is needed is a fusion of all peoples. Pooling our collective resources to begin to start to take care of this world of ours thus taking care of ourselves. A fusion, it sounds complicated and belongs in a laboratory experiment. The dictionary tells us that fusion means : fusing / melting, blending or coalition. The simplest word out of the three definitions is blending, so lets use this word to describe what it is we have to achieve to allow the solution to be a success. We have to be able to blend all cultures and faiths together.
So lets do it, and because we are human we can blend them all together without losing anything that defines us as a specific follower of faith or culture. Retaining that which we have fought and died for, for whatever reason in our past is essential, so we’ll do that too. I know you might at this moment in time think, it impossible, but you also must take into consideration that humans have been achieving the impossible for a long, long time. We do it so often now that we hardly notice it.
Taking on global thinking, is a daunting task. In the way the solution is structured it allows us to achieve what most forms of faith promise their followers. You are about to inherit the Earth, every single one of you, and with this inheritance there is a responsibility. This responsibility will be spread over the entire globe, but we are getting ahead of ourselves for this stage of the book.

In the next chapters you will find a situation report of what the world looks like today, along with a possible explanation why the world looks like it does today, including an alternative way of understanding humans.
Then a list of the problems, to be addressed before the solution can be presented. Next comes the solution itself, including a list of what can be achieved, its method of deliverance and execution.
The final chapter is the most important one, you thought maybe the solution was ? Well this is where the reality of the solution takes place. The chapter is called, Its your decision. I do not wish to explain this chapter further and moving straight there without reading the main body of the book is futile too, this isn’t a mystery where you find out who is to blame at the end. Just read the book and follow the flow. When you reach the last chapter, you will already know what it is all about. Just remember………………… Open your mind to the possibilities !

A Possible Truth : The World Today

Let us face some facts here, shall we ? The state the world is in today, is not a very good one. Wait a second, I have to explain that sentence again. The state of the human world today, is not a very good one. The rest of the world is as majestic and beautiful as ever. There that is more accurate, so while we are at it, let us keep these two things apart for a while.

The world around us is an ever-changing entity that is in constant motion and revolves around our local star at a vast rate, giving us our patterns of seasons and years. It evolves at a slow rate in comparison to the life that it is host to. It doesn’t always evolve in a smooth and constant manner. Every now and again, due to the millions of possibilities of interaction with other “heavenly bodies”, the once slow evolution of our world takes drastic steps. We know that during the lifetime of this world, the axis it is tilted upon varies, and there are thousands of impact sites dotted around the globe. We also know there have been things called ice-ages, periods of time where the ice-caps expand and then retract over hundreds of thousands of years. This brings about huge changes for the planets surface, thus huge changes for everything living thing on the surface.

There are literally thousands of highly educated, dedicated people, all over the world, who have written about the history of our planet, from its creation about five billion years ago to present day. They have told us of the molten core, mantle and pre-mantle layers and the dynamic surface: the tectonic plates on which we all live. They explain how volcanoes work and evolve, how land masses that were once a single continent, drifted apart over millions of years, and how life evolved in the oceans and on the land into the layers of strata we now excavating, finding the remains of what once lived here. What we find didn’t live here for a few hundred years, or even a thousand, no, they lived here for hundreds of millions of years, but that is only a theory isn’t it ? Or do the skeletal remains of pre-historic animals actually mean something ?

We know a lot about these creatures and the fact that even though our planet has suffered terrible impacts from space debris, some of the creatures alive today are direct descendants of these now extinct animals. Yet again I am straying from the present day, the fact is there are thousands of sites around the world that are unearthing the most incredible finds of our planets history, and every time we have to re-write the history books. You would think we would have got used to it by now, but there you go, human arrogance rearing its head again. Please don’t think that the entire book is going to be negative towards the way humans conduct their lives and abuse each other and the planet other inhabitants, but to understand the entire picture of this world of ours, and yes, it is OUR world, there has to be an acceptance for our, let’s call it “darker” sides.

Back to the world : in the three main parts : land, sea and air, there is an abundance of life, the more we look at it, the more life we see. We have begun to understand that life can exist in the most extreme of environments. Deserts of rock, ice and sand were thought to be void of life have turned out to be the homes of thousands of tiny creatures and plant life. Nature has a wonderful way of combining the resources and creating habitats. Animals have also adapted themselves to the harsh environments and as long as humans don’t get involved, they thrive.

The planet is a self regulating form of life unto itself. The volcanoes spew forth new land masses, whilst the sea, and weathering erodes it slowly. The temperatures around the globe are almost constant due to the atmospherics of weather and sea, fluctuating over vast periods of time, but all within an easily defined scope. The tropical rain forests act as the “lungs” of the earth in a natural process giving off the much needed oxygen to ensure the continuation of life as we know it. Hot deserts allowing heat to be trapped in the atmosphere which is in constant motion, circulating the heat over vast areas. Cold deserts doing the same in reverse. These are just a few examples of what our planet does in its own fight for survival.
There are literally millions of independent cycles all working in unison to create what we like to call nature. They are all interlocking, unique yet dependant upon each others existence. When you view them as a whole, they give you an entire planet full of life. We as humans have really only begun to fully understand our environment, we see how complex it all is. It really does take your breath away.

All the wonderful forms of life plant, animal and insect, that surround us and tries to co-exist with us. Just take a second or two and imagine how many types of life there are. Seriously, take a second or two and think about how many types of mammals, animals, insects, birds, fish, amphibians, invertebrates, plankton, bacteria and viruses there are. Millions ! All living in the same space, our planet, fighting for the right to survive in any way they can.

Yet another sideline from describing the world as it is today, but important never the less. The vast oceans that cover over two thirds of our planets surface, are the home to the largest living structures known, the coral reefs, home to the largest living mammal, the blue whale and the largest diversity of life on the planet. It is also one of the most destructive forces known. Shaping the coastlines of every continent. It is also without a doubt been one of the most prolific elements in shaping human history.

If you are wondering why would I want to describe the world around us ? Why tell you something that you probably already know ? The answer to these two questions is quite simply, I know you know, what you don’t know is you have forgotten about it.
This might seem to be a very cryptic answer and it leaves you none the wiser, but don’t worry, you will see the correlation a little bit further on in the book, in the chapter that describes the solution. Just remember these few facts about how the world has been described to you with all that abundance of life, interlocking cycles, unique but dependant etc… It is very important.

Now to the human world as it is today, this is another story all together. We are a collection of approximately 64299819431 humans at 21:00hrs GMT the 22nd of May 2004 and rising rapidly. Just think six point four billion of us. Every second of the day there are five people born and two people die, a net gain of three people every second. The resources of the world on the other hand do not follow suit. A simple example : of all the water found on this planet less than 1% is drinking water, it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out how precious this most basic element of human life is. A large percentage of the human population take this precious element for granted, and why not ? It has always been there for as long as they can remember, yet again this arrogance of ours. This isn’t the worst thing humans take for granted though, that crown belongs to the lives we take for granted or should I say, the lives we don’t care about.

We are spread across five continents, we have decided to split the world up into convenient sections. These five great collections of nations and nationalities represent what is supposed to be you and me. I come from a country in the continent of Europe, therefore I am European. You maybe come from a country in the continent of Asia, you are therefore Asian. Europeans and Asians cannot possibly be the same now can they ? Let us just say for arguments sake that you are not a European. Your skin colouration may be different from mine and your facial features may also be different from mine. This must mean that you and I are very different. There can be no reason why I should even contemplate thinking that you and I could be similar in any way. But, wait a second, there must be something wrong with the things I have learnt about you.
You have exactly the same amount of bones in your body as I have, your internal organs are exactly the same as mine, you walk like me, communicate like me, you bleed and bruise like me when you are injured, you maybe went to a school just like I did, you might have been a soldier, just like I was, you experience joy and sorrow just as I do, you might be a parent just like I am, you might like reading books, just like I do, you might like to drive a car like I do, you might have a job like I did, you might love going on holiday and relaxing, like I did, you probably love to spend time with your family, just like I do, you probably hate paying taxes, just like I do……………
Hey ! If you and I are not supposed to be the same, why are we ?

I know this part of the chapter was supposed to be about the human world as it is today, but by now I hope you have gotten used to the fact it branches out for a paragraph or two, then pulls back into the mainstream of the subject matter. The point of these little side “ventures” is they are relevant as a whole, it is important information to the entirety of the book, and by now you hopefully see what it means to write in a style called “conversation”. I want you to be able to feel relaxed in this intimate company, there is only the two of us, me and you. It’s a book, not a prison; here there are only the rules you wish to be in place. Texts give you a freedom of interpretation; don’t be constricted to expectations that are never fulfilled.

Now let’s get back to the negative part of this book. I don’t apologise for it, but I have always been told the best thing to do, is get the worst part over and done with as quickly as possible, leaving the majority of the message to be positive. You know ending on a positive note is the best way to end anything.

Looking at the entire globe from a distance you can see the dividing lives between the wealthy countries and the poorer countries, the industrialised countries and the developing countries. What is harder to see is the dividing element between the countries of a higher moral standard and those of a lets say a moral deficient standard. Can you actually say that a country is morally deficient ? Well both yes and no. It all depends upon your start point, and not your point of view. Your start point is always your own country isn’t it ? You evaluate your own country and then rank the morality and values of other countries after your own. This is of course perfectly normal. Though it is incredibly hard to see what your own country looks like from another nations point of view and accept it as fact. We always think that the opposing views to our own are tainted. Take for example the way Middle Eastern countries view the United States Of America. Their point of view is one that most Americans cannot understand, but if you were bought up in one of the Middle Eastern countries then your view point would be and is correct. I don’t however condone the way any country looks negatively upon another nation but I do understand them, and trying to understand the differences will enable you to better understand the entire globe.

If an entirely neutral visitor were to look at our world they would see nothing but hypocrisy. Every nation is guilty of it and for very good reason : we all love our own country, and we have little respect for others. We have divided the world into so many segments that it is hard to see what a country or nation actually stands for. We all know what our own country is supposed to stand for, but the more you look into the history of the country the more conflicts between what you stand for and what you outwardly purvey arise.

Just see the current atrocities that are happening around the world today. Wars that should never have taken place, supposed terrorist activities on a daily basis, civilian targets becoming the ever more popular as the media coverage is greater. How perverse does this get ? Bombing school children and hospitals, detonating explosives in market squares and in mosques or churches. Just to get noticed, that’s the common reason, to bring the worlds attention to the plight to a nation suffering under the oppression of a dictator or for the release of a few political prisoners, well that makes perfect sense doesn’t it ? Their people are suffering so why shouldn’t others ? ( I sincerely hope you noted the sarcasm within the last sentence or two ! )

Who sympathises with a group of armed individuals who think that if they de-rail a train or blow it up they can get what they want. Who ? I would really like to know. There must be someone out there in this world of ours or they wouldn’t do it would they ? Lets face it, there must be a reason these people think they can get sympathy, or am I the only one who thinks that people do it purely because they can and then bury it in an excuse called, religious and or political belief. Sorry, for the personal viewpoint there, but the question is still a valid one. Think about it for a minute or two, then when the icy cold feeling fades from your spine, we can carry on.

