World Without Waves

"World Without Waves" is about a man who develops a sudden and disabling allergy to EMF.

Wake up call for Americans

"World Without Waves" is about a man who develops a sudden and disabling allergy to EMF

We hope this film helps to serve as a cinematic start, a theatrical wake up call for Americans to consider our over dependency and overexposure to EMF.

* All those who wish to join us in Moscow which is one of the most happening, progressive cities on the planet, are encouraged to contact me at

Louis Bowles, a television news director in New York City, develops a sudden and disabling allergy to electromagnetic frequencies(EMF) emanating from his workplace during his nightly newscast which results in Louis being thrown out of the news studio, management believing he must have cracked under the pressure of his job and is no longer mentally fit. Louis, sick and confused, becomes a wanderer, trying to escape the "awful buzzing" in his head. We follow his exodus from NYC and the tsunami of EMF into rural Texas where he makes a desperate stand by chopping down the local power line in an effort to gain relief. In so doing, he stirs up the entire town, a place we see through the eyes of Louis, as a town of dependant people, addicted not only to electrical power, but to drugs, alcohol and unhealthy relationships. At this point, the film begins to examine our electrical dependences and associated health effects as another addiction that must be overcome to continue on our journey toward self realization. As the story progresses, a love triangle develops between Louis, and Sarah, a young lady with a failed acting career resulting from an addiction to amphetamines, and Doug, the spiritual son of an Indian medicine man who is a recovering alcoholic. Each person in this triangle struggle to leave their past habituations behind and move on. In the end, thanks to Sarah, Louis makes a life for himself in Brazil's "EMF free zone" where he can think clearly again, though he can still "hear the stars each night".

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VisualWorks in association with Abbamedia and "World Without Waves"


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