Censorship of 1st Amendment Rights

I have been arrested for practicing my religion by the Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA, Police. I work with developing the talents and gifts of people according to the spiritual text of Joel 2:28, Torah.

Bogalusa Police / Ken Bush / Malice Use of Force / Tort 131 [1] [11] [13] / slander / libel

Bogalusa Police / Ken Bush / Malice Use of Force / Tort 131 [1] [11] [13] / slander / libel

RE: Bogalusa Police, et, al. Vs. Bush

Note: This story of abuse of powers and censorship happened to me in Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA, April 23, 2004, at 8:15 AM. I am not going to be censored by any Police or City Government. I find that my 1st amendment rights of free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of press have been violated. Ms. Ford, Civil Rights Dept., New Orleans F.B.I., New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, was called, the Monday before the Police broke into my home on Friday, April 19, 2004, and photographs were sent to Ms. Ford regarding my family and I being followed and pressured by the Bogalusa Police in using malice use of force and power. Please read the story below, and this is the 21st century!

News source used:

Subj: news tips
Date: 6/16/2004 9:28:59 AM Central Daylight Time
From: SoulMateReader3
To:  images@turner.com

[ Also see the article on the Movie regarding my home town, Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA, called, "deacons for defense" I live this KKK minded mentality even to this day; and, I am a white man. ]

Dear sir / madam:

Please this is news , please read below, I am a pastor that has been told I cannot practice my religion in the city of Bogausa, Louisiana, by the law enforcement of this city.

Please help and read this letter of my situation ( below )

per Rev Kenneth R Bush

Subj: legal letter
Date: 6/16/2004 8:42:05 AM Central Daylight Time
From: SoulMateReader3
To: SoulMateReader3

Subj: attorney help
Date: 6/16/2004 3:19:40 AM Central Daylight Time
From: SoulMateReader3
To:  CMelodyLynne@aol.com

Dear Melody Lynne:

16 June 2004 page 1 of 1

RE: Cyber Extortion, Bush v. Bogalusa / Franklinton Sheriff / Police / City of Bogalusa, Louisiana

I was waiting for you to reply to my e-mails before I wrote you, I have E-mailed the courts regarding attorney help from a powerful man from Florida; and, I have used all the names and info you gave me according to our conversation.

Here is my story from Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA.

On 3-28-2003, I was issued a vendor's license from the city of Bogalusa, Louisiana. I was approved by the Bogalusa City attorney; and, Ms. Paula parker, City of Bogalusa staff member, in charge of occupational license of retail sales or services. My approved license, legally, was called a "Dating Service License".

Note: The license number is 13716, and the vender # SO200

Dr. Jerry Thomas, Louisiana senator, rented me an office at 407 Austin Street, Bogalusa, Louisiana 70427 in the week of March 28, 2003, for the amount of $275.00 per month.

My business was called soul mate and family educational center, where I performed my soul mate matching for 1 person getting paid $5.00, I spoke with 2 others about my work and research.

On April 8, 2003, in the afternoon, I was called by Ms. Paula Parker from city hall where she asked me if I was doing palm reading. I had a sign out by the road that talked of soul mate readings of $5.00. I told her I was not doing palm readings. She said an ordinance officer would come by to talk with me. About 20 minutes later an ordinance officer from Bogalusa city hall came and said I was in violation of article 77 ( Article 77: " No palm reading, divination, or character readings to be performed in the City of Bogalusa. The penalty was 90 days in jail or a $100.00 fine or both" ).

I called Dr. Jerry Thomas, and he was surprised but said, "he count not go to bat for me, his plate was too full". So I moved out and had all the utilities turned off at this business. I signed a 3 year contract for 2 phones the day before, and tried to cancel.

Bell South, tried to bill me for $3,100.00 to pay the total 36 months at once. I was contacted by a New York lawyer by mail and I called him and told him the situation, how I had no form of income and my hands were legally tied. He no longer called me or wrote any legal letters after that conversation in April of 2004.

As you know Mr. Jerry Thomas was caught in Florida ( Or New Orleans depending on the story told ) in Sarasota, having sexual contact with another man in a theater while watching a homosexual movie. He was fined and refused to pay that fine. The other men with him paid their fines, it seemed Jerry was not going to pay as a matter of principle. I know Jerry Thomas' nephew who gave me more background to this story.

[ Please see the story on Senator Jerry Thomas Below ]

I continued to do my soul mate reading in my home on my computer by using AOL. On Aug of 2003 , I started performing paid readings with Keen.com as a soulmatereader and made $90.00 in about 45 days. I would join Kasamba.com as soul mate reader and make between $150.00 to $600.00 in one month, from late September 2003 to April 2004.

On April 23, 2004, the Bogalusa police came to my home with a "so called search warrant and arrest warrant" to take my computer and digital camera. They ( Bogalusa Police ) broke both doors in, and damaged my fence. The Bogalusa Police did also electrocute my 25 pound dog 2 times and almost killed her, she (dog) lay on the ground twitching and urinating on the floor.

I was handcuffed, as well as my wife, Bonnie Bush, and forced to the floor face down. I was led from the home in shorts alone, not being allowed to dress and to wear socks and shoes. For 6 hours at the Bogalusa police station they tried to charge me with running from the police on April 18, 2004, to the state of Mississippi. Seven charges were applied, I did not talk as I asked for a public defender, nor did I sign my name to the 7 charges. The Bogalusa police said I was not giving basic info and said they added another charge of obstructing the investigation, so 8 charges were applied. I signed nothing and said nothing. Later those 8 charges would not be mentioned or given to me at court or applied as a fine.

I was told at the Bogalusa police sub. station that I was now charged with cyber extortion or on-line extortion, a felony in the State of Louisiana, supposedly a new law. I signed nothing and was transfered to the Franklinton Sheriff jail in Franklinton, Louisiana. I spent 5 days there in jail where I was to sleep on the floor and given no tooth brush or basic hygiene supplies. I was not given a mattress or uniform as well.