The acts of terrorism that are seen now around the world on a daily basis has only ended in peoples apathy towards them. When global media was in its infancy a terrorist act would be viewed with anger and disbelief, it would be on the front page of every newspaper for weeks on end, giving rise to endless debates on how it could have happened and how it can be avoided the next time etc.. But today, you are lucky if the victims and the barbaric acts that made them victims stay as news for more than a day or so. Not because we have become immune to it, but because there isn’t enough time to debate the last horrific act before somebody else tries to take the world by storm by doing something even more atrocious and costing the lives of yet more “innocents”. It seems as if there is no end to the “creativity” of these violent people, and one of the worst parameters in this subject is we all stand by and watch. I know hundreds of thousands if not millions of you will all swear that you are against these barbaric acts and wish that the world was a better place, but what do we really do about it ? Nothing really, and we all have a very good reason for doing nothing, it’s because we think we are helpless. We try our best, in our own ways to do something about it all, maybe form committees and discuss until we are blue in the face, or collect signatures from strangers on the street all proud to put their names towards peace, but we all know it isn’t going to stop the violence.
There are some however who think that if they fight terrorism with weapons then the terrorist will stop. They haven’t learned a single lesson from our history. Everyone who has a basic grasp of human history has seen that if you try to suppress a nation then you automatically get resistance. It doesn’t make the violence go away, it just forces it “underground”. The word terrorist according to the dictionary is : a person using organised violence against a government. If this is true then most of the students who have ever held rallies against their governments where they turned violent and had to be controlled by riot police are also terrorists, but that wouldn’t sit well with modern ideas of independent thinking now would it ? It seems as if we can use the word when it suits us and dismiss it similarly if the outcome means a better scholastic society. Anyway it all depends on which side you are on if you choose to call these people terrorists or freedom fighters. Violence has never and I repeat never lead to a peaceful solution, and for all of you who would say they live in a peaceful country even though in your past you have had civil unrest, I say look at your country and tell me there is no violence there now. Look at the amount of violent crime that happens in your country every single day.

If you look around at your local environment, you see everything that it has to offer. You know it differs from the environments of others. With the advent of worldwide media such as radio, television and the Internet, we have a better understanding of just how different these other environments and their inhabitants are, but are we sure that the viewpoints given to us are the correct ones ? This is not about to become some sort of conspiracy theory, just a version of the truth that cannot be dismissed so easily. No matter which country you live in, there are restrictions to what you can and cannot legally see. Each governing body of a country has to decide what sort of information the population should be able to see and what it should not. This is a form of censorship admittedly but I am sure you understand the need for such censorship, this quick example explains what I mean.
Do you think it would be prudent if hard core pornography was available in countries where it is forbidden by their faith, just because in other countries they are deemed to have a more liberal attitude to such programming ? This is of course an example that everyone can relate to, but what I would like to address is, do we know the information that we are subjected to about other countries, is accurate. Without actually travelling to these places it is hard to be able to do anything except accept what we are told to be true is true. The main point of this is the fact that we know, other people living in other environments lead totally different lives. Not only because of their faiths, but also because of the local geography and ambient climates. This is yet another very important factor in understanding a people and their behaviour. One that most people forget.

Although the actions of “terrorists” around the world for whatever cause can be collectively thought of as horrific acts against human rights, they all pale in comparison to the real horrors that exist in every country around the globe. The crimes I am about to write about, happen every single second somewhere around the globe and in every single country. There is not a single nation, nationality, or race that doesn’t practise these crimes and they do it as part of a daily routine. They are so horrific and inexcusable they are never spoken of unless someone who is a prominent figure within a community is found guilty of committing them. Everyone knows about them, people talk in hushed tones if the subject is ever raised, but no one does a damned thing about them. Yes, there are organisations that have been working for years to rid the world of these crimes, but they never achieve any headway as the problem has gotten out of hand. It has been aided by the advent of worldwide multi media, especially the internet, once tight knit closed groups have been able to spread this type of crime around the world with astonishing haste.

To ensure there is no misunderstanding in the following part of this chapter, it is important to understand what age group this chapter refers to when it mentions children. There are lot of discussions to when a child becomes an adult, but for the purposes of clarity please accept that a child belongs to the age group zero to seventeen years and three hundred and sixty three days old. This group can be split into several groups but you are left to your own interpretation of them. I understand a teenager would hate to be referred to as a child but unless they are eighteen, this chapter refers to them as such.
The crimes I refer to are of course the crimes against children.

Not only paedophilia, but the recruitment of child soldiers, child labourers, the physical abuse of minors by parents to such an extent that it has become an accepted fact of life in many societies. In some poverty stricken areas and countries, poor people place their infants into large earthen containers with just barely enough room to breathe. They make holes so that two of the limbs can grow at a normal rate, whilst the other two are forced by the confinement of the container, to become deformed and disfigured. Why do they do it you might ask ? To appeal to the wealthier tourists as they pass by. Who wouldn’t want to give some money if you thought it would aid the child, not knowing it was the parent who purposely put their infant in such a predicament.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Some countries “see through their fingers” at the rich tourists paying “top dollar” to sexually abuse young males and females. These children are sent to the city to earn money by their parents. This is going on in OUR world, YOUR world, the one you are all so proud of being a part of. If you think that your country is not one where this happens, then I am really sorry to tell you, that it does. Adult molestation of minors is rife in ALL countries, it is a part of the human behaviour no one ever talks about, we all shudder at the very thought of its existence, but we would all like to think that it doesn’t happen where we live. Well think again.

In some countries they openly ask for donations via television to help the growing problem of child abuse within their societies, you see children scavenging through plastic waste bags for food, children at the age of eight or nine dropping out of school taking care of their younger siblings as the parents either don’t care or are incapable of doing anything because of an addiction to a harmful substance. Some of the children are so badly beaten every single day that they do almost anything not to go home after school, even get into trouble to get away from their abusive parents. You might think that this problem is confined to the developing countries around the world,, where huge cities have over crowding and the social systems have broken down, you would be wrong. These countries are supposed to be some of the richest and most powerful countries in the world, boasting to the rest of the world of their high moral standards, leaders in every field you could imagine, yet they cannot even take care of their own children.

All these things go on every second of every day in every country all over the world, but you never see a war against the abuse of children do you ? And why ? The answer is a simple as it is sickening; children are not a threat to adults as long as they are children. I feel the need to repeat something, I do not regret the content of this chapter, it is a reality that we all have to face up to, I only wish that it wasn’t a necessity, but you have to understand one simple thing, there are two sides to all stories and trying to bury this dark side of our human behaviour will only allow the atrocities against children all over the world to carry on, so don’t hate me for writing it, don’t forgive me for writing it, just understand why it is written and understand it has to stop.

The worldwide trade of children as slave labour is not something that reaches the headlines so often. It usually takes the awareness of a few people digging around in the accounts of large corporations to find out how they can mass-produce wares at rock bottom prices. When their search leads them to certain countries and their infamous “sweat shops”, it becomes a headliner. The sad fact is these places of employment are never closed and the children working there are in steady supply from the surrounding towns and villages, where there is a high unemployment of adults. This again shows you, what it is we have to be proud of as a species.
Don’t think that these industries are the only ones who abuse children in a working environment. Everyday around the world young children are getting up at a ridiculous time in the morning, carrying heavy bags of newspapers just to deliver one day old news to your front door.
The actual news you are interested in is shown on your television screen you can see or on the radio you can hear as you eat your breakfast, but if this courier of “old news” doesn’t arrive on time for your cereal, then you can become irritated with good reason, can’t you ? The child then has to go to school, sometimes exhausted and is expected to do well in their studies, concentrating on getting better grades. That’s not the end of the story though, sometimes the same child has to deliver more “old news” in the evening, what would your day be without your paper to your evening meal ? You could have purchased it on the way home, but hey why bother, you pay dearly for the paper to be delivered, don’t you ? Newspaper vendors preferably use children as they are far more convenient when it comes to taxes, they don’t have unions, they can’t really enter into negotiations for wage rises, and have you ever heard of a newspaper deliverer who received holiday pay ? Medical insurance etc ? You get the picture.

The aforementioned scenario happens in wealthy countries; in the poorer countries it is far, far worse. The children do not go to school as it has been bombed out of existence in civil disputes, and that is if it has ever existed. Children are forced to work the fields in unbearable conditions and are paid a pittance, if they actually get paid at all. Usually the adults supervising them receive the money from the landowners and the children have to be satisfied with the little food and shelter they get. There is an almost inexhaustible supply of workers as the surrounding areas are poverty stricken and the word contraception does not exist in their vocabulary, even if it did, it would go against their faiths.
For some reason, here we go again on another little sideline, there are vast amounts of humans who because of their indoctrinated faiths, think of intercourse as solely for the purpose of procreation of the species and not as a form of pleasure that can be enjoyed at anytime if precautions are taken. This used to be put down to the ignorance of the specific humans involved but the governing elements of the countries involved do know this and either refuse to educate their populations or cannot due to debts and or civil wars. Remember the most important factor of any nation is its armed forces, so stemming the influx of the human resource for troops would be negative, wouldn’t it ?

Using this little sideline as a bridge it brings us to the next subject matter and one of the most perverse aspects of many countries around the world; child soldiers. Seeing children being blindfolded and learning how to strip and assemble weapons has become an accepted form of warfare. Children are used for many reasons, they can attain access to places adults cannot possibly squeeze into or through, they are not the normal targets of soldiers thus they can move more freely around carrying messages, concealed weapons etc. They are considered expendable and are easier to lets call it “persuade” into carrying out the wishes of adults as they do not have years of experience to tell them that what they are involved in can cost them their lives. Children have a sense of danger but they also have another trait, they are willing to do anything for those they love. If a parent asks a child to perform a task, they do not question its validity as an adult would. Please remember in the eyes of a young child, everything that a parent does and says is deemed to be correct.

I hope you are not under the impression that child soldiers are the sole domains of countries in conflict. As a young child of only thirteen years, I too could strip and assemble various weapons and I did it with a sense of pride. The competitive spirit of my peers at the time was astounding. I learned to hit targets at ranges of up to four and five hundred meters; I excelled at this discipline and so duly false sense of pride was installed. I actually received praise for my achievements as a cadet. I was taught how to camouflage myself, move through terrain unnoticed, obey direct orders without any form of self-thought whatsoever. All this, between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. At sixteen I joined the next step into military adulthood, the junior army. My previous three years of training held me in good stead and so I excelled at this level too, right up until I eventually joined an adult regiment, which I left at the age of twenty-two. So for nine years, a very critical nine years of my life, I was taught how to get away with murder. Sorry if this analogy makes some people cringe but there is no need to sugarcoat an already bitter pill. In a country that shuns developing countries officially, for doing exactly the same. Understand it was not wrong of my country to make this available to me, as it isn’t wrong for any other country, it is just a sad but very true aspect of life for many people in this world.

Every nation has been built upon their “proud” achievements through violent conflict. You all know about the major conflicts this world has been subjected to within the last two hundred years and many nations on a regular basis, remind their own population if not the entire worlds population of them. The glorification of conflicts around the world upon the screens of cinemas is almost as perverse as the contents of the films. They all excuse the need to show again and again and again the loss of human life, under the banner “lest we forget”. Wonderful ! I am sure that after only about sixty years since almost the entire world was set aflame, it is totally necessary to indoctrinate our younger members of the community with the horrors of war. Who doesn’t love watching the explosions of the two atomic devices over the two civilian populated cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima ? Who doesn’t feel a sense of pride welling up from deep within when they see men being cut to ribbons on foreign shores ? Or how about those wonderful scenes of the concentration camps, now they really do fill the cinemas don’t they ? Who doesn’t love a hero, well as long as they represent the side that wins of course. Heroes are measured by how many people they have killed single handed, sorry wait a second, they did it to protect those around them didn’t they, those pilots of the two aircraft that dropped the atomic weapons must be real heroes then.
Do you not understand the simple logic here ? Or is it just me ? If we continue to glorify the horrors of war then we re-install the hatred that lead to the conflict in the first place ! We can teach our children to understand the reason behind the wars without having to graphically remind them in full colour and surround sound. Books by the way do it well enough, they just don’t have the same profit margins do they ?

