Who and What to Remember on Memorial Day?

In Struggle and for the Liberation of the Oppressed

Who and What to Remember on Memorial Day?
By June Scorza Terpstra AKA Genoa June
and Husayn Al-Kurdi

We can't stand it. Now the CIA media is putting blame for the war and the torture on Chalabi and the Iranians. Chalabi fed them bad "intelligence" but their next choice for an Iraqi Prime Minister is a relative of Chalabi who created the WMD (weapons of mass destruction) hoax. What does that say about the fascist spook-mercenary- military-imperialist complex? These are the same guys who "let" 9/11 happen. Oh and by the way, there's a big terror alert this weekend but no one at Homeland Insecurity knows about it except Attorney Criminal Asscrap. Torture, media lies, spin jobs about alleged beheadings, and now to top it all they send Al Gore out there to tell a few truths. The terror engineers will probably manufacture another incident just to divert people's attention further. Did you know that Attention Deficit Disorder is a U.S. disease? Millions and millions of people in the USA can't pay attention and can't remember shit and who benefits from that?

We seethe with rage at the TV whenever we see these ugly American soldiers and the hooded Iraqi prisoners. Don't bring these fucker killer torturers back to this country to torture their wives, children, and mothers in their homes. Don’t let another generation of ruined mercenaries, military men, and now women too, roam the forests, urban jungles and deserts of America.

Let's get rid of the ruling class and their stupid ass puppet politicians and their military General media "stars" who are telling you to support the troops and the war today. We just heard some stupid insipid girlie journalist say the troops are in Iraq protecting "our" freedoms. Who the hell is she talking about? Is she a Rothschild or a Heinz or a Dole or a Rockefeller or a Ford or even a Bush that she says "our" freedoms? Or is she one of those CIA journalists who mean the freedom to plunder for profit? The CIA places journalists right out of college into positions around the world with major corporate media giants. Are the American people really that stupid? Hell yeah, look at the hoopla over Memorial Day weekend when we all know those boys and girls and their officers, minders and handlers are typical terrorist troops made in the USA.

We watch the news to hear how these slimy media slaves will spin the tortures and killings those slave troops are obediently performing for their masters. What's their spin, what's their trope (story line) and even more to the point do they really believe the bullshit that is coming out of their mouths? Do they know anything about American history and American wars, covert and overt? Do they sleep at night?

The torture story being spun over the past weeks generally goes like this. Whoops, they let these photos and videos out because they are good "Americans" ready to face the good and the bad about "America" and this is the really bad. They say they believe in something called democracy even though they don't allow democracy here or anywhere else and they've made a mockery of the concept and they're ready to shoot to kill at the upcoming G-8 in Georgia and the republicrap conventions. Those at the higher echelons of the actual Mob such as Senator Jay Rockefeller IV knew about these photos months ago but he said he knew someone somewhere was gonna investigate it so he didn't bother, meaning they'd leak these photos when it suited them. These torture photos and videos don't depict "real" torture and anyway it's certainly not terrorism. Maybe it's just plain ole abuse but that's how empire and colonialism works, so get over it. The international criminal banking syndicate always wins through violence, force and brainwashing and you know, they have to get the A-rab Moose-lim "terrorists" even though no one in Iraq ever had anything to do with 9/11. After all, the tenets of Islam prohibit usury, which would put all of them out of business if applied. But hey, they are creating so much hatred in Iraq that maybe some of those A-rabs will come over here and get even, you know, blow back and pay back time. How can we blame them?

The plutocrats and their armies and media corporations and banks are the real tourorists who terrorize people all over the world with overt and covert wars. They also terrorize and horrify us with their lies and horror stories hourly, day in and out. There are the checkpoints on the streets over there and the checkpoints planted in our heads here. Who’s the terrorist? The imperialist pigs, their political puppets, and their citizen soldier war dogs who will kill and be killed for them, that's who.

