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Capitalism or Anarchism

The Silence Before The Storm
Difference & Unity

Anarchists are the leading force of the revolution. People are joining the movement constantly everywhere. Behind the spectacle system the earth is burning and the planet is boiling.
How long the capitalist system can sustain its violent lies?
The system will crush by itself in itself as the ultimate implosion of its unresolved internal contradictions. The anarchists with other people will offer the final touch to the transformation to a higher post-profit-state plane.
Who knows how to get out of this hysterical-historical impasse?

How long are we going to lesson to those who preach anarcho-intellectualism? Post-left platformist anarchism and the like who cannot do without being organized, they get lost.
Some people want the revolution some don’t, but more and more people daily are thrown to the bottom mass class, they have nothing to loose and they are the majority of the people of the world. We all want anarchy now; soon the rest will want it because it has the most pleasure and happiness to offer to all.
We want anarchy because it is the best way to achieve a total human equality and create happiness on a massive scale.
This is a new and different anarchic social revolution. This one is going to operate differently from anything known from the past. A revolution of a different sort, becoming ever more clearly as time passes quickly by.
The elimination of power and the liberation of humanity are the anarchic revolutionary contribution to humanity. We will liberate ourselves together and alone, we will liberate humanity and humanity will liberate us.
Anarchic revolution means the immediate termination of market capitalism and military statism, in its place we will have anti-political gift meta-economy.
No profit and wages, the majority is poor and in despair, poverty is hitting hard more and more people everyday. Only equal distribution of matter and pleasure and universal happiness will liberate humanity for the first time in its history.
Defeat capitalism with anarchism

Against post-structuralism and post-modernism

* Abolition of power and the objective identity.

* The influence of nazi philosophy on post-structuralism and postmodernism.

* Anti-modern anarchism = Anti-political economy = Anti-post-structualist anarchism.

* The anti-political anti-philosophy of anti-post-stucturalist anarchism.

* From resistance to a revolution.

* Anti-authoritarianism and the abolition of capitalism.

* If you are equal then you have nothing to worry about.

This is about an armchair pseudo-radical demagogy coming from abstract theo-alienated professors propagating a simulative mass and individual subjective paralysis.
Post-modern intellectuals and post-structuralism theorists the like of Michel Foucault, Jean Baudrillard, Gilles Deleuze, Jean-Francois Lyotard and Jacques Derrida are all influenced by a nazi philosopher called Karl Schmidt and other fascist theoreticians.

Post-modern theorists, especially Michel Foucault and Jean Budrillard have given us a cowardice and abstract pseudo-critique of Western society. These theorists are often used by quasi-anarchist academics to provide us with a very misleading and dishonest interpretation of power and wrong analysis of revolutionary subjectivity and rebellion.
There will never be any intersection between anarchism and post-structural / post-modern thought. Leave anarchy alone, it does not belong to post-structuralist academic rubbish rapped in postmodern campus jargon to impress the stupid and the repressed.
Foucault, Budrillard, Deleuze, Loytard, Derrida and much more academic junk is shoved down our throat as anarchy.
Day in and day out we encounter these quasi-leftist academic intellectuals masquerading as revolutionary anarchists that obviously they are not and far from it.
They are cashing on anarchy at any cost, because they know that we are the sole future.
There is no connection what so ever between anarchy and these academicians and professors with there for idiot’s theorization.
Anarchism and anarchy is beyond their bolo bolo mambo jambo to impress the students with their high Latin terminology. Lots of blah blah and plenty of fear of action.
Revolutions begin in the streets and in society not in the campus or the library. Revolution is not a play in abstract tautological terminology and cheap psychology but a direct conscious action.
Post-modernism and post-structuralism are reactionary petty-academic ideologies created in the university to defuse the real social upheaval that is taking place everywhere.
We don’t want intellectuals that sell their services to the state and to capitalism, these tendencies were created to deform and distort anarchism and turn it into mechanical impotence.

Our essence is what we make it to be.

Our identity is revolutionary anarchist.

Our ethic is meta-ethical.

Our exchange is gift.

I say, let’s do it - reclaim our lives & the world

1) How to turn Muslims and Christians and Jews into anarchism.
2) Debord, Vaneigem, Black, Zerzan, Bey, Chomsky, Perlman, Bookchin, they are ok, but not sufficient for the creation of revolution.
3) Against authoritarian anarchism.
4) The limitation and delimitation of western anarchism.
5) The non-existent of eastern anarchism.
6) Why anarchism as it is today has failed in Europe and North America.
7) The contradiction of anarchic organization.
8) The future of anarchy as a global force.
9) From practice to theory to meta-theory.
10) The first anarchic socio-universal revolution at the end of this century.
11) The anarchic movement for a mass conscious advancement and the rise of full awareness.
12) Bakunin and Kropotkin are still valid for today but with some post-technological modification and updating.

