Israel-Palestine: the real problem is the West

We are gluttonous ignorami whose only interaction with the rest of our living brothers and sisters in the world is one passive engagement through a media that is thoroughly and permanently corrupt?
Jenin's story, that razing homes is not genocidal and therefore acceptable, is one recent casualty.
- 2. TV news says almost nothing about the history or origins of the conflict. The great majority on viewers depended on this news as their main source of information. The gaps in their knowledge closely paralleled the 'gaps' in the news. Most did not know that the Palestinians had been forced from their homes and land when Israel was established in 1948. In 1967 Israel occupied by force the territories to which the Palestinian refugees had moved. Most viewers did not know that the Palestinians subsequently lived under Israeli military rule or that the Israelis took control of key resources such as water, and the damage this did to the Palestinian economy. Without explanations being given on the news, there was great confusion amongst viewers even about who was 'occupying' the occupied territories. Some understood 'occupied' to mean that someone was on the land (as in a bathroom being occupied) so they thought that the Palestinians were the occupiers. Many saw the conflict as a sort of border dispute between two countries fighting over land between them. As one viewer put it:

"The impression I got (from news) was that the Palestinians had lived around about that area and now they were trying to come back and get some more some more land for themselves - I didn’t realise they had been driven out of places in wars previously."


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I agree

P. 23.Jun.2004 22:33

The last thing that the West...more specifically the US...wants is to have peace in the middle east. Just imagine the power that these countries could have should they decide to unite and stop bickering over this nonsense.