Do you know the history about how they said the Indians are "savages" and Black folks are "niggers" and the Korean and Japanese and Vietnamese are "gooks", women are "cunts", and these Arab/Muslims are "barbarian fundamentalist G-hadi terrorists who hate freedom"? See, whoever financiers and their investor associates want killed or fucked with are not really human people, they are subhumans so its really ok for empire's "American" and UK and I-talian and Philippine boys and girls to kill, kill, kill Arab/Muslims because you're so scared and don't want another 9/11. Just forget about how they engineered and provoked the Vietnam War and Grenada and Panama, and how they sponsored the genocide and repression in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. No, they couldn't possibly have allowed 9/11 to just happen. And they never mention anything about the fact that Iraqis had nothing to do with 9/11. Those WMD they lied to you about were never there and they have more WMD than the rest of the world combined. "Americans" must support the troops to torture and kill Iraqis and Afghanis and any group standing in the way of their capitalist right to grab oil, water and all other resources of monetary value, maintain a big fat defense industry and obtain huge contracting opportunities. When people have something they want, like our labor or our farms or oil and water and we won't simply give it up they'll get you to hate me cuz I'm an uppity woman or uppity Negro or a Communist or just someone who gives a shit about their home and country and shows signs of doing something about it.

Do you know the history of British scalping and diseased infected blankets to kill indigenous North Americans? Do you know about crackers in America lynching black men or those nice American boys who brought back peoples ears from the Philippines in the 1890s and from Vietnam in the 1960s as war trophies? Don't think about the real history of torture and terror and brainwashing by those with the most power. It was just a few bad apples in Iraq so just support your US terrorist gun thugs today so they can kill more Iraqis and Arabs and Muslims. They're even killing them at their weddings. The USA Generals reported that there were at least 40 young A-rab males in one place at that wedding. How unusual it is for men to hang out together at a wedding. Maybe they should pass an A-rab wedding gang loitering law in Iraq in the style of dynastic mob boss Mayor Richie Rich Daley of Chicago.

The banking overlords also want Haiti, Colombia, and Cuba. It's kill kill kill the "savages" and die die die for the slave soldier, spook, spy boys and girls who kill for the ruling class and die for them too. Look! you too can be a torturer, even if you're a woman. This is equal opportunity merchandise capitalism, manufacturing women torturers. There's the little butch version torturer of the white female persuasion whose orders come from the smart politician version torturer of the black female persuasion. They are American Barbies turned GI Joe, black and white. They are not only trained to obey all orders and get off on the kill command like all good US citizens but they are also trained to take no blame just like their masters. You've come a long way baby, now you get to torture dark men and make them jerk off for you. See what the Master Manipulators did with feminism and civil rights. You're still their slave only now you get to be girl torturers for empire in cute guerilla pants or a Black girl with power who sponsors torture in a classy suit if you're KindaSleazie Rice or an ugly suit with an ugly brooch if you're Madamned Albright, who openly approved of the torture and killing of over one million Iraqi children via the weapon of sanctions.