Okay , this is totally “off-subject” but relevant to the manner of how we humans like to record our history. This book and its contents will be used in the future to show children how the human species got out of a very “disturbing cycle” in our history, but I am willing to wager any amount, that this chapter will be omitted in most countries as it will be perceived as being detrimental to the solution. I am fully aware of this fact, and I would like you to be as well. Back to the negative part, I don’t know about you but I wish it was all over and done with, so the positive aspects can replace this bitterness, but I implore you to read on, a full story is promised and a full story is what you will get.

Where were we, oh yes, the way we treat our children. It seems as if the more you look around at the various ways different nations treat their offspring the more you can see, the tendencies lean towards favouring male offspring over female offspring. This due to the fact male offspring are the main source of armed forces and a nations strength has always been measured by the size and ability of its defensive “deterrent”, but there is also another reason that is far more worrying. It is because of the faith systems that are established within the nations. Worshipping male deities has lead to the most horrific of tendencies, the amount of unwanted female births. In some countries around the globe women who give birth to daughters are frowned upon until they can “produce” a male heir.

Even worse in some nations those who survive are then subjected to a clitorectomy or excision. This is where the clitoris and usually the inner labia are removed. There is absolutely no practical function of this terrible act except to deny any form of sexual enjoyment for the poor women, sorry did I say women, I meant children as it is normal for the procedure to be carried out before they are fourteen years of age. They are done purely because of traditional rites, twenty-eight countries in the Middle east and African continent still allow this form of mutilation and it is not bound by a single faith system either, Muslim, Christian and Native African faiths allow this terrible act to continue.

There are still worse things to come I am afraid. In greatly overcrowded nations newborn females are an unwanted commodity, I say commodity because what they do with them is tantamount to what other nations do with livestock. Mothers are told to either abandon them, or take them to shelters where perfect strangers are expected to take care of them. There are some places where a child can be left upon a shelf, you ring the bell and then disappear, never to see the child again. Can you imagine what must be going through a mothers mind when she has to give up her newborn baby because it is of the “wrong” sex ? This is a wonderful world inst it ? We now have a wrong and a right sex to our species. These shelters can become very overcrowded, they have very limited resources as they are usually run by a foreign church organisation or privately funded. They can be overrun with children and some are just left to die.

There was a report a few years ago where reporters were allowed to see one of the many shelters, the place was rife with rats and other less desirable inmates, in one room the children were sleeping five or six to a bed, the stench of urine was overwhelming, one of the reporters asked a child what was beyond the door at the end of the room. The child answered it was the room where the babies die. On entering the room, what the reporter saw still sticks in my mind to this very day. Babies were just left in the room to die, I will not describe what the body of an infant looks like when it is left unattended for weeks to die, I will spare you that, but the one thing I will leave you with before the end of this paragraph is the fact, the staff at the shelter were too busy to go in and check upon the babies, this was the job of the other children. It was a child’s job, to tell the staff that another one of the babies had stopped crying now and was dead. Can you imagine what goes through a small girls mind when she sees this everyday for the first ten or fifteen years of her life ? Can you imagine growing up in a shelter for girls and the first thing you are expected to understand is your life means nothing in this mans world ? This is the twenty first century and we still have powerful, now nuclear capable countries, where this is an accepted part of society. Doesn’t it make you proud ?

This isn’t a world that lies on the other side of the galaxy; this isn’t a rendition of what our world used to be like a thousand years ago, no, this is your world, here and now.

So lets not make this chapter any longer than it has to be. I know I stated that you would get a full story, but I have had a stomach full of writing these horrors and I feel physically ill. Forgive me for breaking a promise but I will try to sum this chapter up in the next and last paragraph.

The human world as it stands today is on the brink of self-destruction. No matter how you look at it, you have got to admit that somewhere along the line we ALL got it wrong. There is no way that this is how it is meant to be here on Earth, no way at all. There is no such thing as equality of the sexes or races of human beings, none whatsoever. The previous paragraphs have given you a very brief indication of that, I just hope that it was enough. If it isn’t enough then you are a stronger person than I. Our streets are too full of wailing parents all swearing revenge for the deaths of their loved ones. How many times do we have to see coffins in processions before we see how wrong it all is. I also hope you now understand a little bit more about why as the father of three daughters I want so desperately to change this world. In the next chapter I really want to get to the real you. If you remember I asked you to put what you have already learned here in live “to one side”, now I am going to ask you to put it even further away. You are not to dismiss it totally of course, that would be wrong of me to ask, just please, please let me appeal to the real you inside.

A Possible Truth : Are You Human Too ?

If we leave what you what you have been taught to believe to be the truth “on the shelf” for the duration of this chapter, I will try and appeal to that real you inside. The one mentioned in phase one. I thoroughly believe if a person can fully relate to another, certain other “truths” can come to light.

We all know that life here on earth is a product of a biological process. For us the process is achieved through sexual contact, the deliverance of sperm from the testicles, through the penis into the vaginal cavity of the female. The ovaries release an egg, which is fertilized, and then the egg gestates over a period of approximately nine months in the womb of the female. The result is a new life. For those of us who have had the luxury of an education, this is nothing new, but there are large populations who have not had the privilege, so this simple biological process is shrouded in mysticism. We also know that all mammalian life on this planet goes through this process, even those who have not left the confines of our oceans. Knowing this, lets take it a step further.

Once we are born we leave the watery environment that has surrounded us for the nine months and enter into a new and quite alien environment. This giant step from one to the other is one we all go through but have no recollection of whatsoever. The birth process is synonymous with a great deal of pain, not only for the mother, there must also be a great deal for the newborn. The lungs must empty the fluids that once gave it the oxygen it needed to survive, and this is replaced by what most of us perceive as “dry” air. We then get on with the business of surviving. If you look at humans along with the rest of the mammals on the planet, we most certainly are the most fragile of creatures. We are defenceless and totally dependent upon the parental instincts of our mothers and fathers.
There is no other mammal or creature on this planet that has period of dependency as long as ours. This may be due to the way humans perceive the necessity of dependency to be drawn out as long as possible, I know as do many parents it is hard to “let go” when the time comes for our children to be fully independent. This can be particularly difficult for mothers, not because they are better parents, but men really do have to understand, the simple facts of life. The child actually grew inside the mother, it was a living part of her, she gave birth to the child and if there is any reasoning behind the expression; this is truly hallowed territory ! Not to dismiss the roles of men completely, but after they have delivered their approximately ten millilitres of fluid, their job is over, but the job of the mother has only just begun.

Let us now try and take the life of a human child, from a child’s perspective, from the day it is born until it becomes an adult, all the factors governing the way the child perceives its surroundings. For the purposes of this subject matter, the life of the child in question is generalised and is referred to as “you”, but does not pertain specifically to a single faith or political society.

In the first few days of your life you try and make sense of this new and wonderful environment. The senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight are beginning to make you aware of certain things. You work out that the large dark and warm being that holds you, is there to protect you. You feel safe whenever it is around. The warmth of its body and the sounds it makes pleases you and comforts you when you feel hungry and alone. You make a bond with this being who is your mother and if you are not asleep, then being away from her causes discomfort. You need the constant assurance that this pleasant being is always going to be there to protect you. You are fully dependent upon her; she feeds you, cleans you and keeps you warm. There is another being there too, they are not exactly the same, this one feels just as warm and the sounds it makes make you feel almost as secure as your mother. Your instincts tell you that you are protected as well in the presence of it; you have discovered your father.

As time goes by and your sight becomes more defined, you recognise these two people as being the two who always seem to be around whenever your eyes are opened. They speak to you in soft tones making you experience pleasure just by listening, they tickle you, rock you gently, sing to you and make your world a pleasant place to be. The bond you make with these two beings becomes stronger and stronger.
These feelings are the first and most important feelings you have in your life, they are imprinted deep within you and at the age of less than one year they are your entire live. Your original dependency upon them to provide food and warmth develops into something else. Even if they do not hold you, the sight of them around you makes you feel just as secure. Your dependency is turning from practical survival needs to a spiritual well being we adults like to call love. This love is unique between you and your parents. In the first few years of life as you begin to be able to communicate and better understand your surroundings, you meet other adults, maybe other members of your family, but there is nothing that comes close to the way you feel about your parents.

If we take the first four years of your life as a whole, you have been bombarded with an array of sensations, emotions and experiences. You can communicate freely with others and make your demands known; you have also begun to understand fully, that not everything you want in life can be yours. You have automatically realised the changes in peoples tones can mean different things. If your parent’s raise their voices then you know the outcome is usually negative, a smiling face usually means a positive thing. You have begun to interact with children of your own age and a very important thing you have learned by now is not everything around you is friendly. Some things are downright painful to touch and pain is a bad thing.
We take all of these things for granted as adults, but you have to remember if you have only existed for four years the world is a totally different place. Everything, well almost everything is larger than you, there are too many rules to remember and you make mistakes. What looks like a large dried cookie lying on the floor next to the dog kennel is not always a large dried cookie !

All these experiences are coming at you at an astonishingly fast rate. Every single day there is something new to discover. New words to learn, new dangers to avoid, your entire world although relatively small to an adult, to a child it is a vast universe of unknowns and fears.

I know you might think this is very nonsensical and maybe irrelevant to a global project that professes to give us all a second chance, but the part I am trying to get across to you is the world that surrounds us changes as our perception of it changes. It changes dramatically sometimes and the way we see things, understand things and believe what they are is based totally upon our own experiences of our own surroundings.

If you now think of a child’s life between the ages of four and eight, you start to see the social skills becoming more and more developed. Even at this young age the addition of peer pressure becomes relevant to your every day norm. The children around you become more of an influence to the way you look at the world. By now you have developed a social network and have usually entered into groups of those you feel more confident with. This is also the critical time of your life, when you talk with your friends, the ever present, “ but my mother says”, “but my father says” makes you aware that there are clear distinctions between how other parents are. You can only draw comparisons to your own. The world starts to get complicated, thinking automatically what your parents say to you is true and nothing but the truth, you have to start evaluating the differences between families and how they choose be.

Also at this age you would normally have started some sort of education. Now the information you receive becomes a purposely-directed stream. You are subjected to the rules of understanding what your local environment and only what your own local environment has deemed necessary for you to know. Along with your own native written language, you learn basic mathematics, and are introduced to your faith system from a scholastic aspect.
Now things really start to get complicated. Your home life might now involve certain simple chores, you have grasped the ideals of the world is a huge place too big for you to fully understand. There are other places called foreign countries all over the world where they talk “funny” and maybe look different. When you ask your parents about them, what they answer will stick with you for a very long time. If your parents have a “low tolerance” of foreigners then the negative answer you receive automatically becomes your answer if asked the same. You do this because your parents would never lie to you, would they ? If on the other hand if your parents are very liberal towards other nationalities then your own attitude towards them reflects this too.

