Abu Ghraib USA parts 1 & 2

Tapes from Texas prison under Bush's watch show how American prisoners are systemically tortured and humiliated much like the Iraqi's were.

Pot TV News Special Abu Ghraib, USA

Pot TV News with Loretta Nall

Running Time: 35 min

Date Entered: 19 May 2004

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Abu Ghraib, USA Part 1


The following program contains scenes of police and prison guard brutality, profane language, full frontal male nudity and torture and humiliation. Intended for mature audiences with strong stomachs only!

In this first part of a three part series, Loretta Nall exposes the torture and human rights abuses that are inflicted on American prisoners, many of whom are convicted of simple possession only. These acts are committed every day in the supposed Land of the Free. The abuses and torture meted out by sadistic “rent-a-guard” private contractors in a Texas jail directly mirrors the abuses and torture meted out by sadistic “rent-a-soldier” private contractors at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq.


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Pot TV News Abu Ghraib USA Part 2

Pot TV News with Loretta Nall

Running Time: 47 min

Date Entered: 27 May 2004

Viewer Rating: 8.18 (5 votes)

Number of Views: 437


The following video contains graphic scenes of violence, dog attacks on humans and strong language. Intended for mature audiences only.

In this second part of the series, we expand our exposure of private military contractors, look at the use of police dogs on American Citizens, show examples of human rights abuses in American jails, compare prisoner abuse in Iraq and Texas, look at American school children being treated like prisoners, view a Human Rights Watch video which documents the sexual torture of a 17 year old boy in a Texas Prison, and hear Mary Barr’s story of the abuse she suffered at the hands of prison guards in Florida .

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