VIDEO: Ralph Nader Addresses His Reasons for Seeking the Presidency in 2004


On February 22, 2004, Independent candidate for president Ralph Nader appeared on Meet the Press to announce his candidacy and to address his reasons for seeking the nation's highest office. During his appearance, Nader answered many questions about his candidacy, such as:

- Why is he running this year, when so many Democrats have blamed him for 'throwing the 2000 election' to George W. Bush?

- Will a Democratic presidency be much different from George W. Bush's first four years, from a foreign policy perspective?

- What would Nader do about the deepening war in Iraq if he were elected president?

- Should George W. Bush be impeached for misleading the American people into an illegal, immoral, and unnecessary war in Iraq?

- What does Nader make of a recent article in The Nation magazine urging him not to run in 2004?

Presented here is video of Nader's entire 20-minute appearance on Meet the Press, arranged in three unedited segments (in order to meet the space limitations of uploaded media files on the Indymedia network).

Four months have passed since Nader's discussion with Tim Russert, during which time Massachusetts Senator John Kerry has all but locked up the Democratic nomination. Many voters feel that Kerry has not done nearly enough to distinguish his positions on critical issues from those of George W. Bush. Many also feel that having Nader in the race (and the televised debates) will force a discussion of these issues with the American people.

Three months before the election, it seems that nearly everyone has an opinion about whether Nader should appear on the ballots of Oregon and other states around the nation. Listen to the man himself address his reasons for seeking the presidency in this compelling video.

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