Moving on to the age group of eight to twelve years, you might think at this stage in your life not much goes on, you are heading out of childhood and steaming towards teenage years but in reality, this is a very arduous part of a child’s life with many distinctive changes.
Your life can be separated into three distinct areas of conflict and emotion. The first area is your family and family life, you are no longer considered as a little child and the amount of responsibilities you have mount. You cannot “get away” with the things that you could do when you were younger, and you are probably expected to be able to participate more and more in the daily chores around the house, when you would really rather “play”. You also tend to hear the phrases, “go to your room” “no, you are too young” and “no, it’s a school night”, more and more often. This is the slow beginning of the rift that develops between you and your parents. It’s harmless at this stage but you are already developing your own opinions and some times they differ from your parents.
The next area is your school life. The rules are strict and already at this early stage in your life you either adhere to them blindly or develop an inquisitiveness to the authoritarian structure. You are expected to be able to concentrate for longer and longer periods of time and the knowledge you gain is tested on a regular basis. You are graded and according to which grade your intelligence level puts you at, the expectations given to you follow a set learning curve. You are not regarded as an individual anymore; rather as a member of a group, this stays with you for the rest of your life. Also by now you would have developed a better knowledge of the world around you. You learn more scholastic disciplines like history and geography and the basic sciences, and along with this, the religious education of your local area or nation in greater depth. According with the laws of the country you may or may not at this stage had any sort of official sexual education, but children being children, at the age of twelve you probably know all about it anyway.
The third distinct area is your peer group. These people are the representatives of what becomes known as your generation. How you fit in even at this young age can be a defining factor for the way you are, and the way others will choose to see you for many years to come. Their opinions can matter greatly in your life. They can either accept you the way you are as it is similar to their own, or they can make your life a living nightmare, if you differ too greatly from what is considered mainstream. You develop your own groups, those who you like and those you do not like, at this stage there usually isn’t all that much interaction between boys and girls, so the groups are predominately one gender.
You all know how cruel life can be, but it is nothing in comparison to how cruel children can be when they are together. This doesn’t infer that there is an inherent evil within children, but they are not yet fully aware of how harmful they can be, both physically and psychologically. There is by now, a clear hierarchal structure within the groups and these groups are never usually transcended. One of the most important factors about them is they are your friends. You cannot choose your family, but you can choose your friends. You talk to your peers about things that only your age group can understand; you also find that they too have begun to see that their opinions differ from their parents. Friendships made at this age usually last the entire scholastic period, well, off and on of course, but you know what I mean. This group of people now begin to have almost just as much importance in the way you think, as the education system and your parents.

With these three almost equal influences upon your life, it is easy to understand just how hard it is to actually get to grips with the word, truth. At the age of twelve you haven’t been subjected to the most dramatic change your body has to go through, you probably have heard of this weird thing called puberty but it hasn’t really had an effect upon your person. The teenage years are about to start and just over the horizon is the wonderful world of adulthood, where you can do what you want, when you want, or that’s how it seems at the age of twelve. Your parents are telling you everything they say is the truth, your school tells you the truth, your local established faith tells you of a truth, and your friends tell you something that is completely different but to you sounds like a good truth and here in the twenty-first century you have the availability of a world truth as shown to you through multi-media. So what is true ? Who do you listen to ? All these factors are running through your mind, no wonder the world seems like a very confusing and somewhat overwhelming place.

So at last they arrive, the years you parents have been dreading, those teenage years. If we take the age group from twelve to sixteen we cover the time where there is the greatest change to a human body and the differences between male and female children appear. The influences that affect this age group now widen and the parental influences lessen even more.

The area of family and family life for this age group becomes one of tension as you try to become independent of your parents but still have to live within their rules. It isn’t because you don’t love your parents anymore, more than likely it’s the role of the parent in this age group that should learn to evaluate the situation better. You are about to become sexually mature. That scares the living daylights out of your parents, as they know what that means.
You on the other hand are having the weirdest time of your life as it goes through the puberty stage. Young boys all of a sudden get hair where it wasn’t necessary before; their penis develops a mind of its own and puts them into one embarrassing situation after the other. Young girls go through larger physical changes, the development of breasts, and the beginning of their menstruation period. These things are happening at the same time as your once problem free skin decides to make your life hell. You have just become aware of the opposite sex for all the right reasons (your parents still swear it’s the wrong reason) so you want to try and at least look your best, but its hard when nature decides to put Mount Vesuvius on your chin.
You want to become more and more independent, yet your parents want to (according to yourself) do nothing but make your life a misery by reminding you as often as they possible can about; how young you are, the fact you still know nothing of the “big bad world” outside that they have protected you from since you were born. It is them who have the problem, not you. They are going through the hardest stage known to a parent, and you as child, a teenager, but still a child, cannot understand this. The small rift that started in the last age group as a harmless entity now develops into a major source of contention, within yourself.
You still love your parents, this never changes, the bonds still exist there no matter what happens in this period of your life, they are put under great strain but they never break.

The school area takes a more important role in your life. You begin to understand this is the time where you make some of the most important decisions in your life. You are beginning to feel the pressure that education can force upon you. Expectations of family, peers and yourself have to be balanced along with the rising amount of information you are being bombarded with. What parents and schools in general still don’t understand, this is really not the best time to ask a child to make up their minds what they want to be for the rest of their lives. You start to understand the world in greater depth, sciences become more developed, history starts to make an impression upon you, as it opens your eyes to all those who came before you. It is the time when most teenagers start to idolise principles that they can identify with. With the loss of guidance that was once the sole territory of the parents, teenagers see the vast amount of knowledge laid out before them. The school tries to guide you as best it can, but you have so many options before you, it is difficult.

The peer area develops during this period, the continuation of what was laid down before. You have established relationships with your friends, the foundation of common thought and practices seem to be solid. The only thing that can possibly change anything at this stage is a member of the opposite sex. No matter how good a relationship you have with your best friend, it can all be laid in ruins over a member of the opposite sex. Understandable enough, you have become sexually mature, you don’t have to actually do anything about it, your body and the hormones raging around, make life difficult enough as it is. Male hierarchal placements are solidified in their bid to attain sexual prowess, females enter into the field of face painting they then never grow out of. The influences of your peers can now easily outweigh any from your parents and the education system, you are by the time you reach sixteen, in your own eyes an adult, but you know you have to wait two very long and tedious years.

These are no longer the only influences in your life. One parameter that now enters your “life-mix” is the influence of music. You have always listened to it, probably danced to it too, but now, in your bid for identity you start to listen to the lyrics of the songs. Whatever is popular at the time, for your age group, now becomes more and more important. These songs will last, you are positive of it, they are the best pieces of music ever written. They are not like anything else this world has heard before, and why ? Because you identify with them, you haven’t been around before; they were made for you and your generation. They are going to outlast all that “old” music your parents listened to, this is truly the best music ever ! It says exactly what you want it to say. If you want to shout at the top of your lungs, the music of the time will do it for you, if you want to express regret and sadness for the loss of loved ones, then the music is there especially for you. It tells the world everything you want to tell it, and you think the lyrics of a love song are written just for you, all this and so much more. As a teenager you are screaming to be heard, as the world around you is not what everyone is telling you it is.
By the time you are sixteen you are caught between two worlds. The world of those who came before you and the world that has yet to come, but you’re still only sixteen, no one listens to you. The interpretation of the word truth has taken yet another dramatic turn in your life. Music makes you feel so good, it tells you of a truth that you understand completely. What you can’t understand is why the rest of the world doesn’t automatically like your music. You do, why can’t they ? You know the answer is every generation has their own music, but hey, when you are sixteen there are still many facts of life you are blind to.

As a little sideline : Music is a chapter in all our lives. No matter who you are, the music you identify with is your music and nobody else’s. It not only identifies you as an individual but also as a unique generation. It symbolises everything about your youth and the feelings of youth at the time.
Music is not to be taken lightly. Music is a deadly serious business. It can change an entire political movement, it can change an entire generations attitude from warring to peace. It can bring down the most prominent of political structures and it can influence global thinking. Don’t be fooled by music. Music isn’t just something that makes you happy and fond memories of your childhood. Music is powerful, equally as powerful as any form of faith in our present day world.

Now, back to the two best and worst years of teenage life, from sixteen to eighteen. For some people school is now a distant memory they have had enough and want to get into this adult life business by earning money already now. Some don’t want to do anything and cherish the last two years before adulthood by still being childish, it is their last opportunity, but parents never see it this way, they have always thought of preparing for adulthood and the magic number of eighteen is just around the corner, and they can’t for the life of them, understand why you aren’t panicking to achieve everything possible to be a good and responsible adult, because, and this is what it all boils down to; they never had the chance to do what you can do today, and no matter what they try to tell you, they are not just thinking of you and your future, they are also grasping tightly at the last period of time where you are still, in their eyes, their child.
For those who stay on in an education facility, the tempo of information steps up. The subject matter is more specific and geared towards your maybe already chosen profession. You know by now all you think you need to know about how the world works, and it is usually at this stage in life, just prior to adulthood that many seriously consider, for the first time, what is life all about ?
It is now, all the influences that have surrounded you before and those that are around you now, really come to their own. Friendships that were forged long ago, everything you have been taught in school, everything that your parents had ever told you, everything you faith tells you, what you music tells you, what the surrounding world tells you, and on the brink of adulthood, you have to make up your mind. What is this thing called the “truth” ?

As an adult you are expected to be able to answer the question. So I ask you now.

What is a “truth” ? If your answer is something similar to, “an irrefutable fact”, “something you know to be correct”, “quality or state of being true” etc… and you would be correct, to a certain degree, but there are differences between, truths and absolute truths. You have to be able to make up your own mind, what is the truth and what is not. You do this by interpreting all the information you have ever received throughout your life, and like it or not, your opinions do change as you grow older.
Now that you have read the previous pages, it is not expected that you could identify with every scenario, but the general drift of the entire text. We know that we are born, we live the life that our surroundings make available to us, and eventually after hopefully a long and rewarding time, we die and cease to exist. Our childhood is but a brief moment in time when we look back as an adult with maybe children of our own, and no matter what anyone tells you, the world was a different place back then. Do you remember when I asked you, not to forget the differences of what our unique local environment made available to you, and how different places have different rules ? One thing they do all have in common is the fact, you grew up in one place in a vast world, you identify with everything so uniquely in that one place, you do forget that it is different from others of your same age.

All the opportunities lay ahead of you, but you were in no position to appreciate them. This is just one of the bitter ironies of life. We as adults would love to be able to retain what we know now about the ways of the world and return to our childhood years, and we convince ourselves if we had the chance, we would never make the same mistakes again. This is of course pure folly and wishful thinking, as the mistakes we made taught us what we know now to be right and wrong, but giving ourselves a second chance is something that we all wish in our hearts we could do. Adults cannot turn back time, they can only make changes now so that younger generations get the chance to have their second chance, first time around.

Looking back at this chapter you could be correct in thinking none of it applied specifically to you. You environment didn’t allow the luxury of an education, or your parents abandoned you at an early age for whatever reason. Maybe you live in a war-torn area and your parents were killed etc.. The facts the entire chapter wish to bring to mind are simple ones. We all had chances back when we were young, we had boundless energy and were full of ideas and it isn’t until you become an adult you realise the chances will never come again. One thing is certain though, if we as adults do not do something about the way the world is today, it will never be any different for our children either.

Our upbringing defines us. What we are taught at this critical stage in our lives moulds us and prepares us for the rest of our lives. Nothing can change the attitude of adults today, not even when the entire world is in uproar and there is death and destruction all around. There is a simple and very logical reason for this. The human need to be correct. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less, if what you were taught during your childhood years was proven to be incorrect then the basis for everything you stand for would crumble. Your sense of pride and worth would be drawn into question, even your very reason for living. There is nothing more terrifying for an adult, than to find out what they believe to be the truth, could also be untrue.

One thing that amazes me no end, is the fact humans have been teaching themselves and they haven’t got around to the idea that what they have been saying all along could be false. We are creatures of observation. We see, we interpret and we try to make sense of what the subject matter is. If we see repeated patterns in our observations, we then think we understand it. Let me give you two examples.

1. For thousands of years people have observed the same stars moving across the night sky in the same patterns, and for thousands of years we taught each other that they revolved around our planet.
2. For thousands of years people have observed that people who live great distances away have a different culture and different beliefs, but we still teach today that they must be wrong in what they believe to be true as it is not the same as your own.

It seems to be as if the validity of a statement depends upon how long the statement has existed as popular belief, and for no other reason than this. Is this really the way truths are to be understood ? Just because people have been saying the same thing for centuries or even thousands of years, does that make it correct ? All truths that are not absolutes are time related.
There are of course reasons behind the validity of truths that do not solely rely upon a timeframe. Most of them are grouped under the banner of “common sense”, but humans have a way of interpreting common sense in different ways.
For example some superstitions that are deemed to bring bad luck are just common sense. For centuries in European folklore it is said it brings bad luck to a person who places their shoes upon a table, this is of course common sense, what they didn’t understand when the superstition began was the transference of bacteria from the soles of the shoes, although in many Asian countries it is common practise that all footwear is removed before entering a building.