On April 27, 2004, I was bailed out for the amount of $1,200.00 court fees and bail bondsmen fees. I was asked to pay $1,100.00 out of Bogalusa jail for the 8 prior offenses, this was dropped. I was also asked to post a $25,000.00 property bond, this was changed to $10,000.00 cash and when my brother, Mr. Thomas Bush, from Olympia, WA, tried to pay the cash bond he was denied and asked to pay a non refundable fee totaling $1,200.00. The city clerk claimed that no bank in town could do a cash advance. We saw this as a ploy to get our money. I was told there was a hold on me getting released from jail, and that was mysteriously removed with no explanation.

I have an arraignment on June 21, 2004, at 8:30 AM ( now changed to August 13, 2004, Friday the 13th mind you ) at the court house in Franklinton, Louisiana, where I wish for an attorney to represent me, I plan on presenting a mute plea so the court can enter a 'not guilty plea'. I want a trial by jury.

I have since been followed while riding my bike, with my wife as a legal witness, by the Bogalusa police, they are still harassing me in front of the Walmart, Win Dixie, and Piggley Wiggly stores. I am being tracked all the time. I would like to see if there is a wire tap on my phone according to the Freedom of Information Act.

I would like also to charge 2 law enforcement officers in Bogalusa with a tort 131 [1] [11] [13] for criminally slandering and libelous pro quo upon myself, family, and my religion as I am a reverend. I would also like to charge the Police for using malice use of force and illegally asking judges Green and Judges Black to support an unjust arrest warrant and search warrant, per cyber extortion.

I will seek a deposition into information in connection with a church in Bogalusa ( names to follow, et. al. ) who has commited several crimes against my family, my religion, and my self.

I am open to any questions, please contact me at:

e-mail  soulmatereader3@aol.com

See my vision below, this is what the Bogalusa City Hall, Police, Town Fathers, and or Non-seperation of church and state, light blue eyed, white, right handed class of people, are trying to censor me from doing. Please read below:

Psychic Information.

Portal to the Soul

"Beauty is momentary in the mind--
The fitful tracing of a portal;
But in the flesh it is immortal.
The body dies; the body's beauty lives."
Wallace Stevens 1879-1955

Welcome to the Psychic Education Center.

At the heart of the Psychic Education Center is a sincere desire to share knowledge with you. My goal isto teach and inform you about auras, channeling, developing your own psychic abilities; and to teach you how to practice psychic protection. Learn psychometry and how to contact your spirit guides.

What is "Psychometry"?

Have you ever touched someone or something and gotten some kind of message — such as ideas, pictures, or words? ... You are experiencing Psychometry.

Psychometry is the ability to read and tune into an object so that you can give details.

Soul Mate Reader Info:

What is Soul Mate reading?

Soul mate reading is matching and using patterns and data to match two people together using birth date, birth order, handedness, height, musical instruments played, sports played, intuitive talents, empathic gifts, and eye color.

The Patterns and Math of Soul Mate Matching:

I have performed over 2,000 soul mate readings and matching and have seen these patterns and traits:

1. Birth dates - Zodiac: The man is born 6-7 months older then the women, or in cases of same gender relationships: The conservative partner is older then the non-conservative lover.

More detail can be given here in Zodiac Sun Sign Soul Mate Matches:

Aries to Libra; Taurus to Scorpio; Gemini to Sagittarius; Cancer to Capricorn; Leo to Aquarius; and Virgo to Pisces is best in a long-term romance.

Note: Use the birth city to off set the birth date matching by 2,000 miles per month closer to the soul mate's birth date, i.e. a female birth date of 9-3-59 matches a male born Feb to March of 1959 in the same city. Now take the same info but, they are born 2,000 miles away, so there is a one month closer connection: 9-3-59 matches march to April born now. One needs to use the mother's background and or the birth city of the soul mate to calculate this information.

2. Eye Color- Opposites attract in eye color where there is that family genetics, light eyes to darker eyes match ... light blue to green eyes match the best in long term love .. shy eyes match best with outgoing eyes (also in ethnic backgrounds where eye color is brown only: Light brown to dark brown eyes match best in soul mate love)

3. Height- 5'3'' does best with 5'11'' tall .. 5'2'' with 5'10'' tall ... the man, or the conservative partner in same gender relationships will be taller( closer to 6'4'' for the man and 5'11'' for the women will increase "first sight" and "first love" attraction, but divorce raises in the long term) .

4. Handedness- left handed or ambidextrial people do best with right handed ... or right creative brain people do best with left logical brained soul mates.

Note: In gay males this is not always true as the brain tends to be more alike then in gay females .... Gay males don't stay together as long as gay females due to not enough opposites in brain hemisphere, handedness, height, and vocational choices in the gay male romances.

5. Birth order-

1st born does best with baby of the family.

I separate the birth order in odd to even with 1st, 3rd, 5th born matching better to 2nd, 4th, and 6th born ... odd attract even birth orders in soul mate attraction ( only born children are highest for divorce and control ).

6. Musical instruments- the violin, guitar, piano, drums, and or the flute all fit the birth orders of 2nd, 4th, and 6th born and will match 1st, 3rd, and 5th born soul mates .. ( musical people match non-musical people in long term love)

Please this is an on going web page and I welcome ideas to change or cause evolution of this growing information.

Contact me today, please.

I also take your pregnancy questions regarding miscarriages and happy & healthy births. Please contact me for a natal reading.


This is what the Town Fathers of Franklinton have done to a great man, Jerry Thomas .... see his name in my letter above and below


Of course,this is the controlling churches telling the police, sheriff, school board, town hall, judges to make a dull maliced judgement against Senator Jerry Thomas ..... for god sakes, people get a life .... Look for me to file in an out of state venue, a law suit.

LA Repub state senator arrested on adult video store raid; lewd behavior (marrie
Friday, 13 December 2002 @ 13:57:06 EST

Direct link to story /more...

Guilty, lookat his picture (just kidding, kinda)

Alleged Homosexual Agenda Alert: According to the municipal code, lewd conduct is the exposure of genitals, intercourse, masturbation, urination or defecation in a public place or where the act is likely to be seen by another person.

A police source said Thomas was engaged in sexual activity with another man at the store.

