Audio & Text. Open Source At Green Convention

here's an audio voicing and some text about my personal favorite
of the newest developments in Milwaukee's 2004 Green Party national
nominating convention. Quite a contrast to what's going to happen
in NYC and Boston, let me tell you!

Does anyone in the American media want any face time with Fabrizia Prates?

Didn't seem to last night. She was mostly talking with American Green
Party members and delegates around the Milwaukee Hyatt second floor at
a "welcoming reception" put on by some of the Wisconsin Greens.

She's here from Italy, one of many international Greens who will be attending
each and every aspect of the Green Party national convention the next few
days. So far I've seen her, someone from Sweden, and someone from Nepal.
I wonder if while there here they'll be able to serve an even more helpful
purpose this week than the normal ambassadorial roll they can play these days.

They might be able to advise us all on how to refrain from having another
unfair election. Perhaps they can stay here the next five months (or at
least come back) and help us this November 2 as election observers. Well,
fear not, they won't have to be overly observant during balloting this

The computers tallying the votes at these particular nominating elections
will be completely open source, running Apache, MYSQL, PHP etc. Yes, open
source, public domain.

Yup, that's right. Nothing like the Choice Point, Diebold and Halliburton
paraphernalia you're used to seeing around the American electoral landscape
these days.

Friday afternoon sometime there's going to be a demonstration of this new
software and hardware that'll be the driving force behind tallying the first
fair and open american election anyone's seen, in quite some time.

Go greens! If I was going to vote for anyone it'd certainly be a green, eh?

Wow, there's so much more I could say, but I need to get dressed and run
off to the convention now.

Longer letter later, I promise.

For the non-corporate media, I'm marco

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