If we now take on the two main points of contention in any adult humans life you will hopefully see that your own opinions are based upon your own observations along with the observations of those you trust, these can include any form of educational facility (religious and scholastic), media source or people you respect, both deceased or alive. These two points are of course your interpretation of your faith and the interpretation of your political beliefs.

If we take your interpretation of your faith, you know you believe almost exactly the same as those around you who share your faith. You have been taught the same way, but nobody has quite the same interpretation as you, do they ? Your God or belief is a very personal thing. Nobody else knows what you think and pray for, no one else talks to the founder of your believe structure quite the same way as you do, do they ? This is essential for all belief structures to exist. It isn’t the fact that everyone believes exactly the same, only that those followers of the same faith understand the principles in a similar fashion. The amount of importance your faith plays in your life is your own business and makes it unique to you. A quick example, you know it is wrong to kill another person, but there are many reasons why people can kill and still not contradict their faith.

To be continued…..


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A Second Chance : The Solution ( in brief )

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What you are about to read might change the way you think, in relation to your present environment.

Author : There are a few things that I have to say first. Either I am absolutely correct about this solution, or I am going to be dead very shortly after it becomes published. I have for the first time in my live, really cared about my future. I have no death wish. In reading the text, I hope you will see that this is no easy task, as I challenge the very foundation of human existence. I believe that there has to be something better than the way the world is today. I want it to happen in my lifetime. Not wait until after the ever popular conception of a supposed future : World War Three and devastation to follow. I have a theory of what happens to me when I die, it is a theory that satisfies logic, therefore easier to accept. I know that I am trying this for a better reason than my own personal gain. It is not my intent to anger every single human being, but to give a possible logical total solution. A solution that allows the freedom of thought and of speech, and still be able to accept our cultural differences. To give humankind a fighting chance at a future, where we can all have a say. We humans can influence our own future.

The language used within the text can be construed as being too familiar, but it is purposely written in this way to allow the reader to be put at ease. The structure of the texts is different from the accepted styles of book writing today, but again it is for a reason. Allow the contents of the text to be the primary issue. The style is just different, not incorrect.

My reasons are primarily a hope for a future. Together as a global entity with a unique blend of cultures.
I believe that humans will be the saving grace of our species.

Remember please that it took the state of the world today, for me to arrive at this solution.

These pages are the work of one person.
They are the expressions of a single human being.
The views expressed within them are therefore the authors alone.
Though very controversial in content, this is a necessity.
It took a world full of different people to make this book.
This book contains the solution needed to allow the safe future of humankind.

Read this book, from a desire to do so, even if it just to criticize, but do it because you want to and not against your will.

No matter what your own reasons are for wanting to read what is contained within the text. I thank you for allowing it.










It is obvious to any privileged human being who has had the luxury of some form of education, that at the rate our species is going, and with the destructive capability we possess, we run the great risk of not existing for very much longer.
There is not much hope for the future of the human race as it stands today : potential pandemics, wars raging between neighbouring nations, the war on terrorism and the rebuilding of nations, the instability of the Arab nations, climatic changes through the increase of natural disasters, the global warming effect of industrial emissions, poisoning of the oceans with the chemical industry’s waste products, the shipping industry’s petrochemical dumping and the continuation of nuclear arms testing. Deforestation leading to the destruction of wildlife’s natural habitats for farming purposes, over harvesting of oceanic life, the list goes on and on….

The human ability to conquer their fears, has always been a defining human attribute. If we can control our fears, we can face and overcome all sorts of obstacles. Once, humans feared volcanoes, believing them to be the houses of spirits and deities. We do not subscribe to that school of thought today. Once humans feared natural disasters as being the punishments of deities, this too is proven to be suspicious folly. Rain, wind, and lightning not to mention the Sun, the Moon and stars, have all at some time been the reasoning for the existence of supernatural beings who are in control of our destiny. The reasoning at the time was sound enough, humans although not as advanced as humans perceive themselves to be today, were proportionally intelligent enough to come to the conclusion that if you can control something, you must be superior to it.
If something in your environment controls your movements or inhibits your ability to carry out a certain task, it must be superior to you. As humans are hierarchical in their nature, then something superior to us had to be nothing less than a deity.
Even though this train of thought seems archaic and somewhat tribal. It is the same train of thought that we technologically advanced humans accept today as being correct.

We do not fear the volcano, the elements and the splendours of our night skies. Science and technology have proven them to be natural phenomena. We do however still have the need to believe in a superior being. We need to be able to have something to use as an excuse to continue to live our lives unchanged from the way we do today. We cannot have a society based upon the laws of chaos; our hierarchal structure gives us the scale on which all things are based. We as every other living creature upon this planet have to fight in some way to survive. From the searing desert heat to the chill factors at the poles, from the shantytowns of the poor to the penthouses of the rich. All these environments have there own unique problems that have to be overcome. The one parameter, which is universal in all environments where humans flourish, is a hierarchal structure.
The problem faced by creatures that have become the dominant species of a planet is a simple one. When the known environment is under the control of a single human or a collective, whom do they have to answer to ?
On the way to greatness, humans had to invent an entity that controlled everything in the universe. This was the only thing the ruler or rulers of a country or empire would bow to.
Human early civilisations bought on the need for rules and structure so they could flourish and spread. Powerful intelligent leaders of the early civilisations knew that if they were to control, it would be through fear. When the fear of death by your physical superior is no longer an actual threat, then fear of what your master bows to, must be appropriately worse as it could happen at any time. Gods came and went, some societies were not ready for only one God to rule absolutely everything and so Gods of Gods were invented to continue hierarchal structures. With the introduction of one supreme being, an entity so great it could see all, know everything, dispense absolute retribution at a whim, it would represent the absolute immaculate human, the total accomplishment of absolute power. Everything that humans held to be good and true, stemmed from this entity, as it was perfect in everyway. Rules passed to a select few under mysterious circumstances, gave rise to what has governed this world since the time the human race began.

Blind faith.

When you think about it, you as an intelligent human being, capable of so much, are asked to believe that an entity that we at this present moment in time cannot understand, is controlling everything in the universe. Not only does it control an innumerable amount of star systems and their entire contents, but it controls everything you as an individual have and will be subjected to. It will then make you give an account of your life and reward you accordingly. Due to the necessity of this entity to embrace everything good, the creation of an evil counterpart duly followed. This counterpart could not represent as an immaculate image as the one representing good. It had to be fallible. Something that represented good was to be the Achilles heel. This threat of an eternity in companionship with this evil counterpart is now the accepted school of thought.

Humans are responsible for the creation and meaning of words that mean good.
Humans are also responsible for the creation and meaning of words that mean evil. Heaven and Hell or the equivalents thereof are also the creations of humans.
Angels and demons are creations of the hierarchal structure.

But you as an individual are expected to believe these things not only exist, but you are to fear them. Iconic-based religious schooling tells you to fear something that you know for a fact cannot exist.
Humans fear everything they cannot explain, and they need a scapegoat for everything. If something wonderful happens in your life then you thank your god for being so kind. If something terrible happens then it is put down to either mysterious workings by your god or the actions of the evil counterpart. In reality when things go either really well for people in life or really bad, is the result of a chain of events that you may or may not have been a contributing factor. We as humans are born into an alien environment than the one where our lives began. We begin to breath a mixture of gases we call air and the first time this air enters our physical beings, our lives as an infant begin. We are not asked if we want to be born. We then try to survive as best we can until our physical frames can no longer function properly and we eventually cease to exist. That’s it.
There is no more and no less to life than that.

Humans are fallible. We are not immortal. We want to be immortal. We so desperately need the promise of immortality, that we are willing to bow and worship icons and ideals. Without this immortality reward at the end of a long and hard life, most humans would rather end their existence by their own hands now, as their personal futures are not going to change in the very near future if at all. So why should they ?
The thought of immortality not being the case when you cease to exist as a human being, is a dangerous and frightening thought. Dangerous and frightening if you still believe in the need for the entire religious movement as it stands today. The removal of all religious behaviour in the world would bring on the end of humankind. Without the safety and comfort of what religion offers and has had to offer to exist, humans would revert back along the evolutionary ladder. The reintroduction of the laws of the jungle would mean the annihilation of many cultures, and eventual extinction of the human race. What is needed is a simple, logical solution to the problem.

Too many great nations have used too much time to invent long and complicated solutions to global problems as not to offend anyone who is involved in the problem.

Simplicity is the answer.

Going to the root of the problem and changing the foundations of all cultures is what is required. Small changes at this level will expand exponentially and give every society that exists today, a chance to start over, and still have all the ideals of their own religious convictions intact. It removes the need for one global faith. It means that every religious movement that exists today can exist tomorrow and function basically in the same way as it has always done and was invented to do. This will also bring around the question for the need of some religious movements to exist. The society, which allows the existence of the movement, will also be the one to make the decision for it’s continuation or its demise.
Humans need to be in control of the future of mankind. Where accepted religious convictions leave questions unanswered in a veil of mystery and the unknown. A simple solution can give you answers to all of these questions too. Answers to global problems here and now, answers to potential global problems too. The simple solution gives the need for weapons to be a critical part of our future. Human folly and wishful thinking would try to give a solution that meant the cessation of all wars by the abolition of weapons. The cessation of wars is attainable with weapons and the reasoning is very logical and simple too.

What we do still fear is the future. We cannot control the future, therefore we fear it. Humans need the ideology of hope to reason our existence. We need hope. This solution will give us the hope we need. We had it all the time. Now is the time to use it. Do not think that we can wait. Our history shows us. Humans suffer needlessly every time.

This project draws a heavy price. What you are about to read will ask you to dismiss everything you have ever believed in. Then ask you to believe in the necessity of its folly.

We as a species trying to survive, have become our own worse enemies. This book will prove this is a necessary evolutionary step. We are destroying the very fabric of life around us. Our natural given environment is suffering Thus the environment and lives of every living creature on this planet is in danger of extinction. Even our own human influenced environment is suffering. We are destroying the very buildings we create with the pollution we produce. We are creating new habitats for insects, vermin and other less desirable cohabiters.
Our needs and wishes far surpass our environment’s capability. We constantly want more and more of everything, when others want nothing more than to be allowed to live.

Human ego exacts a price. The price will be our existence.

What is one of the most common wishes of children throughout the world ? World peace and an end to all illnesses, so they never have to needlessly lose a loved one again. Most humans know what it means to a child to lose someone they have loved with all their being. We all lose loved ones for the wrong reasons. The loss is hard to cope with. Not every human has had the privilege of receiving love. Humans have an incredible ability to accept what life has to give us. Even when this means the death of another Human life becomes part of the accepted environment without remorse.

Human life has to have a purpose. Without it, we may as well destroy ourselves now.

Evolution in measured in stages. Human life is measured in this way too. Humans have taken the first steps of awareness. Now let us take the first step into Human self-awareness. Because we demand the existence of hope in our lives, we have always looked for a better existence than that, we are experiencing.
Humans have invented the concept of what a heaven must be like. Every human who has ever contemplated this, is sure that it is better than living here on earth.
Humans invented the existence of this heaven out of necessity. To give it an image humans can understand.
We express it in a human manner, following human values, and human structures.
For heaven to exist it has to have a creator.
This creator could not be a human.
This is beyond our capabilities.
Thus deities and their respective religions were born.

Variations arose purely because we do not all live in the same immediate local environment. Those unique environments created the uniqueness of each religion. All religions preach love and well being for the faithful.

Few practise this.