From St. Tammany bureau/The Times-Picayune
Covington attorney Marion Farmer, who entered the plea for Thomas in Orleans Parish Municipal Court, said Thomas is "embarrassed" by the arrest but will continue to serve the final year of his term and then consider his options.

"He knows he shouldn't have been there under any circumstances," Farmer said. "He knows he made a mistake. But he has a long career as a public servant, as a coroner, as astate representative and as a state senator. He's done a lot of good."

Thomas, 49, whose district includes a portion of St. Tammany Parish, was arrested Tuesday afternoon after police allegedly saw him committing a violation of the municipal lewd conduct statute during a raid at A&N Kola Video Inc., an adult book and video store on Chef Menteur Highway.

He is married, has four children and is a member of First Baptist Church in Franklinton. He also belongs to several civic and professional organizations.

Written by soulmatereader3 (Link to this entry) This entry has 0 comments: Add your own

e-mail:: soulmatereader3@aol.com homepage:: http:// http://journals.aol.com/soulmatereader3/PsychicHealth/

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fire marshal tells 75 yr old man, "he is an arsonist"

law watcher of the deep south 03.Oct.2006 17:34

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Police Censorship of Religion
Re: Police Censorship of ReligionCurrent rating: 3
14 Aug 2005
Date Edited: 14 Aug 2005 09:28:43 PM by homeboyz
Reply to this comment
August 14, 2005 Page 1 of 2 March 27, 2005
Dear Mr. Talley:
I have enclosed several document regarding my case, giving you background, about my life and how it has been living in Bogalusa as an outsider with different religious beliefs. I am also including an article on Cyberstalking called, “ Cyberstalking – Is it covered by current Anti – Stalking Laws? ”. And finally, personal letters from my wife, Bonnie, and I, telling about our unjust and malice harassment of the Bogalusa Law enforcement.
Here are my concerns about the case so far: and, what I would like to see done according to the research that I found on presenting a legal defense:
1. I have not had enough time to plan a case with you Mr. Talley, I understand you are busy and over worked. I saw that over scheduling problem with my own eyes. Can we ask the court for an extension of at least 3-4 months to prepare for this case?
2. I would like to know if you were able to file and argue motions in court? Have you filed a motion to recover the computer and digital camera? Have you filed a motion of discovery? What motions have been accepted by the courts?
3. If you have filed a motion for discovery, have you filed for dismissing the case for the D.A. not presenting enough proof of evidence?
4. After getting the discovery information and computer / digital camera, can we hire an expert in cyber-laws pertaining to information found on the hard-drive, and connected with the internet service?
5. There is some problems of malice treatment in regard to my arrest on April 23, 2004. I was led from my home in only shorts, no shoes, socks, or shirt. Bonnie, my wife, and I, asked if I could get dressed and I was refused by the Bogalusa Police. This was witnessed by the ranking law enforcement on the scene.
6. I was transferred from the Bogalusa sub station to the Franklinton Sheriff’s Department, without me giving any I.D. or signing any documents. I did not speak of my name, address, or anything about this case. I remained silent on their legal questions, only asking for a public defender to speak with, which I was denied. Is this a legal move with no I.D., no information given?
7. I included the vision statement in this packet from the Louisiana Indigent Defense Assistance Board office of the Governor which says, “ The Louisiana public defender system will be nationally recognized as a system which provides exemplary, professional, consistent, ethical, and legally sound criminal defense services to the poor.” This should cover experts on my behalf.

Page 2 of 2
8. In order to protect my legal rights, Bonnie tried to cancel the AOL internet account and could not according to AOL staff. Bonnie was told by several people that someone was using my the AOL account while I was in the Bogalusa and Franklinton jail for the 5 days. The hired expert in cyber-laws and the computer hard drive can explore this event.
9. The jurisdiction of the computer needs to be located by the expert as well, as this computer was used in two different cities in Michigan at the same time as used in Bogalusa. The account was in Tm Bus name while he lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the time of the arrest. Tim Bush and others had access to that account while out of state changing the jurisdiction of the alleged e-mail.
10. Looking at the research, stalking is defined as in literal terms as intentional and willful following or lying in wait for such other person and causes such other person to reasonably fear for his physical safety. That is not the case here as I met this person one time for 20 minutes in the presence, only, of three other persons in a Sunday school class. That is the only physical contact that I had with this person.

_____________________ ____________________
Kenn. & Bonh
53 Luce
Bosa, L 70

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Re: Re: Police Censorship of ReligionCurrent rating: 0
21 Sep 2006
by Anonymous Poster
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Louisiana State Fire Marshal / Arson / abuse / malice / bogalusa Police of Louisiana / Lt. Culpepper
Unknown Legal Media (BatonRougeStateWatchDog (at) yahoo.com) 02/28/06 02:49AM

LA State Fire Marshal (ATTN: ARSON) date and time stamped: 28 Februrary 2006 1:07 AM
8181 Independence Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Marc Reech
Arson Chief
LA State Fire Marshal, Arson Division

Dear Mr. Marc Reech:

I thank you for your response in this difficult matter regarding Mr. William T. Martin. After reading your letter / e-mail to Mr. Martin, his reply was, "Good maybe now I can get my home insurance claim settled and pay some past bills."

I would like to clarify something to you Mr. Reech: Mr. Martin has told me that the day of his malice physical attack from your Fire Marshals, two men in LA State Fire Marshal uniforms came to the burned home in question. These two employees of the LA State Fire Marshal's office where driving a truck that identified them as being from said institution. It was these two staff members of LA State Fire Marshal that are a part of attacking one Mr. Martin and then covering this physical and emotional abuse up. I have a hard time with your theory, Mr. Reech, that an Insurance company, or someone else, would drive a stolen LA State Fire Marshal's truck and wear false LA State Fire Marshal uniforms in order to pick a fight with Mr. Martin and wrongly accuse him of arson.

We are talking about Mr. Martin being placed under duress during his time of grieving the loss of his home and personal items like his grand children's pictures.

