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"Official" death count of U.S. GI's now up to 810

05/30/04 AP: Westerner Killed in Baghdad Attack on Three SUVs
Three sport utility vehicles were attacked Sunday evening in the Iraqi capital, and the body of at least one Westerner could be seen in the flaming wreckage.

05/30/04 Novinite: Bulgarians Nab Four Iraq Rebels
Bulgaria's Karbala troops have seized four Iraqis who tried to sack an arms depot

05/30/04 Reuters: Foreigners Attacked in Baghdad, Some Killed
Gunmen opened fire on two civilian vehicles carrying foreigners in western Baghdad on Sunday and police at the scene said some people had been killed.

05/30/04 AP: Soldier Wounded In Mosul
One soldier also was slightly wounded Saturday when a roadside bomb exploded near a U.S. convoy in the northern city of Mosul, the U.S. military said.

05/30/04 AP: U.S. Soldiers Clash With Gunmen in Najaf
U.S. soldiers clashed with Shiite gunmen in this holy city on Sunday, a day after Najaf's governor accused radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ...

05/30/04 Reuters: Six Soldiers Wounded by Car Bomb
six soldiers have been wounded in a car bomb attack at a coalition base east of Talafar, the name of the American military base in the northern city of Mosul.

05/30/04 AP: Two blasts hit center of Baghdad
Two explosions were heard near the U.S.-led coalition headquarters in central Baghdad on Saturday, witnesses said.

05/29/04 Centcom: Four Soldiers Killed In Southern Afghanistan Fighting
Four U.S. service members assigned to the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan were killed in action today here in southern Afghanistan.

A Stryker Brigade Soldier, under the operational control of Task Force Olympia in Mosul, died Friday, May 27.

Three Marines assigned to I Marine Expeditionary Force were killed in action May 29, in the Al Anbar Province while conducting security and stability operations

05/29/04 AP: Driver and guard of newspaper editor killed in Baghdad
The former Iraqi editor of an American-funded newspaper said Saturday his driver and bodyguard were abducted and murdered, hours after police warned him of a possible kidnapping plot.

05/29/04 news4jax: Missing Guardsman Found Dead In Nassau Woods
A missing National Guardsman just home from Iraq was found dead Friday...Friends and family had mounted an all-out search, concerned because Bonts left home without medication he's supposed to take everyday...

05/29/04 SEMO: Malden guardsman is injured in mortar attack
Specialist Robert Wake suffered minor shrapnel wounds to the face, legs, hands, side, and back. The attack occurred May 16 at Anjaf, Iraq. His unit made the announcement this week.

05/29/04 ABCRN: Kurdish civil defence chief in Kirkuk killed in drive-by shooting
Police in Iraq say the Kurdish chief of the civil defence force in the northern oil centre of Kirkuk and his family have been killed in a drive-by shooting.

05/29/04 AP: U.S. Troops Fight Cleric Loyalists in Kufa
U.S. soldiers and fighters loyal to a radical Shiite cleric exchanged gunfire here on Saturday, raising new fears about whether a plan to end a seven-week standoff here will hold.

05/29/04 Reuters: Mortar Lands Near U.S. HQ in Baghdad, Four Wounded
A mortar landed about 400 meters (yards) from the headquarters of the U.S.-led administration in central Baghdad on Saturday wounding four people, one of them seriously, Iraqi police said.

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