Anarchist's thought

I will resist capitalisms' plan to restrict me.
I will resist capitalisms' plan to enslave me.
I will resist capitalisms' plan to kill me.
And if capitalism has a plan to free me,
I will resist that too, because I will free myself.

Right now I am an anarchist not so much worried about the "Anarchist Movement" (what anarchists movement, right?) when I see the faces of the masses all over the world starved, unsheltered, and unemployed because there has been a flood of greed and manipulations by tyrants and robbers across their land. It is not good for your psyche to bend your life towards being “anti-something”, but when I see these faces of these people its hard not to think of myself as solely an anti-capitalist because if these people don’t want anarchy then I would be prepared to give that all up, for these people, not for myself, because I am truly an anarchist. I am beginning to think that I have no politics, I only have a conscience and when I turn to that I say I am an anarchist. It is strange to become a “spiritual anarchist” (just made that up, sorry) after you have reinforced your ideas of the politics of anarchism and you believe in them. But then you reach a point when you think of “anarchy” in all its glory and then you realize that there are no politics in a perfect world, a perfect world that is very fucking possible.

I wrote this for really no reason, but I would like to see what some of you had to say about it. Keep your head up, even if its not on straight, no one ever said it had to be. Don’t deny your brothers, your sisters, or yourselves.

Anarcho Grey


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£ 24.Jun.2004 14:13

In terms of direction, I take a lot of guidance from what I am able to interpret as news out of China, for reasons that are pretty universally obvious, but systematically neglected in the West, which I believe is just sadly due to racism. Would China be more worthy of regular news reports in the West if it went all the way and just simply called itself USA and renamed Beijing, "Wall Street," and changed its flag to stars and stripes in red, white, & blue, and put the Prez on its currency and aired nothing by sterile pop music, porn stars, and Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood? I actually doubt it! As free-for-few trade expands exponentially along with closed press and the centralized ruling body is not the problem. In short, it cannot be because that harms daily interests in adopting the free market system, which is always scatologically-minded at best and thus hampered by the slightest political instability. The real problem increasingly is the countless regional governments, individuals (governors). This not so unlike the effect of the Box Store on rural economies, a consequence immediately following various tyrannical trade agreements elsewhere. Or single corporate run entities, the one-corporation town, the huge industrial farm, the solitary privatized public works. How are we to defeat a scattered enemy with its heels dug in through-out the nation-state? It's interesting at this time that the (basically centralized) landline phone system in China is outnumbered today per capita by the exploding numbers of mobile phone users.