As I have said before about my harassment of the Bogalusa, LA, Police in many letters and phone calls to the Media, The White House, The attorney General of Louisiana and Washington DC, The Governor's office, FEMA, The Washington Parish President & Attorney: I have been arrested, illegally, on January 13th of 2006 by the Bogalusa, LA, Police; and, it was they that whispered in my ear to stop this talk of a so-called conspiracy theory. I was improperly jailed for 3 hours at the Bogalusa, LA, police sub station and let go with no charges.

Keep in mind I was doing business with another insurance institution in town, much like Jenkins and Moore Insurance regarding Mr. martin's case of being charged, orally with arson.

I will not let this stand; and, Mr. Martin will not ignore the damage to his reputation (Tort 131 [1] [11] [13] as well. Mr. Martin was called by the LA State Fire Marshal's office and given an apology for his being attacked by an LA State Fire Marshal staff member. Mr. Martin was told this LA State Fire Marshal staff member will be reprimanded.

Mr. Reech, you really need to investigate this in more detail as you are being pulled into an "Old boys' network" of lies and 'political cover up' regarding yelling "arson" in order to get some form of pay off and or monetary benefit.

Mr. Reech, you need to call Mr. Martin ( 985-516-6134 ) and hear his story regarding this personal injury to his body and assets. Mr. Reech, mention that you talked to me when speaking with Mr. Martin as he is 75 years old and has a hard time hearing with his cell phone.

Have a good day sir.


Kenneth R. Bush, I.P., phone: 985-732-9201, and Mr. William T. Martin, phone contact number: cell phone 985-516-6134

In a message dated 2/27/2006 11:25:45 AM Central Standard Time, Marc.Reech (at) dps.la.gov writes:

Mr. Bush/ Mr. Martin,

After receiving your e-mail, I promptly reviewed our investigative file of
this event. The following was revealed: The Fire Marshal's Office was
officially requested by Chief Manning of the Bogalusa Fire Dept. to assist
him in determining the cause and origin of this fire on 9/9/05, and
response by our investigator(s) was made on 9/12/05, approximately 2-weeks
after the fire(s) had occurred.

Upon arrival, we were advised by Chief Manning that a small fire had
occurred at Mr. Martin's home on 8/29/05, however it had either been
extinguished by someone or it had burned itself out in the flooded
structure. The next evening (8/30/05 at approximately 7:56 PM), the Fire
Department responded again to the same address to find the residence fully
involved in fire. The Fire Department's report indicated that electricity
to the residence was not in service at the time of their response. Due to
the 2-week interval between the fire and the investigative
request/response, this could not be verified by our investigator. Our
investigation of the scene did, however, reveal two separate and
uncommunicated areas of fire origin, indicative of an intentionally set
fire. There was no indication of accelerant(s) present, nor of electrical
causation. Three experienced Fire Marshal investigators were on the scene,
and concurred on this finding.

Mr. Martin was interviewed on this date (9/12/05), and he denied any
knowledge of how the fire(s) started. At no time was he "attacked",
struck/handled or otherwise mistreated by any member of the Fire Marshal's
Office, nor has there been any complaint to that effect by any individual
or agency in the past 6-months since this event allegedly occurred. This
office has absolutely no knowledge of any such event, however let me say
that the term "Fire Marshal" is often used by others as a matter of
convenience, and that citizens often misidentify other agents/agencies as
being the State Fire Marshal, when in fact they are not.

It should also be noted that case file does not in any way "accuse" Mr.
Martin nor list any named suspect(s) in the fire. It further indicates
that there are no further investigative leads in the fire - thus it was
classified as an Inactive investigation on 10/12/05, and as such, has been
available as a Public Record since that date. In the intervening four
month period, two requests for copies of the report have been accomodated
by this office, to include a request by FEMA. The file further reflects
that there has been no request(s) for copies of the investigation by either
Mr. Martin or by you, nor is there any indication of any contact(s) of this
office by Mr. Martin for any reason whatsoever. If indeed you or your
insurer would require a copy of the investigation report (as well as copies
of digital photographs), you may request one by submitting a brief, written
request to my attention at the following address:

LA State Fire Marshal (ATTN: ARSON)
8181 Independence Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

There is a modest reproduction fee attached to Public records, and upon
receipt, I will promptly contact you (or your insurer) with the fee amount
for the report and/or photos.

In closing, let me say that the Office of the State Fire Marshal expects
its personnel to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times,
and as Chief of the Arson Division, and having been involved in law
enforcement since 1972, I will tolerate nothing less than STRICT
professionalism from the sworn law enforcement officers that make up the
Arson Division. We do not "take sides, nor do we work for, or answer-to
insurance companies, utility companies, town halls, local fire departments,
local law enforcement, FEMA or any other federal agency. We work for the
State of Louisiana, and serve all of its citizens by utilizing all legal
means at our disposal to conduct professional investigation and subsequent
prosecution of person(s) involved in arson and fraud-related events.
Should you or Mr. Martin have any information that can assist us in this
regard, please feel free to contact me. NOTE: As this reply constitutes,
by LA law, a "Public Record", feel free to forward it, in uneditted form,
to any party that might be interested.

Marc Reech
Arson Chief
LA State Fire Marshal, Arson Division

From: SoulMatePsychic3 (at) aol.com

Recipients: mreech (at) dps.state.la.us

Subject: Mr. frank/william t. martin vs jenkins & moore/city of bogalusa, LA D

Date: 05:27:37 AM Today

Dear Marc Reech, chief Arson Investigator, Louuisiana State Fire Marshal:

Please read below how the city of Bogalusa, LA, and the State Fire Marshal,
are not helping Mr. William T. Martin in his Katrina 2005, fire damaged
Bogalusa home. Mr. Martin was attacked by your Louisiana State Fire
Marshal with bodily force, a tooth was knocked out in the attack. No
Bogalusa, LA, police responded, no report made on this injury to Mr.
William Martin to date.

The city of Bogalusa did not shut off the electricity the day of the
hurricane, August 29, 2005. As a result of the power left on, a fire was
started as a result of Katrina wind's knocking trees down hitting the
electrical wires of Mr. Martin's home. An electrical fire started, the
Bogalusa fire department staff were not able to get their trucks to the
fire; and, when they did had no sufficient amount of water in their trucks
to put out the fire in Mr. martin's home. A fire dept. employee claims
that Mr. martin's home had fire burning, to be put out, two days in a
row on, August 29th & August 30th of 2005. The city of Bogalusa fire
department staff member claims that the Bogalusa Fire department did not
do their job the first time and had to go back a 2nd day to try to put
out, completely, the fire.