The assurance and well being a true believer of a deity feels, is the way they want everybody to feel. To such an extent that our species are willing to kill fellow humans until they understand just how good this feeling is.

This solution can give you the same assurance and feeling of well-being. The only difference between this solution and the one you may have found elsewhere is the lack of a deity worship.
Worship of a deity is unnecessary.

It is a human trait invented by humans for the soul purpose of control by fear. This solution will put the hope of mankind back into its rightful position. In the hands of humans. It is not an impossible task, this solution requires faith too. Faith in ourselves. We did not have any influence in the creation of humans, but surely we ought to have an influence in our future. The same amount of faith we put in our present religions, should be given to the will of the human species to survive.

We prove time and time again, if we believe in something, there is no task we are not willing to undertake and overcome to show the nature of our personal convictions.

We believe that a bridge will support us every time we cross it, or we would not use the bridge. We believe the engineers using their own restrictive mortal capabilities, are correct in their calculations for the materials needed to build the bridge. When a human who has the title of engineer, tells you that the bridge will hold your weight, we accept it readily. Or there would not be any bridges.

Show the same faith in our ability to secure our future.

Humans lack any form of natural protection. We use tools. Other species on this planet utilise tools too, but none in comparison to us. Our intelligence is our primary form for defence and it separates us from every other species on this planet. We are not superior to these creatures, we are just better equipped to survive in different environments through the use of our intelligence. In fact if you look at any living organism on this planet, they are the at the very pinnacle of their own evolutionary ladder to survive as well as they do in their own environments.

They live in a food chain. We do not.
They need their forms of defence and attack purely to survive in their given local environments. We do not.
Yet they do not kill each other needlessly.

Be thankful our ancestors ventured out of our previous environment. Humans are like all other living creatures on the planet with the ability of motion, we are explorers. We are the only mammalian species that can transcend all barriers between different environments. We can survive the heat of the deserts and the bitterly cold conditions of the polar regions. We can survive temporarily in alien environments too. Humans can enter the void of outer space and the deepest oceans. Due to this we have always put ourselves above all other creatures on earth. Humans are as much part of the animal life on earth as the mightiest elephant or the humblest insect. We have just evolved into the dominant species, even with all of our physical limitations.

Humans are fiercely proud of all our achievements, proud to boast of our intelligence, yet we kill each other for all the wrong reasons. War teaches us one useful thing. The need for defence. Without defence our species would perish. We have mastered the art of defence to such an extent that we can extinguish the very existence of every living species on this plant, millions of times over. We wrongly use the principle of the need for defence. All armed forces throughout the world defend borders.

These are human defined borders.

We made the natural mistake of thinking the world had to be split up into regions.

Human defined regions.

We have always concentrated on the defence of our own local environment. This governs who we are and what we believe to be true, so why not? The solution to this problem as one of many, is to make humans aware that our local environment is the ENTIRE planet.

We still need to defend ourselves, but now the enemy we face is not another human being and human belief, it is the unknown threats we will face in our future. We have so many challenges to face, both terrestrial and extra terrestrial. Viruses still kill humans everyday, the likelihood of a devastating impact from another celestial body etc.
There are many threats to the survival of our species. Do not let humans be the reason for our despise. Although not in our immediate future, the necessity to leave this planet will arise. Thus our future thus lies in the exploration of our universe.

This book is based on many things, human history of achievements, human behavioural observations etc. Realising of course it can only be written within the spectrum of the collective knowledge of humans at this time. I am not asking you to believe in great unexplainable concepts. I am asking you to believe in the only thing we humans have. We have it every second of our existence, ourselves. I am asking you to believe in something you can see, feel, ask questions to and receive answers, and something you as an individual can influence. Something that you can understand no matter who you are. Even though different people will interpret the solution differently, the essence of it cannot be misunderstood.

This is survival.
Not survival of the strongest.
Survival of every human being.

There is no entity that is all forgiving, all knowing, ever-present etc. If there were such an entity, why should it bother with a self-destructive species, like humans? No entity will give you eternal life in the heaven of your choice. The universe teaches us that even from the tiniest organism we can see to the stellar giants, death is inevitable. Immortality is a human wish. Only a mortal being can wish for immortality. Being born of human thought, immortality is what the human race must endeavour to pursue. We know the answer to immortality is not available here on earth.
Logic depicts that we must search elsewhere. We know the vastness of the universe; we also accept that we will not be able to do this in our own lifetime. It will take generations of humans to achieve universal exploration. We cannot achieve any of this, if we do not stop trying to eradicate every living thing on this planet.

The book gives an acceptable logical solution to, amongst others, the following subjects :

Why Humans are the way we are.
Why Deity worship arose.
Why Deity worship was a necessity.
Why Deity worship needs to be changed.
How the world’s population can achieve the ultimate goal of peace, without the loss of a single human life.
A description of what our future could hold.
A solution to the transitional period caused by the lack of Deity worship.
How to understand and cease the repression of all people.
How to unite EVERY nation.
Explain the true equalities between the sexes.

All of these questions can be answered by the simple logical interpretation, of one human who found out what true love is about, it’s about surviving as best you can and giving your children the best possible hope for a brighter future.

This is the reasoning of one human, who on a journey through life, found understanding through experiencing true love for the first time. How can a solution born out of spirit of true love, not give hope for a future? Every member of the Human race can share this feeling, it can also be a prominent foundational parameter, helping to secure the existence of the human race in the future. Answers born of love, have to be the best answers a human could ask for.

Read this book with an open mind, and it will open your eyes.

Some people believe that as an individual they cannot make a difference. We have been taught by democracy the influence of many. An individual reached the solution. I truly believe that this solution can make one of the most prolific differences in the history of our species. I truly believe that the influence of one truth, is greater than any other influence. As does every deity fearing individual. It will show that humans can save the human race, not a God. Before you judge me and the solution contained in the text.
Read it ALL, then, and only then can you judge it to be true or just another false message of hope given to mankind by a fool. I do this to ensure that the people who have shown me what true love means, have the best future possible, after all that is what we all want for our offspring. Our future is their present, never forget that.


A Second Chance : The Solution


a. To find the lowest common denominator in all conflicts around the world.
b. Remove the singularity.
c. Find the faults within this parameter.
d. Give reason for the rise of said parameter.
e. Change the found parameter at a foundational level.
f. Replace the singularity with changes intact without removing the principles of the

For any theory to succeed it must meet the following three criteria:

1. There must be a need for it.
2. It must be technologically possible to implement.
3. There must be a political will for the theory to be executed.

This theory fulfils the first two criteria; the third is up to the politicians around the world to decide.

The following points are a list of headings pertaining to the theory. Each point can be proven to be either a true statement or an acceptable alternative to the present global situation. The proof of each point can be found in the history of mankind since the last ice-age. Mankind itself proves this theory to be correct.


1. The lowest common denominator must be what an individual is subjected to in the first years of life.
2. The social structure you are born into, contributes to defining you as a specific type of person.
3. The myriad of parameters that can affect the way an individual develops their own set of moral rules, is itself very controlled.
4. Parental influence must be said to be the largest governing factor within the very first years of existence.
5. The parental influence is governed by the immediate available environment. Be this a religious and or a political belief. Both kinds of belief give rise to icons.
6. Thus the lowest common denominator giving rise to conflicts must be said to be an iconic based belief.
7. Having now found the singularity, the easiest way, would be to remove it completely. This would bring about a chaotic global system incapable of bearing any kind of functioning social structure.
8. Due to the total devotion of individuals around the globe to their respective faiths and beliefs, removing the foundation for their very existence, would be catastrophic.
9. Fundamentalists do not necessarily have to be terrorists. Every leader of an individual faith must also be said to be fundamental in their belief. Devotion to a deity is a social accepted norm.
10. Scholars of faith would have to continue to believe that their lives haven’t been spent in vain. The principles of the belief must be allowed to continue in the way they have always done.
11. Allowing the continuation of the principles behind the belief, allows the continuation of said belief to define a group of individuals or nation as unique.
12. Finding a fault or faults within the belief structures both past and present isn’t an easy task, as the diversity of the beliefs gives too wide a spectrum.
13. Individual faults within the singular belief cannot be bought to light as they are only faults if you do not believe in the specific faith.
14. Common faults within every specific belief must be found.
15. Faults akin to every faith or belief are as follows: - They all crave worship, they all state their own specific belief is the correct one, thus every other belief must be wrong.
16. Worship is a human anomaly, practiced only by humans.
17. Finding the reason behind the diversity of the beliefs must be a primary goal.
18. World beliefs though diverse are normally associated to a specific region, not so much today as in the past, due to the advent of transportation, but there has to be an accept for the birthplace of said faiths were specific to a geographical area alone.
19. Understanding why these faiths and beliefs were born craves a change in the accepted human history that is taught today.
20. The exodus of humans from the African continent to the rest of the world is a scientifically accepted fact.
21. The creation of the universe has also a scientific theory. The big bang theory though not actually physically proven, gives a mathematical and logical acceptable foundation.
22. The new environments humans found themselves in, craved a different set of rules than those followed before. Temperature change, elevation, signature and natural resources all played a part in defining these humans within their own unique geographical area.
23. Religion came about as the cornerstone for these new societies to survive. It was necessity for the success of said societies.
24. Religion has to contain the following aspects to survive within a social structure :- The ultimate goal : eternal life, the ultimate deterrent : eternal damnation, a set of values to maintain the very fabric of a social structure: The ten commandments of the Christian faith, the Amesha Spentas of the Zoroastrian faith, the Three Jewels of Taoism, Li, Hsiao, Yi, Xin, Jen and Chung of the Confucianism, Maimonides thirteen statements of faith in the creed of traditional Judaism, the Zakat of the Muslim faith, the Eight Fold Path of Buddhism, the book of laws contained within the Hindu Smriti, and the Ten precepts of Shintoism. A place of worship, where strict rules apply to the behaviour of individuals in situ. A hierarchical structure within the belief to keep alive the human need for power and achievement. A place of spiritual solace and sanctuary. A final resting place for the deceased.
25. This removes the stigma of religious texts, being the word of a deity, and applies that all religious texts are the word of men.
26. The belief that good and evil are premeditated acts or actions of deities can be dismissed as superstitious nonsense.
27. Good and Evil are the opposites required for a spiritual plane to exist. The hierarchical structure within the human plane gives rise to the existence of supernatural beings such as angels, archangels, demigods, demons etc.
28. The only educated members of these societies were either : leaders of the land or members of a religious structure, thus the laws of the land were governed and chosen by these select few.
29. Human pride, ignorance and a lust for power depicted the basis for the laws, to ensure the continuation of the society but just as importantly the wealth of the individuals involved.
30. The advent of weapons throughout history to attain wealth and power, allowed the religious beliefs to spread beyond the local environment for the first time.
31. In the last ten thousand years after the last ice-age, humans have not only defined themselves as unique by their beliefs, but now have covered the world with set borders.
32. Since the globe has a finite amount of land available, it must be logical to deduce that when all the given areas were populated and accepted beliefs were allowed to flourish, then conflict with neighbouring nations and beliefs would eventually arise.
33. Warring between the various beliefs then became the standard method humans used to survive and spread the word of their own individual belief.
34. Since the earliest recorded civilizations left clues to their existence, present day humans have tried to fathom their structure, traditions, cultures and ethics.
35. Human history is rife with faults, i.e. the world is flat, the Earth is the centre of the universe etc. All proven within the latter part of our history to be folly.
36. Many innocent humans died because they would not accept this as truth. All of these follies were born from the governing bodies at the time.
37. What your environment had depicted to be true, no matter how wrong it seems today, was not wrong at the time.
38. The governing bodies felt it a threat to the existence of the social structure they were part of. To protect and survive their lifestyles and values it was necessary for the demise of such thoughts and their sources.
39. Due to the potential demise of an accepted belief, defensive measures became paramount. The advent of more and more destructive capable weapons arose, to the stage where we can now not only secure the demise of a fellow human belief but we can secure the demise of every single living organism on the planet. All born from a human need to survive and a lust for power.
40. Due to the fact there is more than one belief, and every belief contains the ultimate deterrent, it must be surmised that we are all going to spend eternity in damnation of another belief.
41. If we continue in the fashion in which humankind has proven throughout history to be true, i.e. war, to prove a point or change a specific regional belief, it can only end in the total eradication of humans from the face of the Earth.
42. Changing the foundational ethical values of every belief without changing the actual diverse cultural beliefs must be the answer.
43. The changes involved are as follows :-
(a) All deities represent the alpha and omega within the spiritual plane they inhabit. I.e. God represents human perfection and the devil human imperfection, i.e. in a Christian belief. They are ideals and not physical entities.
(b) A deity or deities did not create the universe.
(c) Immortality is a human desire based upon folly, as the universe shows us the cycle of life and death on every level, from simple molecules to stellar giants.
(d) It is not wrong for another geographically depicted faith to believe in a different set of ethic values.
(e) Humans always have needed weapons and still need them in the future.


