Tony Blair's daughter in suicide bid


Kathryn Blair with her war crime suspect dad and relatively crime free mum
Kathryn Blair with her war crime suspect dad and relatively crime free mum

Last month Tony Blair's daughter Kathryn tried to commit suicide. According to my sources the combination of pressure over father Tony's warmongering at school, parental neglect and general exam stress were behind the bid.
Various commentators have noted a shift in press reporting of Blair's chances of remaining as party leader since a news blackout was imposed on this story.

Tony Blair's daughter in suicide bid

Tony Blair with his youngest son Leo and daughter Kathryn

On or around Thursday 13th May 2004 Tony Blair's 16 year old daughter Kathryn attempted to commit suicide. She is in the middle of exams, believed to be GCSE's and took an overdose of unknown pills. She was rushed to hospital and a news blackout was requested by the PM's office and adhered to by the British Press. Katherine is believed to be studying at the Sacred Heart school in Hammersmith, West London, a Roman Catholic state secondary school.

News about the suicide attempt was confirmed by Alan Johnson, Labour MP for West Hull and Hessle.

So, was this a sudden pang of concience from the British tabloids over sensitive reporting of the PM's family? Or the establishment press (yes even the tabloids are owned by the establishment) kow-towing to protect the flagging public image of the most disasterous Prime Minister this country has ever seen just before local and European Elections?

In a democracy, the public have a right to know about the family failings of anyone in public office - it enables them to judge whether to vote for that individual or not. When that failing family is the Prime Ministers the press have a duty to inform the public - not to protect politicians' images from public scrutiny.

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