Here is a possible motive by the fire marshal of Louisiana, and or the
Bogalusa fire dept., whom claims arson to cover up their non professional

Please look into this, it is possible that some unknown person made the
fire look like it was started with a petroleum product to cover up the fact
that the city supplied electricity, in error mind you, was left on by the
city of Bogalusa, LA.


Ken Bush & William T. Martin, home owner

See all of below:

Mr. frank / William t. martin vs jenkins & moore / city of bogalusa, LA

Dear Sir / Mr. Frank / Citizen LA Insurance: 27 Feb 2006

Mr. Martin’s Agent:

Moore & Jenkins Ins LLC, agent number 8000801

1018 main street, Franklinton, LA, 7043

Home Phone: 985-839-4495

RE: Mr. William T. Martin Vs Moore & Jenkins / Bogalusa City hall /
Bogalusa, LA, fire Dept. / Bogalusa, LA, Police Dept. / Louisiana State
Fire Marshal / Washington Parish D.A., et. al.

Here are 4 people that will testify in court that the electricity was not
turned off by the city of Bogalusa for fire safety during the, August 29,
2005, Katrina hurricane:

Patrick & Vanessa Cotton write:

This is to verify that we had electricity during part of the storm (
August 29, 2005 ). The storm is what knocked it out ( the power was
knocked out by the storm and not turn off by the city of Bogalusa is the
implication ).

Patrick and Venessa Cotton

324 Caswell Ave.

Bogalusa, LA 70427

Home Phone: 985-735-5773


Ms Janice Creel writes:

I Janice Creel had electricity during Katrina until well after 7:30 in the
morning ( August 29, 2005 ).

signed, Janice Creel

904 Sabine

Bogalusa, LA 70427

Home Phone 985-750-1498


Mr. Ralph Braweh writes:

My power ( electric service) went off at 7:00 AM on Monday, August 29,

I live at 343 Caswell Ave, Bogalusa, LA 70427

Home phone: 1-985-732-3468

Signed, Mr. Ralph Braweh

See hand written copy ( Included ) Mr. Ralph Braweh is willing to go
under oath regarding this situation.

Per Kenneth R. Bush & William T. Martin, home owner

P.s. Mr. Frank, here are 4 people that will testify that the electricity
was on after the 3:30 AM power shut off time on August 29, 2005. This
begs the question, “ Was it city hall, the fire dept. / Police, and or the
State Louisiana Fire Marshal that Started the fire per covering their

copy below:

FEMA Appeal Letter, Denial / settlement letter / martin, william, T.

Applicants Name - William T. Martin 02-12-2006
9:56 AM Time / date stamped

Register I.D.# FEMA ID # 921219654
phone contact number: cell phone 985-516-6134
State Registered in: Louisiana
Damaged Property 317 Caswell Ave., Bogalusa, LA 70427-2670

R. David Paulison

Acting FEMA Director

Emergency Preparedness and Response

National Processing Service Center

PO Box 10055

Hyattsville, MD 20782-7055

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco


State of Louisiana

Disaster No. 1603

County Code: 99117

date stamped: current date - 02-12- 2006 Page 1, Mr. William T.

This legal letter is partially prepared by Kenneth R. Bush, Independent
Paralegal of Bogalusa, LA Phone- 985-732-9201 Address – 530 Lucerne
Ave., Bogalusa, LA 70427

Dear sir / Madam / FEMA staff / R. David Paulison, Acting FEMA Director /
Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, Governor /

National Processing Service Center.

RE: FEMA Application. # 921219654 LA 00002 Appeal letter /
settlement or a denial letter

Regarding your last e-mail letter to me ( copy below ):

"You will not be eligible for Personal Property assistance or for Hotel
Expense Reimbursement because your Homeowners Insurance should be able to
address those needs through Personal Property coverage and Additional
Living Expenses (ALE). By federal law, FEMA cannot duplicate benefits.

If your insurance settlement does not fully address your needs, you may
submit an Appeal in writing to FEMA along with a copy of the insurance
settlement or a denial letter.

The listed insurance companies below refuse to provide a settlement or a
denial letter to Mr. William T. Martin, home owner".

Included are: The staff of Jenkins & Moore / Citizen's LA Insurance,
First Premium Insurance Group and:

Mr. Frank and or:
First Premium Insurance Group, 985-703-1737
RE: fire loss claim # 2005FLA51293, Mr William T. Martin, home owner.
First premium Ins. 800-256-2171, Hurricane / wind damage claim number #
200500024474 as of 1-11-2006
P.O. Box 77
Covington, LA 70434

(800) 256-2171
(985) 892-7428

Jenkins & Moore of Bogalusa, LA
Mr. Martin’s Insurance Agent, home owner:
Moore & Jenkins Ins LLC, agent number 8000801
1018 main street, Franklinton, LA, 7043
Phone: 985-839-4495

Please help Mr. Martin in his Insurance claim and or settlement. Mr.
Martin is elderly, age 75, and need your legal help as well.

Thank you for your time and mercy.

Kenneth R. Bush, IP & William T. Martin, home owner of 317 Caswell Ave.,
Bogalusa, LA 70427-2670

Dear Mr. Martin,

Thank you for contacting FEMA. We are constantly striving to improve our
processes and inquiries such as yours are greatly appreciated.

Your file is being reviewed for possible Housing Assistance.

You will not be eligible for Personal Property assistance or for Hotel
Expense Reimbursement because your Homeowners Insurance should be able to
address those needs through Personal Property coverage and Additional
Living Expenses (ALE). By federal law, FEMA cannot duplicate benefits.

If your insurance settlement does not fully address your needs, you may
submit an Appeal in writing to FEMA along with a copy of the insurance
settlement or a denial letter.

If you have further questions about your registration please contact
Helpline at 1-800-621-3362.