1. Reinsertion of the belief with these added changes brings about a unique opportunity for every single country’s leader or leaders.
2. The basis for every single society’s laws that exists today is based upon the religious beliefs being taken as the word of a deity. Proving that they are the word of man, in a struggle to survive in ancient times, we must conclude that they are out dated and in desperate need of revision!
3. The population of every country in conjunction with their leaders can now for the first time define themselves without the need for useless worship of a deity. Still using the basis of all religions as they are, a Christian would still be a Christian and a Muslim would still be a Muslim but the need to war with each other due to faith is removed.
4. This for the first time can lead to a global co-operation without the need for singular global faith.
5. Each individual country around the world will then have the opportunity to prove to the rest of the world that their unique values and culture are something to be proud of, without having the constant threat of an opposing view leading to an armed confrontation.
6. All religious icons become what they really are: Icons! Not to be worshipped or fought over, but seen as a necessity for the unique religious beliefs to exist. (Present Arabic situations show a need for this.)
7. Man made objects, be they buildings, statues or even jewelled treasures, will no longer depict the behavioural habits of religious followers. The worship of these religious icons is not only folly, but can also be considered as futile. Kissing of the Papal ring, bowing to a statue, kneeling five times a day in prayer etc. Belong in the past where it was deemed necessary, for a society to exist.
8. For the first time the leader or leaders of a specific country can concentrate wholly upon domestic problems.
9. Even with the removal of conflicts earlier foundation, crime and the constant development of human creativity to achieve goals outside of the governing rules will continue to thrive.
10. Without the constant threat of armed conflicts, cooperation across borders can then arise. Pooling resources from all over the world in specific disciplines would be advantageous to the areas that are more prone to be subjected to the wrath of natural disasters.
11. An international rescue foundation, containing experts in every form of relief work can then be brought into existence. Each nation would contribute what they deemed fit. Surplus military equipment and personnel would be the major contributor to this force. It would be permanently manned and ready to react to the disasters in question within a twenty-four hour period.
12. The various armed services would not concentrate upon borderline disputes but will be integrated into the already existing health and rescue services unique to each country.
13. The medical staff within the armed forces can aid the already undermanned health services, and in the case of a surplus amount of resources available, they would be directed to the countries that through no fault of their own do not possess the medical resources needed to bring their country up to an acceptable standard.
14. Airborne forces can compliment the dwindling coastal and mountain rescue resources world wide.
15. Naval forces can be used to protect natural resources i.e. reefs under threat from human intervention. Excess vessels from naval usage can be sunk in specific locations to promote the development of coral reefs. Coastal patrolling to avoid unnecessary contamination of global waters. They can also be used in global oceanographic research, giving the world for the first time a better understanding of the two thirds of the global surface we have not yet been able to research and develop to its fullest extent.
16. An overwhelming amount of excess ground forces from the armies of the world will then be able to be pooled into the development of each country. Using military engineers, transportation, technological know-how, and sheer human derived determination, instead of just pouring huge amounts of money into developing countries which always ends up being diluted in administration costs, and or filtered away to enrich the lives of a few chosen people.
17. Huge feats of engineering will no longer have to be the unique property of developed countries. They can still define a nation as being able to fulfil a human based need, but developing countries will also be able to draw upon this resource.
18. Aviation both civil and military have shown the need for continual development, as humans have a very limited capability within the “third or Z” axis. This along with nuclear weapon development will be the foundation of all future space exploration and development
19. Asylum becomes a thing of the past, along with a reduction of racial based conflicts. Every refugee should be able to return to their own “homeland” without the fear of persecution.
20. Post generation refugees will be able put in a unique position where they will be able to either return to their racial birthplace, proving once and for all that they are proud of their inheritance. Or they can accept the values and culture of their host nation and become totally integrated within the social system their biological predecessors chose.
21. Members of a racially different background i.e. African Americans, Latino Americans and Asian Americans etc. Can prove to the world that they are proud of their inheritance, by actually giving up their existence in their technologically advanced and pleasant surroundings, and move their families to the countries they always boasted about. Helping their fellow countrymen by physically being a contributor to the development of the country.
22. The remaining members of the population (using the US as an example only) will be all called Americans, without any prefix. These peoples can then redefine to the rest of the world, what it means to be an American with American values.
23. National pride between the countries around the globe can be expressed in a myriad of ways without the need for war. Competition through sport will have the same meaning as the Greeks originally depicted a return to a value every nation can understand. Extreme forms of sport for professionals can develop into new arenas. Competition through the internet with the rise of multi-player games. Competition through international accepted cultural differences, i.e. survival in hostile environments etc.
24. National traditions can then be expressed with a new understanding without prejudice.
25. New exploration of sparsely populated areas without the constrictions of politically based fear.
26. Present religious based constraints towards women must be redefined. For the first time in human history women must be given the same rights as men, equal in every aspect of existence. No longer will women have to take a subservient role within a social structure.
27. Present religious based constraints towards homosexuality must also be redefined. Homophobia will become a thing of the past, as humans accept it as a human anomaly, born from a cessation of our species using sexuality purely a form of survival.
28. Education will become global and eventually ignorance will disappear as the single largest factor to the demise of cultures.
29. Reduced defence budgets will be able to fund global medical research. AIDS, cancer and other fatal diseases will become a thing of the past.
30. Research into warning systems protecting huge numbers of humans inhabiting areas subject to earthquakes, fires, flooding, volcanic eruptions, landslides etc. Can be also funded by a reduction in a national defence budgets.
31. International travel will no longer have to be based upon a VISA system, promoting global understanding.
32. Students will be able to get first hand knowledge of cultures and traditions that are not their own, in safety.
33. Though a necessary part of human development, wars have shown the human race two vital aspects. In war there are no winners, only survivors, and humans need weapons for defence.
34. Today’s medical procedures and knowledge came not only from research in the latter part of human existence, but from the miracles performed on the various battlefields throughout history.
35. Educating the world’s population to reduce the risk of over population will for the first time be a reality. Birth control will be unique to each nation or religious denomination.
36. The world’s religious structure will be able to survive as humans will always need spiritual guidance and solace.
37. Religious practitioners will still be needed as humans are unique in one aspect : burial of our dead. This will enable the survival of every unique tradition relating to this anomaly.
38. Human icons of faith i.e. the Pope, Imam leaders, Rabbi’s, Swami’s etc. Will become the keepers of the said faiths. Leading by example and not per versifying laws under a blanket of religion.
39. Country leaders will lead by example as ambassadors of their respective countries, and not misuse their positions for personal satisfaction.
40. Diplomatic immunity will become irrelevant and ambassadors of different cultures will have to live under the rules of their host nations or they will not exist. No longer will crimes committed under the protection of diplomatic immunity, go unpunished.
41. Without the need for external armed forces to keep balance in an area of disrepute, said resources can be redirected. Foreign soldiers will only be in a theatre if there is a humanitarian reason i.e. food distribution, medical supply distribution etc.
42. Countries with an abundance of natural resources can decide to either re-distribute or trade the available excess without removing the basis for their monetary stability.
43. A global social acceptance of human mortality, will give the worlds population an understanding that life is not only the most precious thing humans have on this earth, but it is a finite anomaly and should be respected as such.
44. Due to the unknown parameter of a human lifespan, humans will be given the chance to develop into a race that makes the most of life while they still are able to. Not warring to ensure their unique convictions.
45. Euthanasia will no longer be the source of contention it has always been. Keeping people alive because it is technologically possible should not be the only premise for life. People suffering from a terminal illness will no longer have to prolong their suffering because it suits a moral code. For the first time humans will be able to make the decision if they wish to carry on living or end their lives whilst they are still capable of rational thought. The judicial premises will be unique to a cultural belief or nation, but they will have to respect the wishes of the individual.
46. With the chance this theory allows, lessened political pressure will allow exploration of coastal areas that are now a threat to historical political stability i.e. the exploration of sunken citadels found off of the coasts of India and Japan, which if proven to be correct will mean a total change in human history. Proving yet again, the faults of mankind throughout history are not to be buried or excused in political or religious quagmires, but seen as faults of non perfect beings i.e. Human.
47. Collaboration of the major powers governing the planet i.e. G7 countries, without the added problem of religious and or political confrontation, global problems that until now have been unattainable i.e. foreign help in China, the former Soviet republics and politically sensitive areas such as Cuba, etc. can now be a reality.
48. Circumcision of women especially throughout the African continent will have to be revised as it is yet another male orientated religious folly.
49. It will mean securing the release of every single political prisoner around the globe.


Life can be explained in a myriad of ways, but the lowest common denominator in every case is purely to exist. Some may say that it is the result of the physical collective reasoning of the entire experiences you as an individual experience during the course of your existence, from the very first sentient thought, until your eventual death. This of course is also true, but it is a complicated look at the very reason for living.

To help in understanding this work, understand that when seeking the lowest form, or purest form of a certain entity, be it an emotion, an ideal, a reason or any form of experience : arguments and debate will arise.



History is the basis for this work, the collective history of life throughout our existence. Get used to the idea of seeing the bigger picture. We are not alone in this universe, we are part of it. When the universe began, so did we. We had to. If we were not there at the beginning, we wouldn’t be here now. It is a simple as that.

We are not Asian, European, American or African etc. We are humans.
In all our wonderful diversities : We are simply humans.

We are the dominant species, inhabiting a planet, we all in our own way call HOME.

With our intelligence, we have throughout our history, evolved into the sentient beings we are today. Understand though, it has taken this long, to get where we are. All events in our history both good and bad happened because they had to happen, to make us what we are today.
We as a species have to be able to apportion blame. It is one of the many traits we have as humans. We like to be able to give reasons for why things go wrong. This time the only ones we can blame : are ourselves !
We are killing each other for all the wrong reasons. We like to think that someone else is wrong in their belief of a subject, and are even willing to kill and / or sacrifice ourselves for these beliefs.


We are now on a downward curve in our evolutionary timeline / lifetime.


To live is to exist, to die is to cease to exist.

If that last statement did not send a cold chill down your spine, then you didn’t read it correctly or fully understand its true meaning.
To cease to exist must never be taken lightly, We have only one shot at THIS life we are experiencing. To worry about ceasing to exist shouldn’t be contemplated until its imminence is secured.



Humans want to exist, that is why we kill. It sounds perverse, but it’s true. We always want the competition to disappear. No matter what form the competition appears in, we will deny the very existence of the competition in order to survive. Since the laws of the jungle no longer apply to our species, we have set ourselves above them and tried to dominate them ever since. When all we really should have done is try to co-exist with them in the given environment.

