John Kerrry after Vietnam


A better John Kerry
A better John Kerry

If you are an American citizen intending to vote on November 22nd., you absolutely must hear this, and recommend it to others. It's the testimony made by John Kerry, possibly your next president, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 22, 1971 when he was 27 years old and recently returned from Vietnam.

Go to

Move the slider to 1:30:40 and listen from there.

What America needs now is John Kerry as he was then, not the ass-licker he is today. He must be reminded of what he said then about Vietnam, because Iraq is today's Vietnam. Ask him if he still believes in what he said in 1971. It's important.

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The date

d.v. 31.Jul.2004 19:03

It's the Friday, July 30 programme I want you to hear.

title for a reply? huh? there is no title

sw 31.Jul.2004 22:10

notice how Kerry keeps pointing out his "leadership" during the Vietnam war, how he "fought bravely" for the U.S. during his tenure at Vietnam, without so much as implying his protest and opposition against the war.

He's using what he used to be against as a positive thing to promote his presidential candidacy.

Both major parties must go.

How I Feel about John Kerry runuing for president

John Kery 29.Oct.2004 16:03

President Kerry is bertter then the President that we have know Because he is going to help lowin come communties and the job rate is going to change susefuly and at that that is why is is going to get my vote this elections.