The future of cultural Relations

Counterpoint, the cultural relations-think tank, is attempting to map out a new constituency for cultural relations as part of it's mission to think about cultural relations in new ways.

Few would disagree that misunderstanding between cultures and nations is running at dangerously high levels. What is more difficult to glimpse is a strategy to improve communication. What would it take and who could make it work? It is a question that is preoccupying governments, agencies, artists, educationalists, policy-makers and thinkers, the (responsible) media and others.

The British Council, a leader in the field of cultural dialogue, thinks that the time for debate about the role of cultural relations is now. Its think-tank, Counterpoint, is organising a global conference in London 2-4 November called Eye to Eye, where representatives of all these professions, and more, will join in discussion about how we stimulate the creative co-existence of people and peoples.

It is clear that the time is short for developing a new grammar of intercultural relations based on equitable dialogue and mutual listening. We hope as many will join us in discussion as possible, both in London and through the discussion forums on our website There you can find updates on Eye to Eye, register online for your conference place

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