U.S. forces are totally unable to contain the growing insurgency

Death count up to 851 "officially." The dying continues as U.S. forces are totally unable to contain the growing insurgency in Iraq. Defeat and retreat are inevitable. It is just a matter of time. The following list of today's events in Iraq are from icasualties.org jamie

06/24/04 Itar-Tass: Condition of Interenergoservis worker wounded in Iraq improves
A Sklifasovsky hospital doctor told Tass that after evacuation to Moscow, Korenkov underwent yet another, fourth surgery, in connection with the gunshot wound to the backbone.

06/24/04 CJAD: 2 soldiers face homicide charge in suffocation of Iraqi general
The military plans to charge two intelligence soldiers in the suffocation death of an Iraqi general during an interrogation last fall, according to a newspaper report.

06/24/04 SR Press Democrat: 2 Petaluma-based guardsmen killed in Iraq ambush
Two soldiers with a Petaluma-based California National Guard unit were killed Tuesday in an ambush in Iraq, National Guard officials said Wednesday.

06/24/04 AP: Iraq soldier shot to death in San Bernardino County
An Army paratrooper who served in Afghanistan and Iraq was shot to death outside his mother's home, authorities said.

06/24/04 DOD: 4th Marine Dead in Ramadi on 21st Identified
Lance Cpl. Juan Lopez, 22, of Whitfield, Ga., died June 21 from hostile fire in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

06/24/04 CENTCOM: 2 US Soldiers Confirmed Dead in Baqubah
Two Coalition Soldiers were killed and seven wounded when their patrol was ambushed in Baqubah around 5:30 a.m. June 24.

06/24/04 Reuters: 2 American soldiers had been killed.
A U.S. military spokesman said two American soldiers had been killed. U.S. forces had responded with air strikes after gunmen captured the civic centre and attacked another government building. Two insurgents were killed.

06/24/04 Reuters: Attacks in five Iraqi cities, 67 dead
Insurgents in Iraq have killed at least 60 people, including three United States soldiers, in a series of coordinated assaults and suicide bombings in the north of the country.

06/24/04 iribnews: US Cobra copter downed in Iraq - Crew rescued
A US Cobra military helicopter was shot down near Fallujah Thursday morning, a marine officer said...Marines were able to rescue the two pilots

06/24/04 Reuters: US Soldier Killed in Mosul
The U.S. military said an American soldier had been killed and three wounded in the blasts. It said a security guard was killed when gunmen attacked a private security company.

06/24/04 Reuters: At Least 40 Killed in Mosul Bombing
In Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, multiple car bombings of police buildings killed at least 40 people and wounded 60, police said. Bodies were still being collected.
06/24/04 KUNA : Five killed, seven injured in Baghdad car explosion

Five people were killed, including four Iraqi policemen, and seven others were injured when a booby-trapped explosed in the Dura area, southern Baghdad, Iraqi police sources said Thursday.

06/23/04 AP: Fort Carson soldier dies after falling ill in Iraq
Adam White, 24, is the 46th Fort Carson soldier whose death is attributed to service in Iraq. He died Saturday after spending half a year unable to speak or move.

06/23/04 Newschannel6: Four Magnolia Soldiers Injured in Iraq
It happened during a mortar attack earlier in Baghdad earlier this week.

06/23/04 AFP: Iraqi killed, four wounded in Mosul bomb blast
An Iraqi National Guardsman has been killed and four others wounded while trying to defuse a bomb in the northern city of Mosul, an Iraqi officer and the US military say.

06/23/04 AP: Orange County marine dies in Iraq in non-combat incident
Pfc. Sean Horn died Saturday while serving at Camp Taqaddum, Iraq. The military said he died in a "non-hostile incident" but did not provide details. He would have turned 20 on Sunday.

06/23/04 Richmond Times-Dispatch: Va. native killed in Iraq, says his family
Staff Sgt. Greg Pennington, 37, had been living with his Army unit in one of Saddam Hussein's daughter's castles, said his father, Aulbin Pennington of Konnarock.

06/23/04 Sonomanews.com: Berman moved from intensive care
Army Staff Sgt. Jed Berman, a former Sonoma Valley resident who was seriously wounded in Mosul, Iraq, on May 29, has been moved out of intensive care and into a standard ward at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

06/23/04 AP: Attack in Iraq kills two police officers
A drive-by shooting in an insurgent stronghold in Iraq has left two policemen dead and another wounded.The attack happened in the town of Ramadi, 60 miles west of Baghdad.

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