FEMA offers two ways for individuals to check the status of their disaster
application. The newest is to create an Access Account through the
Internet by going to www.fema.gov/register.shtm, and select "go to
FEMA online Registration/Individual Assistance Center", and follow the
prompts. Once you have created your Account Access you will be able to
log-on and view the status of your request for disaster assistance. You
can also call FEMA's Helpline at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or TTY
1-800-462-7585 for the speech and hearing impaired.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Lela ID #50051
Individual Assistance


From: SoulMatePsychic3 (at) aol.com [mailto:SoulMatePsychic3 (at) aol.com]
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 14:36
To: Fema-Correspondence-Unit
Subject: billy martin, fema claim
Applicants Name - William T. Martin
Register I.D.# FEMA ID # 921219654
phone contact number: cell phone 985-516-6134
State Registered in: Louisiana
Damaged Property 317 Caswell Ave., Bogalusa, LA 70427-2670
F.Y.I. see below Fema Staff:
01-30-2006 12:58 PM, Central Time Zone
Dear Mr. Frank and or:
First Premium Insurance Group, 985-703-1737
RE: fire loss claim # 2005FLA51293, Mr William T. Martin, home owner.
First premium Ins. 800-256-2171, Hurricane / wind damage claim number #
200500024474 as of 1-11-2006
P.O. Box 77
Covington, LA 70434

(800) 256-2171
(985) 892-7428
This information is per Ms. Mary Teresa Levy of AIG Insurance, phone
877-281-4801, that First Premium Insurance is going to pay the fire
Insurance claim of

# 2005FLA51293
Jenkins & Moore of Bogalusa, LA
Mr. Martin’s Insurance Agent, home owner:
Moore & Jenkins Ins LLC, agent number 8000801
1018 main street, Franklinton, LA, 7043
Phone: 985-839-4495
Mr. William T. Martin met with the Bogalusa, LA, fire department today, 30
January of 2006, and they told him that the city fire department of
Bogalusa will not change the fire status as being unknown. It appears that
as a result of the city of Bogalusa, police, city hall, and fire marshal,
and finally Bogalusa fire department, Mr. William T. Martin and Mr.
Kenneth R. Bush, Independent Paralegal, will need to go door to door and
find others that others have had no results getting a fire report and or
Insurance settlement in the city of Bogalusa, LA, and or Washington
Parish, LA. Now, I for one, will do my part even if the Bogalusa, LA,
police department wants to re-arrest me for another so called illegal
charge as per 13 January of 2006. This malice of use of police power will
be challenged over time with class action law suits. May God have mercy on
your souls dear city officials / staff of Bogalusa, LA, Washington Parish,
LA. Even the bail bondsman, Mr. Craig, 839-0052, tell me to file with the
A.C.L.U. regarding the illegal malice use of force of The Bogalusa Police

I found out that the city of Bogalusa, LA, did not shut off the power to
Mr. William T. Martin's home at 317 Caswell Ave., Bogalusa, LA 70427.
Other people on this city block of Caswell Ave., did not have their power
shut off on 08-29-2006 before Katrina hit the city of Bogalusa, LA.

The police asked me to not look at a conspiracy theory when they arrested
me illegally on Friday the 13th, January of 2006 in front of the plates /
registration office in Bogalusa, LA. It seems they had to let me go with
no charges just a few hours later as a result of my wife calling the
District Attorney's office of Washington Parish, LA. Even Michelle, of the
D.A.'s office said that the Bogalusa sub station had no right to hold me.
I find this use of police force to be even ungodly. May the Major of
Bogalusa have some courage to prosecute these sinful police officers.

Sincerely yours,
Kenneth R. Bush, IP & William T. Martin, home owner
FYI see below:
see info link below on Jenkins and Moore Ins of BOGALUSA, LA
also see Mr. Billy / William T. Martin and his mess with the fire marshal
of Bogalusa of the state of Louisiana
See this link for more info ......

Dear White House, Washington, DC, President Bush, Jr.

For your information:

Here is a letter to ABC news regarding Mr. Billy Martin, age 75, being
denied Insurance payment from Moore & Jenkins Insurance of Franklinton,

Mr. Martin is not getting his Insurance claim even looked at as he is
being wrongly accused of arson by the State Fire Marshal of Louisiana.
Please read below the letters to News media, FEMA, and Insurance and
claim's corporations.

Thank you very much

Mr. William T. Martin, home owner & Kenneth R. Bush, Independent

Mr. Billy Martin's cell number 985-516-6134 ( his only contact number ).

also sent to :Washington Parish Council
909 Pearl Street
Franklinton, LA 70438
Phone: (985) 839-7825
Fax: (985) 839-7828
Attention Parish Attorney, Mr. Kenny Gatewood

Washington Parish Council
909 Pearl Street
Franklinton, LA 70438
Phone: (985) 839-7825
Fax: (985) 839-7828
Dear Parish Attorney, Mr. Kenny Gatewood

For your information:
Here is a letter to ABC news regarding Mr. Billy Martin, age 75, being
denied Insurance payment from Moore & Jenkins Insurance of Franklinton,

Mr. Martin is not getting his Insurance claim even looked at as he is
being wrongly accused of arson by the State Fire Marshal of Louisiana.
Please read below the letters to News media, FEMA, and 4 Insurance and
claim's corporations.

Thank you very much
Mr. William T. Martin, home owner & Kenneth R. Bush, Independent
Mr. Billy Martin's cell number 985-516-6134 ( his only contact number ).

Please read below Mr. E. "Toye" Taylor:
Senior Citizen / no home / no money / Fema / No Insurance claim paid by
Moore & Jenkins INs LLC agent of Franklinton, LA.

* These letters also send to WGNO ABC 26 News, CBS News, NBC News, Fox
news, Times Picayune Newspaper, The Governor of Louisiana, The attorney
General of Louisiana, The White House, FEMA, and The Attorney General,
Washinton DC.

Dear Times Picayune / staff / madam / sir:
Please read these letters below regarding Mr. William T. Martin, age 75,
of Bogalusa, LA.
Mr. Martin is without a home as a result of Katrina; and, the city of
Bogalusa, LA, not shutting off the electricity to his home before the
hurricane hit on, August 29, 2005.

