Hotevilla/Hopi Survival Kit by Th.Mails/Dan Evehema and WWIII

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The Hopi have prophesied WWIII and its roots seem to be in hegemony, human rights abuses and environmental abuses worldwide from the US.

Dear Indymedia,

The Hopi have prophesied WWIII in their book Hotevilla by Thomas Mails and Dan Evehema. Can this be any surprise given today's political and economic realities? Let me spell something out...

We are responsible for raping the lands of developing world countries to extract the ore, agriculture and forests of abundant nations. When we do this we remove native people from their land and employ native people at wage slavery conditions to manufacture the raw product. We support military dictatorships in the developing world and foster civil wars and genocide. We run drugs and arms in developing world countries. We destroy the environment of native people worldwide when we do this. Then we sell raw products in America and Europe at inflated profits, a unipolar relationship that may be stunting the growth and trade of the developing world. We take some of these profits and create hegemonic economic bodies like the WTO and World Economic Forum that keeps the system in place and expanding. If anyone gets in the way there are plenty of taxes to pay for a military that kills for US 'interests'. All of this hegemony, the hegemony of the military/industrial complex, creates insurmountable competition with Russia and China and may cause WWIII. For moral, ecological, military and economic reasons WWIII is a liklihood given the current conditions. Not only are the Hopi likely to be right about WWIII, it would be a miracle to avoid it.

I have outlined this cycle to Senators and Congresspeople, and I suggest you do the same. My favorites are my own Senators; Chuck Grassley in Senate Finance; Bill Frist, the Senate Majority Leader; and anyone in Senate and House Foreign Relations. The phone number for the Congressional switchboard is (202) 224-3121.

The Hopi wrote Hopi Survival Kit (also by Thomas Mails and Dan Evehema) ostensibly as a personal guide to help us through this trying time. I suggest reading this book. I have created a website to help native people worldwide at If you would like to share this site with friends, immigrants and international students from the developing world that is a good thing to do also. Peace is a hopeful outcome, but it is going to take effort. Please do all you can in your own way.

If you can help the Hopi, please do so. Their spirits help the whole world.

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Seth Leonard
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