A global party that turns into a global revolution, the place and time for the party will be given by the spokespersons of the global anarchic movement/revolution.
All the anarchists of the world will come together to this dance party at the center of earth from which it will spatio-temporally expand to all directions.
The world anarchic movement will come into existence by the end of this decade. All the anarchists of the world will know the way to create and help in the manifestation of the global exter-national social revolution.
We call upon all the anarchists of the world to drop their differences and theoretical inclinations and come together as one universal anarchic movement.
The revolution is only some years away, it is coming and it is coming your way too. You are invited to celebrate the freedom of your life and participate in the creation of the anarchic social revolution.
By spreading further the anarchic theory and equation we can turn all the Muslims, Christians and Jews into potential anarchists. The only required direct confrontation is with the god of all religions – capital. After a semi-violent revolution capitalism will be defeated and anarchism in its place installed.
All the different varieties of anarchism, beside anarcho-capitalism are being unified in one universal body, the anarchic movement. This anarchic universal field theory will bring about the dismantling of all dialectical differences thus allowing for a total unity.
The first stage in the revolutionary transformation of society will become accomplished. The second stage will be to extend and expand to a maximum the radius of human consciousness and its immediate application as an anarcho-revolutionary theoretical practice.

Capitalism As Terrorism And The World Anarchic Movement

The absence of courage needs organization.
The world anarchic movement in its embryo.
Network of publications + bookstores + anarchist households + squats ≠ style anarchism.
Subculture = rituals + symbols of rebellion ≠ Internet > fashion anarchism – eccentric post-modern philosophers + punks + black block + class war and class peace – the anti-globalization movement and professors of all sorts, affinity, etc,

1) Alienation and moderation of the well to do anarchists of the western world.
2) The poor anarchists impossible conditioning.
3) The role of computers in anarchic compensation and reformism.

We have nothing to loose but the terror and hidden chains of capitalism.

1) The terror of the state and its laws.
2) The terror of capitalist economy.
3) The terror of class, order and psychiatry.

a) Academic terrorism.
b) Military & police terrorism.
c) Juridical terrorism.
d) Bureaucratic terrorism.
e) Ideological terrorism.

A – State terrorism equal justice.
B – Group / individual terrorism equal terrorism.
C - The terror of politicians and scientists.
D – The eco-terror of capitalist industrialists and technologists.
E – The terror of education, authority and organization.

Capitalism is permanent war and terrorism, permanent exploitation and devastation all over the world. All this armament business is made and produced solely to kill and with its aid rule the planet.

1 – The terror of the media and entertainment.
2 - The terror of work and sport.
3 – The terror of the family and the foreigner.
4 –The terror of the rich against the poor.
5 – The new terror of the new world order.

Genuine anarchists are here to stay whilst capitalists their years are numbered, they are living on borrowed time now. Capitalism is bad for the rest of humanity, a disaster of colossal proportion; capitalism is irreversible infinite damage. Most people suffer terribly under capitalism, masses of impoverished people, masses of poor and billions of sufferings.
Anarchists will prevail while capitalist will vanish forever from humanity but without forgetting their years of terror-profit reign.
Capitalism means 6-million rich/ruler compare to 6-billion poor and often hungry. How many poor people can become rich under capitalism, very few and why, because of laws that protects the rich hegemony.
Anarchists are the natural representatives of humanity whilst capitalists represent only selfishness, lust and greed. They call it ambition and motivation but in reality it means profiteering and exploiting the people and the planet.
Anarchists will show the way out of this capitalist mess, guide the way to a better and materialistically free world whilst capitalists destroy all of us and themselves and the whole world.
The empire must fall and with it goes political economy. Does life has to be like this, all against all always, unless one quickly finds a common terroristic enemy. Can you really live happily and freely under contemporary conditions?
Can you achieve worthwhile pleasure and creativity in this survival of the fittest hysteria by wasting our lives on the pursuit of an illusionary wealth and power?
The capitalist desperate need for a permanent accumulation is a compensation for the loss of real self worth and being good with the people. Was the need for survival created by the ruling minority to keep us dependent upon them and enslaved.
Well, time has changed but the capitalist system remains and the question is for how long it is going to spend gasping its last breath. I hope to see it end and disappear in my lifetime. Then and there the anarchic era begins and the new humanity starts its anarcho-creative liberation.
When capitalism starts to loose it always resorts to terrorism as a last resort. All the capitalists of the world, beside their lust for money and power, have no real and genuine pleasures or happiness. People hate the rich because the majority of the rich are mean and nasty.
Then rich are unhappy because the majority of the population despises them; politicians and business bosses have a similar fate.
They are incapable of loving and therefore never receive love even from their families. Thus they bye their affections with property, money and commodity. We know everything about them and they know little about us, how intentionally lucky. We know how they live and on what the spend their money and about their low life of course.
We know how they feel about the world and the people and how they relate to one another, we also know exactly how the rich mind works, why they think what they think, naturally very bad thoughts and the outcome is always tragic and unnecessary bloody.
We know how they see and treat the rest of the world, with a big stick and a small carrot but we also know what anarchists can finally achieve in the coming anarcho-revolutionary future, which means now and after.

Democratic terrorism or anarchic freedom

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SVA 23.Jun.2004 19:20

"Our ethic is meta-ethical."

huh?! WTF does this mean?

Family-terror, work-terror & sport-terror?

Someone seriously needs to cut back on their quad-espresso intake.