Serious Question

What are you planning to do to stop the Ethinic Cleansing and Genocide of Black Africans by Arab and Muslim militias in the country of Sudan?

This is one of the major issues of the day, yet you are all strangely silent it. Why?

read up and respond:

Sudan not disbanding pro-government groups

SUDAN: Militia attacks continue as gov't urges IDPs to return home - UN

Sudan hit by genocide; witnesses

Sudan: UN Field Workers Report Fresh Attacks By Janjaweed Militias in Darfur

Planning on sending humans shield to protect them? Maybe organize a protest march to stand against the militias?

This is what you say you fight to defend against, racism, intolerance and open warfare, yet you're all silent.

Speak up and let your voice be heard. The world awaits

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The quesstion needs to be reworded.

To Mr. Marine 24.Jun.2004 22:00

"What are you planning to do to stop the Ethinic Cleansing and Genocide of Black Africans by Arab and Muslim
militias in the country of Sudan?"

The is well know today that the mind of the Marine is frequently brain-washed to align with US military
self-interests. This attempt of yours is no surprise. But sometimes there are consciencious Marines
who acquire the courage to question the intentions of the US military.

This is Muslim on Muslim violence. Yes and the innocent are Black African Muslims.
Muslim tyranny is one of the route causes of the Muslim world, which interestingly is fully supported
by USA, Britain and other imperialist countries.

Here is a link that is worth reading:

Here is an excerpt from the above link:
The Western world, reluctant to take the focus away from peace negotiations between the government and the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), has been shamefully late in acknowledging the atrocities in Darfur. But the Muslim world, even more shamefully, has yet to speak out.

The war in Darfur is in many respects a replay of the war in southern Sudan, waged with weapons that include ethnic militias, scorched-earth tactics and denial of humanitarian access. Both wars pit Sudan's Islamist, Arab-dominated government against African rebels demanding equal rights and an end to decades of neglect. In the south it is the SPLA that is doing the fighting; in Darfur it is the similarly named but quite separate Sudan Liberation Army (SLA).

But there is one big difference between the21 -year war in the South and the15 -month war in Darfur. The ethnic Africans of Darfur, unlike those of the South, are Muslim. And not just Muslim: deeply, devoutly, unshakably Muslim. Theirs is not the shrill, extremist Islam of the fundamentalist generals who seized power in Sudan in1989 , but a quiet, tolerant Islam that has characterized Sudan for most of its recent history and that still characterizes most of its citizens - Arab or African.

Re: A serious question and a serious response

Just One More 25.Jun.2004 00:45

Thank you, Marine, for bringing some light to the disparity between “western” and “developed” parts of this Earth and others less in the news.

Perhaps if those that can not now imagine

the population pressures, the more obviously apparent limited natural resources, and the disparities of education,

can take your question at face value and try to actually answer it,

they may then begin to imagine such a life, like in Sudan, and then after beginning to imagine gain some understanding.