Should Liberals Vote For Kerry?

As a liberal, should you vote for John Kerry? I'm glad you asked.

John Kerry has been a politician all his life. He spent a couple of the years immediately after Vietnam in the practice of law, but only because he lost an election. Kerry is the insider's insider. To use the rhetoric of my youth, he is THE MAN. Do you think you can vote for a man who has spent his life in the institutions that you want reformed? John Kerry comes from a life of wealth and privilege. A Swiss boarding school, Ivy League, millions of dollars in assets. Not exactly representative of a man of the people. The great issue of the day is the war in Iraq. Kerry voted in 1998 and in 2002 to support this war. Yet, he's also voted against funds for the military and the intelligence community. When the time came to vote, he did not read the intelligence estimate the vote was based upon. When offered a special briefing in early July, he told Larry King "I just haven't had time." From his public record, can you be sure of what he would do as President? Kerry has spent the last eighteen months running for President. In order to do that, he has ignored his responsibilities as a United States Senator from Massachusetts. He missed 64% of the votes in the first session of the 108th Congress. When the National Journal ranked the liberalism of John Kerry, they looked at three categories of votes: economic, social, and foreign policy. In 2003 John Kerry missed every vote in the social and in the foreign policy categories. When the vote came to extend unemployment benefits for another 26 weeks, John Kerry missed it. His vote would have passed the measure. instead, it was defeated. John Kerry has placed his pursuit of the Presidency over the duties of his current office, the needs of the people of his home state and the United States. Do you want to vote for a man whose priorities are like this? Who can you vote for? David Cobb is running as the Green Party candidate in many states. Ralph Nader is running in many states. Why vote for a third party? Isn't it time for a third party? If no one ever votes for them, it won't happen. If all you want are Democrats and Republicans, vote for them. If you really are a liberal, then this is the time to be heard. Don't vote for a politician whose priority is politics over the people's needs. The Democrats have offered you a party hack. They're taking you for granted. Let them know what you really want in a candidate and vote for a third party.

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Night 30.Jul.2004 16:56

Nader has become a puppet of the right. It is now official. A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush. All of the current candidates are nothing more than parrots of the same platform. all trying to appeal to the mass media. It's all about the marketing and nothing to do with the issues that affect the average person.

Do vote, but vote for the lesser of the evils. In the race between Kerry and Bush, you can pretty much flip a coin. But honestly, any vote for other than Kerry is absolutely a vote for Bush. Take that as you will and vote your conscience.

Third Party

anonymous 30.Jul.2004 18:14

See, the only problem with telling everyone to vote for third party candidates is:
1)they won't be elected and people should vote for who they think will make a better president
2)it is better to loby and try to reform the current parties instead of create new ones because multiparty systems lead to greater divisions in a country
3) people say "vote for Nadar" or "vote for the Green Party cnadidate" but rarely take the time to inform people of the issues that they represent. If you want someone to vote for someone, tell them about the person and what issues they support. Otherwise, you are telling them to blindly follow a polotician that they know nothing about. Also, think about the fact that these politicians have the freedom to make promises that they have no intention of keeping because they have no chance of being elected.

If people do not like the current options for president, then they can go to vote and vote for every office besides president in protest. However, it is important to consider the ramifications that this might have. If you are choosing between voting for Kerry, voting for an independant, or not voting, consider that if Kerry loses that it is 4 more years of Bush...and I don't think our country needs that.