Oh and how about that story line that the Banker's Fatted Calf God is better than the Muslim God and U.S.-sponsored torture is better because its' "God" wants him to rule the planet. Remember "manifest destiny"? Yea, the global fascist state terror and torture program is much better than old time ways of defending your land and people with honor. Honor went out the door a long time ago. Even apologists for the Imperialist entity are referring to it as a "post-honor world". There is no honor in stealing other people's land, torturing, killing and enslaving them, but hey, lets face it, that's the stuff on which the USA regime which rules this country was built. The constant message around the world about Arabs and Muslims is: Get 'em, enslave 'em, because they are the only ones fighting back any more and they have much of the oil and water reserves that are left on the planet. Colonial history proves how well things work out for ruling elites that use their slave populations to invade other people’s lands and homes and torture and kill the "natives". It's the American Way! These American slave soldiers, sailors and spies are trained in killing and torturing people for the plutocrats. They'll kill and torture folks over there in Iraq and Afghanistan on command and they'll kill and torture you and yours over here on command if you rebel against them. They'll even kill their families at home and friends in bars when they return home because they cannot simply turn off the training to kill and torture. That's the American way they want you to memorialize today and that's the American Empire they want you to support. If you honor the troops today, you honor slavery and fascism. You honor the handing over of your young people to feed the bankers as they kill real people just like you and me.
The "God" is gold and their golden rule is, "He who has the gold rules". Their soldiers, sailors, police, jailers and spies all kill kill kill for the masters. Remember the Biblical expression "Love of Money is the root of all Evil"? Who are they you ask? They are people who own and control the money, the natural and public resources, central banks, the gold deposits of the world, and the bulk of financial assets and appreciable commodities including the commodity of our wage-slave labor. Some of the prominent Mob Families include the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Mellons, Duponts, Doles, Morgans and Fords, to name a few. The Bushies, Waltons and Gates families are upstarts in the royal banking Bildenberger line-ups. There's about 400 families ruling the world and they "own" the CEOs, the politicians and especially those soldiers, sailors and spies with their cool night time vision glasses, guns, bombs, germs and torture training.

American people could you stop being mushrooms, kept in the dark and shit on daily? Your way of life is based on the horrors of torture, killing, enslaving, sweatshopping, sex and slave trades and genociding. You've been tools for master all of your life and still you don't get it. Torture and killing is the American way. From the military imperial complex to the media complex to the medical complex to the educational complex to the prison complex they spit out the daily dehumanizing doses to keep you diverted and dead. You are the wage slave, the tax slave, the debt slave, the prison slave, and the soldier slave. See how they get our children with all these movies and computer games about kill kill kill and die die die for empire. They are using us to experiment on! They try out their new games and viruses and guns and bombs and psy-ops techniques and torture technologies so they have lots of boys and girls to kill and die, for them to make big profits. Why do you think they are letting you see those photos, huh? Because they’ll try to torture and kill you someday if you dare to rebel. That's their way, kill kill kill. It's important for you to know it and see it and dream it, cuz they'll do it to you. It may even be your own sons and daughters torturing you. They obey orders just like you taught them to.

Hey fellow sufferers under US jurisdiction, it’s as simple as apple pie. This isn't about left or right. This is about top down and just who and what is on top of us. You wouldn't want some boys and girls with high-grade weapons who've been trained to torture and terrorize coming into your land, your neighborhood, your home, dropping daisy, cluster and depleted uranium bombs, shooting up your hospitals, grabbing your banks and museums, torturing and killing your children, men and women. Why do you think it's okay to do that to the Iraqis, Afghanis, Palestinians, Colombians, Haitians, Africans, Dominicans, Panamanians, Guatemalans, and just about any other people you can name? Invasion, occupation, colonialism, and imperialism are just plain evil and wrong. None of it has anything to do with democracy or human rights, except as an instrument for the obliteration of any semblance of same. Did you know that democracy means "the people rule?" We live in a rigged facist republic where plutocrats choose who's going to "represent" us. When's the last time you ruled anything in your life other than what kind of toxic burger you're gonna eat tonight?

Come on brother and sister slave, stand up, say no, lets quit hating ourselves and each other and fight back together. No more American slave soldier, sailor, spy and mercenary. Just say no to massah Sam and the New World Order! If you want to be a warrior, be a warrior and fight with honor against the ruling class. Fight for yourself, the people right here in your neighborhood and your town and your region so that the people everywhere can determine for themselves how to organize and get food and shelter and medical care and education and news that tells the truth. Let's liberate ourselves and our people. Take all that tax money and black box money and the wealth of the bankers and make it happen. We must put those brainwashed sick boys and girls into rehabilitation programs and deprogram them so they never torture and kill for massah again. Take the power and use it for the good of the people and the planet. Start by NOT memorializing and celebrating the imperial war machine today. Let's commemorate instead those who have fought oppression and tyranny throughout the ages and those who continue to do so in our time.

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