Nature or whatever we refer to it as the way life truly works, has been cast aside and understood it as something that we can not control. When really, we should understand that we ARE a part of the natural surroundings because we have to co-exist within it.

We influence nature every single second of our existence. We through our involvement with nature have become a threat to our own existence. We have to see beyond our own petty disagreements and concentrate on what we have to do when we face our next evolutionary step, which isn’t as far down the road as some would like to think. Humans if left unchecked will out-grow this planet and deplete all the natural resources available to us. This planet has a limited lifespan, though this will never affect any living being at this present moment in time, it will affect later generations of humans : if we haven’t blow ourselves to bits in the process.
We have concentrated for far too long about what everybody should or shouldn’t believe to be true. We have never contemplated the threat of extinction, as a real possibility.
We as sentient beings with a very limited lifespan cannot fully comprehend the true meaning of time when it supersedes countless billions of years.
Humans have always wanted to be able to travel in time, the fact is we do ! We travel in time and space continuously.

We understand our basic existence, but deny the bigger picture.

We have never really thought about the non-existence of humans.


As humans we have need for structure. We have always seen that in our immediate environment is built up of set patterns. From seasonal changes in relation to the flora cycle and from the animal kingdom in the surrounding areas.

Humans readily adopted the security that a cyclic process assurance offers.

From the smallest particle the naked eye could perceive, we found repeating patterns. We have been living within this structure in all of our human existence. We now see that from the smallest possible particle our technology allows us to see, to the largest theatre we are able to explore : the heavens : we readily accept the abundance of correlations within the known universe.

Humans strongly deny that anything less than a deity could have created us.

Vanity is another “wonderful” trait of the human race.

We still believe in an immortal being, to whom we all at one time or other will have to face and atone fro our years here on earth. Consequences are an integral part of our existence. Without them, chaos would reign.

This superior being HAD to exist for the survival of our species.

HIS judgement will be final, our fate will be in HIS hands.

Thus the fate of humankind HERE and NOW must be OUR hands.


We cannot live in an existence, specially created for us by a deity and be so blind and naïve in our limited knowledge of the surrounding universe, without thinking that it must be there for a reason.
The unknown has always held a fascination for our species as we are like every other living creature with the ability of movement : curious.
Our species hate being told that we cannot achieve a certain goal. We have always taken up the challenge and succeeded at most of them. We are a species who are not afraid to explore our surroundings and we have shown a perseverance level of unimaginable proportions to utilise the surrounding natural resources.

We are the only species to have left our planetary orbit willingly.


If the existence of a creator is to be believed, he must also be in possession of a master plan of which we as the faithful followers, play an unknown part. This is crucial, without this a religion has a very short life-span. We of course have to have a happy end to the story, yet another wonderful human trait, and what could be more enticing than eternal life where you can be re-united with your loved ones ? Another necessity of religion.

How could we have been so blind ?

The one and original religion that has existed ever since humans began to live in groups, is the one we try to distance ourselves from post haste : Tribal : Animism.

We refuse to believe that we are in the infancy of our evolutionary journey, in the universe as we know it.

We take for granted that the animal kingdom readily accepts the imminence of death. We obviously do not want to be implicated with such a lowly law of existence.

Our species like every other living creature on this planet, owe our existence to the existence of each other.

We are the only species on the planet who can secure the demise of every other living species. We are so good at it, we deny the fact that we are annihilating ourselves.

Every human who has had the privilege of some form of education, understands that beyond the shadow of doubt, human existence has had a negative impact on our environment. We are presently poisoning ourselves slowly by depleting the very atmosphere we need to exist.


Due to the limited lifespan of humans and the slow speed at which it is taking to actually ruin our environment. No living creature in living memory will ever face the real threat of our extinction.

At this rate, our legacy for future generations will be :



We as a species have against all odds survived to be the dominant species of an entire planet. No sooner than this mammoth task is secured, we start killing each other, for the soul reason of another human belief.

To acknowledge a problem is to tackle it. We as humans have been subjected to problems time and time again. We have overcome the problems time and time again.


To prevent a brake down of our societies, we have to find the real root of the problem facing our species today.
The common factor in EVERY disagreement that leads to confrontation, is a belief structure native to the individual parties. This reason ALONE !

It is a widely accepted fact that all humans are a product of their inheritance and environment.

The fact is we are products of our environments alone. The contents of our inheritance are influenced by the local environment.

Why is it so hard to accept that just because the environment in which we grew up in, though different from other human’s, that our native environment is the better one ?
Are our beliefs the correct ones ?
It is a fact of life that a foreigner can never fully understand another nation’s inheritance.
To understand a foreign inheritance, you cannot have had any other stimuli. This being impossible, we choose to disagree. Yet again a confirmation of our tribal, religious foundation.

Tribal religion cannot be more per versified than what human extremes display today

Humans have taken this trait to uncanny extremes. Humans separated by only a few houses show fierce territorial behaviour. This same behaviour is displayed at a national level. The human spectrum of diversity is immense. This trait is a necessity in defining us unique individuals.

We readily accept the necessity of consequences in everyday society. We also know that in a chaotic society, humans could not exist. We demand rules as a necessity for a society to survive, then we spend all of our time trying to get around them !

Solving problems demands finding the actual root. This is not always as easy a task as it may seem, if it was, we logically would have found it by now. Humans have achieved so much in our brief history, but we have never found the answer to this problem.

As usual the answer has ALWAYS been so close to our hearts that we could not see it. If seen then the consequences were so dire that even contemplating them could have meant certain death to the author.


The very thing that has been the constant in every human that has ever existed. The majority of the presently accepted iconic religions today, command an acceptance of your fellow human beings.


The diversity of what has been the accepted religion of the day is staggering. All religions are non tolerant of other religious convictions and beliefs. The worship of false icons is forbidden in every religion, yet in a way we all idolise false icons. From individuals who represent the heads of these religions, to fictive characters in books. This practise is accepted in most religions. The religion itself commands that the creator alone should be the sole receiver of your respect and worship, due to immortality, yet we bow and scrape to humans wearing the insignia commanding a human depicted title.

One constant with iconic based faiths is their inevitability to be superseded by another one. They have always shown that the previous belief was incorrect. How many tries do we get at this ? No matter what faith humans follow or have followed, we are still suffering needlessly. If we have chosen the correct faith to follow, surely God would have indicated it by now. All religions promise some sort of nirvana. The problem is we think we have to have a deity to help us to reach that goal.

Iconic religion teaches us that our native beliefs are correct. If we follow this premise, put this scenario to the test :

The entire worlds population peacefully agree upon a single faith.
They follow the rules of the given religion.
Peace reigns on earth for the first time in our history.

Sound like true heaven ?

Now ask yourself the following questions to the scenario :

Where was the divine intervention ?
What happened to the fight between good and evil ?
Was evil finally defeated ?
Who now are the “chosen few” ?
You still have to bow and worship something that you can never fully comprehend
and leaves nothing but unanswered questions.

Every religion has their own version of Armageddon, where the forces of good always defeats the forces of evil. The only problem with defeating evil once and for all is how would you know ? Evil has no place in heaven, you would not know what it was !
Moral of the scenario ?

Removal of the cause of discontent, thus no reason left to kill another human being due to a difference of faith. If all humans agree to believe the same thing at the same time, conflicts cannot arise based upon this premise.

One thing that is constant throughout the entire known universe : the need for balance. Actions give rise to re-actions, physically as well as spiritually. The need for good, gave rise to the advent of evil. You cannot have one without having an understanding of its equal opposite.
Good and Evil are HUMAN born traits, they are not born out of an immortal beings will. This is proven by its non-existence in every other form of existence in our known universe.



How can there ever be something called “The One True Faith” When we are all taught different faiths due to the cultural differences, let alone the geographical differences ? For a singular global faith to exist it must be one where every single culture can have a difference of opinion about the specifics of their own faith and the inheritance they gain from it, and still be one faith that everybody can agree upon and believe in. At this moment in time, this is nothing short of impossible.
No one faith is tolerant of another in such a way as to fully accept the teachings within. To make this impossibility possible we would have to give this global faith a name, thus falling back into the same problems as all previous faiths have done. We DO of course have a global faith and it has existed since the dawn of humankind but we refuse to accept it. It is of course : HUMANITY. Due to this not being a specific faith with rules and regulations, an immortal being who has to be worshipped and duty paid to, it cannot exist. There is a type of religion called humanists but it is not recognised on a global scale in comparison to the religious teachings of say, Christianity or Hinduism. This solution is NOT about to try and launch yet another futile faith, what it does do is give the long needed tolerance of other faiths by giving a perfectly logical explanation for the way things are today, thus giving a global UNDERSTANDING, and NOT a global FAITH.

Humanity does encompass everything we are and stand for as humans, what we believe in to be right and wrong. We are all humans trying to survive in a less than perfect environment. We are ALL imperfect beings, capable of making mistakes, BUT we are also capable of righting those mistakes if we so wish.
We survive, but only just. We have in our history tried damned hard to eradicate ourselves through war, and have on some occasions come very close to achieving this aim. We have to LOOK at our past, LEARN from it, and then come up with a compromising solution that everyone can agree upon, to secure a possible future for humankind.
The easy part of the task is to find the lowest common denominator that gives rise to our present situation of global conflicts raging out of control. The hard part is to explain, just how we got it so wrong for so long, without having to physically find the infamous “ Scapegoat”. If a scapegoat is to be named then let it be :

The futile human wish for immortality !
Different cultures, do different things to achieve this aim. Some individuals go to extreme lengths to make sure that they become a part of folklore / history. Humans idolise them all. We remember them and what they stood for. Some famous, some infamous, but all at one time or another, idolised by the faithful few. Some idolised for their great knowledge, some because people could sympathise with their message, some due to times of distress, some due to their actions being so inhumane. The common factor is they were or are idolised.

Humans want to idolise people or ideals, humans NEED to idolise, to believe that there is something better than what the world has to offer them today. The sad fact is no civilisation has ever flourished without their idols or icons in some form or another. It is as necessary for humans to believe and idolise icons or ideals as it is for us to breathe. Without this want, we would not survive as the dominant species of this planet.

Accept this and the rest of what you are about to read will make perfect sense, without your accept, well, you may as well start finding excuses.

The solution will not only challenge your faith to its foundation, but it will give you a reason to why you believe what you do. A lot of the text is of course speculation as the author was not present at the time the accepted holy scriptures around the world were written, but you cannot deny the logic. Logic depicts the theoretical evolutionary timeline of events, a logic that humans have learned from the collective history of humankind.

You may disagree violently with the solutions background and result, but you cannot deny the fact that it answers all the questions accepted religious beliefs always leave unanswered in a fog of ………………. It’s all a question of faith !

Time for a change of pace:

For what you are about to read please for heavens sake listen to yourself, don’t fight it, as you know full well, the only one to be able to change your mind is YOU.

I wish to appeal to the human inside of you screaming at the top of its lungs that this cannot be what is meant to happen. This is not what we all thought it was going to be. I know I fall short in many categories I suppose, but, one thing I don’t fall short in is the way I feel.

If we are to collaborate upon an epic journey into a safer and brighter future then we have to start trusting each other in the same way a man must learn to trust a woman 100% in their relationship.

Its no good getting all uppity and quarrelsome, peace is a far better way than the alternative. It seems to be true that the opposite of what a society has been teaching us to be the way to be, is going to be the saving grace of humankind, will be the greatest sacrifice of all for ANY culture in this varied world.

The sacrifice of your God.

Too long have the human race had to sacrifice lives, innocent lives to the spiritual realm of the gods. It’s time to stop the nonsense and start the educating if we are to survive as a species. Sacrificing your God is the hardest thing in the world anyone could be asked to do. I know I had to do it myself, it wasn’t as easy as you might think.




Sacrifice ONLY your male orientated God