UFOs Making Big News Again: Here's Why

The aliens are here- look busy.

The past two months have seen alternative internet news sites buzzing with vivid UFO sightings, replete with video and pictures. Are the aliens getting restless with George Bush?

Actually, it's US that are getting antsy about our wayward president, and it's almost to the point where we could just about believe that the Bush administration could be complicit in 9/11. And, right at this time, Ellen Mariani and Cybil Edmonds are making a lot of noise on-line, and daring any legislator to take up their respective causes. Bush and his friends are clearly on the hot-seat.

One way to distract the internet crowd is to feed them some nice, I-told-you-so footage of UFO's, long-considered the holy grail of internet sleuths. The number of believers at this current time is no joke, and this constitutes a fairly large-scale mis-direction just when people need to keep their eye on the ball, which happens to be in Bush's hands.

The latest round of images all show a triangular-shaped craft framed by its corner lights. These craft started appearing in the 80's and have for the most part replaced the classic disc-shaped craft. I submit to you the Grumann TR-3B:


After having seen that, it should all start to make sense. And, isn't it interesting to note that Laurance Rockefeller has funded a great deal of UFO and alien-abduction research? His line is, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

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henk 24.Jun.2004 11:20

"The work of other researchers, working with unrelated UFO abductees in other parts of the world suggests that a late-model hybrid has already been created. The testimony of independent UFO abductees indicates that there is a growing subpopulation on Earth made up of individuals like strange Job Interviewers. This is also a revolution that will not be televised. It has happened - and continues to happen - invisibly, off camera and off the radar screens of nearly every scientific discipline." - Budd Hopkins