Mr. Martin was also physically attacked with a closed fist by a Louisiana
State fire marshal who inspected the home and falsely said it was arson.
Over 4 months later, there are no charges against Mr. Martin, home owner
regarding an alleged arson accusation. The Bogalusa police would not file
a complaint against the abusive Louisiana State paid fire marshal. The
Insurance agent, Moore & Jenkins of Bogalusa, LA, & Franklinton, LA, will
not respond to my letters, faxes, and or phone calls. I have been harassed
as a result of helping Mr. Martin by the Bogalusa Police. On Friday the
13th of January 2006, I was arrested while doing business at a local
Insurance company and plate / tag office in Bogalusa, LA. Some 3 hours
later I was released without any charges, the Bogalusa Police claim it was
all a mistake.

Here is the info on Mr. Martin's Insurance agent below. I would later find
out that Moore and Jenkins would sell to Mr. Martin an Insurance policy
of, LA Citizens Fair Plan, that is mostly sold to working poor and low
income elderly people. To date there are over 400,000 class action law
suits against this 'LA Citizens Fair Plan, PO Box 60730, New Orleans, LA

Mr. Martin’s Agent:
Moore & Jenkins Ins LLC, agent number 8000801
1018 main street, Franklinton, LA, 7043
Phone: 985-839-4495
I am trying to help Mr. Martin with a FEMA claim and to get his Insurance
company to pay on the claim regarding his totally burned and flooded home.
As a result of the fire department using water to put out the flames, and
later, rain after the fire damage to the roof and walls of the home of Mr.
Martin. FEMA refuses to help Mr. Martin with any hotel bills or living
expenses until the Insurance company pays it's maximum amount first. Just
after the Hurricane and the lost burned home, this 75 year old man was
living in the back of his utility trailer as the Insurance agent would not
give Mr. Martin over $9,300.00 in personal loss of use monies for a motel,
food, gas, and general living expense.

Please read the letters below and put Mr. Martin's story in your newspaper
Sincerely yours,
Kenneth R. Bush, Independent Paralegalist & Mr. William T. Martin, home
owner of Bogalusa, LA

Title: Posted By: Post Date:
jenkin and moore screwed my family in bogalusa too J and M, need litigation 08/22/06 09:00AM
jenkin ., moore, whores , sluts, gay, butt fuckers cast them down 06/24/06 06:45PM
moore and jenkins can kiss my litigational ass what are u stupid J and M 06/24/06 06:37PM
Felicia H. Cooper, Deputy State Fire Marshal Administrator Deputy State Fire Marshal Administrator 03/07/06 10:45PM
mr state fire marshal hello no response mr state of LA fire marshal 03/04/06 04:15PM
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Re: Re: Police Censorship of ReligionCurrent rating: 0
03 Oct 2006
by soul legal writer
Reply to this comment

i feel the people are more evil in the USA because we tend to say we are a "christian" nation

the USA, white house, military, pres bush, are all wolves in sheep's clothing

they are false witnesses

i am not proud to live here when i watch CNN, it makes me sick

always talking about killing, murder

not much of human interest stories at all

Yea, the US society is full of hypocrisy and evil. It is no wonder that foreigners look down on the USA as a country full of violent and arrogant people. I have been to websites where many foreigners had that discussion and all said the same thing about the American society.

Near the bottom of the page, some Americans replied and said that we are not arrogant, violent, money hungry warmongers, and such... but yet and still, the same person that was doing the most defending of the USA, had a link at the bottom of his post that led to his website, and he had some rap lyrics that he made, which talked about all kinds of violent shit. Not only that, but on another section of his website, all he talked about was pimping women and how he get his "DOUGH", and all kinds of other downgrading things as well.

Talking bout a country full of hypocrites, jeez.

Then the US government is so f__kin corrupt, that there is no hope for it. The army too. They go over to other people's countries, try to tell them how things should be run, then on top of that, they fight for something that has nothing to do with them at all. Thousands of lives were lost thanks to that bulls__t.

Just look at these photos to see for yourself....

Some of these are from the American war going on over there, some of them are Lebanese people that were killed by Israelites.

That is what war over stupid s__t does to the people of our world. You know what's said Ken. All of the above were people that weren't involved in the wars. They were innocent people minded their own business..

i agree, USA raised people are the most "lamb" like in their stupid
" sheepish" innocence .... they buy into the amercian dream where most minority will never golf with light blue eyed, tall, right handed, wealthy white so called christian-jewish men ...of course me saying that makes this a hate crime for sure. ... not !!

it makes me sick

i am not happy with the american way being only available to people of the old boy net work, or business people of minority who have to cheat and steal in order to pay off the f__kin cops ...

it is not a sound, christian system

jesus over turned the money changers in the temple

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light skin vs dark skin in UV light / North Vs the south / USA

zen billy 26.Dec.2006 02:46

Did the north beat the south on something most do not see?

Look at skin color as it relates to vitamin D and D3 production as the UV light that hits the eyes and skin helps to develop that much needed vitamin.

Lowe UV areas of the USA are closer to the 45th parallel as in Michigan and NY, WI, MN.

Higher UV areas of course are closer to the 30th parallel, as in FL, LA, TX, MS, AL.

If a person comes from the north with lighter skin, this person can absorb vitamin D and D3 with little need to strip to little clothing. This person as a fighter in an army will have an advantage in health energy.

"It's already known, for example, that dark-skinned people who move to cloudy climates can develop conditions such as rickets from vitamin D deficiencies".

Take into account that those with lighter skin are more cognitive and logically minded.

Even when looking in any one family system, the lighter skinned people tend to be more rule followers. Unlike the darker skinned native Indians who did want the white man's laws.

In the end the darker skin loses to lighter world wide.

see below what Gina Kirchweger has to say about skin color:

The Biology of Skin Color: Black and White

The evolution of race was as simple as the politics of race is complex
By Gina Kirchweger

Ten years ago, while at the university of Western Australia, anthropologist Nina Jablonski was asked to give a lecture on human skin. As an expert in primate evolution, she decided to discuss the evolution of skin color, but when she went through the literature on the subject she was dismayed. Some theories advanced before the 1970s tended to be racist, and others were less than convincing. White skin, for example, was reported to be more resistant to cold weather, although groups like the Inuit are both dark and particularly resistant to cold. After the 1970s, when researchers were presumably more aware of the controversy such studies could kick up, there was very little work at all. "It's one of these things everybody notices," Jablonski says, "but nobody wants to talk about."

No longer. Jablonski and her husband, George Chaplin, a geographic information systems specialist, have formulated the first comprehensive theory of skin color. Their findings, published in a recent issue of the Journal of Human Evolution, show a strong, somewhat predictable correlation between skin color and the strength of sunlight across the globe. But they also show a deeper, more surprising process at work: Skin color, they say, is largely a matter of vitamins.

Jablonski, now chairman of the anthropology department at the California Academy of Sciences, begins by assuming that our earliest ancestors had fair skin just like chimpanzees, our closest biological relatives. Between 4.5 million and 2 million years ago, early humans moved from the rain forest and onto the East African savanna. Once on the savanna, they not only had to cope with more exposure to the sun, but they also had to work harder to gather food. Mammalian brains are particularly vulnerable to overheating: A change of only five or six degrees can cause a heatstroke. So our ancestors had to develop a better cooling system.

The answer was sweat, which dissipates heat through evaporation. Early humans probably had few sweat glands, like chimpanzees, and those were mainly located on the palms of their hands and the bottoms of their feet. Occasionally, however, individuals were born with more glands than usual. The more they could sweat, the longer they could forage before the heat forced them back into the shade. The more they could forage, the better their chances of having healthy offspring and of passing on their sweat glands to future generations.

A million years of natural selection later, each human has about 2 million sweat glands spread across his or her body. Human skin, being less hairy than chimpanzee skin, "dries much quicker," says Adrienne Zihlman, an anthropologist at the University of California at Santa Cruz. "Just think how after a bath it takes much longer for wet hair to dry."

Hairless skin, however, is particularly vulnerable to damage from sunlight. Scientists long assumed that humans evolved melanin, the main determinant of skin color, to absorb or disperse ultraviolet light. But what is it about ultraviolet light that melanin protects against? Some researchers pointed to the threat of skin cancer. But cancer usually develops late in life, after a person has already reproduced. Others suggested that sunburned nipples would have hampered breast-feeding. But a slight tan is enough to protect mothers against that problem.

During her preparation for the lecture in Australia, Jablonski found a 1978 study that examined the effects of ultraviolet light on folate, a member of the vitamin B complex. An hour of intense sunlight, the study showed, is enough to cut folate levels in half if your skin is light. Jablonski made the next, crucial connection only a few weeks later. At a seminar on embryonic development, she heard that low folate levels are correlated with neural-tube defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly, in which infants are born without a full brain or spinal cord.

Jablonski and Chaplin predicted the skin colors of indigenous people across the globe based on how much ultraviolet light different areas receive. Graphic by Matt Zang, adapted from the data of N. Jablonski and G. Chaplin

Jablonski later came across three documented cases in which children's neural-tube defects were linked to their mothers' visits to tanning studios during early pregnancy. Moreover, she found that folate is crucial to sperm development -- so much so that a folate inhibitor was developed as a male contraceptive. ("It never got anywhere," Jablonski says. "It was so effective that it knocked out all folate in the body.") She now had some intriguing evidence that folate might be the driving force behind the evolution of darker skin. But why do some people have light skin?

As far back as the 1960s, the biochemist W. Farnsworth Loomis had suggested that skin color is determined by the body's need for vitamin D. The vitamin helps the body absorb calcium and deposit it in bones, an essential function, particularly in fast-growing embryos. (The need for vitamin D during pregnancy may explain why women around the globe tend to have lighter skin than men.) Unlike folate, vitamin D depends on ultraviolet light for its production in the body. Loomis believed that people who live in the north, where daylight is weakest, evolved fair skin to help absorb more ultraviolet light and that people in the tropics evolved dark skin to block the light, keeping the body from overdosing on vitamin D, which can be toxic at high concentrations.

By the time Jablonski did her research, Loomis's hypothesis had been partially disproved. "You can never overdose on natural amounts of vitamin D," Jablonski says. "There are only rare cases where people take too many cod-liver supplements." But Loomis's insight about fair skin held up, and it made a perfect complement for Jablonski's insight about folate and dark skin. The next step was to find some hard data correlating skin color to light levels.

Until the 1980s, researchers could only estimate how much ultraviolet radiation reaches Earth's surface. But in 1978, NASA launched the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer. Three years ago, Jablonski and Chaplin took the spectrometer's global ultraviolet measurements and compared them with published data on skin color in indigenous populations from more than 50 countries. To their delight, there was an unmistakable correlation: The weaker the ultraviolet light, the fairer the skin. Jablonski went on to show that people living above 50 degrees latitude have the highest risk of vitamin D deficiency. "This was one of the last barriers in the history of human settlement," Jablonski says. "Only after humans learned fishing, and therefore had access to food rich in vitamin D, could they settle these regions."

Humans have spent most of their history moving around. To do that, they've had to adapt their tools, clothes, housing, and eating habits to each new climate and landscape. But Jablonski's work indicates that our adaptations go much further. People in the tropics have developed dark skin to block out the sun and protect their body's folate reserves. People far from the equator have developed fair skin to drink in the sun and produce adequate amounts of vitamin D during the long winter months.

Jablonski hopes that her research will alert people to the importance of vitamin D and folate in their diet. It's already known, for example, that dark-skinned people who move to cloudy climes can develop conditions such as rickets from vitamin D deficiencies. More important, Jablonski hopes her work will begin to change the way people think about skin color. "We can take a topic that has caused so much disagreement, so much suffering, and so much misunderstanding," she says, "and completely disarm it."

(From Discover, Vol. 22, No. 2, February, 2001. Gina Kirchweger © 2001. Reprinted with permission of Discover. )

© 2001 WGBH Educational Foundation and Clear Blue Sky Productions, inc. All rights reserved.