Media Summit Report From Boston

"A group of progressive media activists covering the Democratic National Convention in Boston plansto launch a new television network to counter the conservative news coverage they see on Fox Newsand CNN.",1283,64378,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3(pictures too!)

This was a headline on Wired News. "They got it partly right," says Penny Little from People to PeopleTV, Co-Producer of the Media Summit held in Boston on July 24 and 25. "We used a guidingquestion – If you could design a media network that would effectively communicate progressiveAmerican values an d unify the voices for truth, accuracy,, and ethics in our democracy, what would itlook like and how would it work?"

Several leading members of TV, film, print, radio, and web media spoke to this question at the MediaSummit Net 04 which was coordinated by Take Back The Media . com, GTV and People to People TVin association with the Boston Social Forum, July 23-25.

A wide range of media professionals including Greg Palast (author and investigative journalist forBBC, TheGuardian), Heather Holdridge (Carol/Trevelyan Strategy Group), Sarah-Ann Shaw, JohnGrebe (Indymedia), and Andrew Dieringer (Free Speech TV), Jeremy Scahill (Democracy Now)participated in the discussion on building a national progressive media network with the intention ofreaching a mainstream audience.

Micheal Stinson of Take Back The Media said, "It’s like herding cats. We need to begin to messagethe way the Right does, and to work together to become a real force. It’s not just about television asthe Wired News headline says. It’s about the future of that box in the corner which is the source of ourinformation, streaming, recording, broadcasting, blurring the lines between all the different media."Penny Little, who facilitated the process along with Christina Cocek, said, "I think some importantwork was done. We came to the agreement to continue the dialogue, to create an ‘editorial board’,and ongoing committees." Richard Hoefer from the Dean Media Team says, "We can continue tobuild on this. Go to if you want to be part of the dialogue to create thisprogressive network."

Other delegates included: Dana Mathou (re: The Hunting of the President), Marc Umile (author ofBush Unplugged), Kristina Bourjesson (former CBS and CNN reporter and author "Into the Buzzsaw,Deane Rinke (documentary film-maker, PBS Science series), Esther Iverem (journalist, Seeing Black.Com) , Michael Dobo, (cinematographer for "The Panama Deception"), Fred Johnson, (BBCfilmmaker), other news, community, and blog sites, plus media presentations from a variety ofindependent film and media producers, and statements from those who could not attend."

Since our democracy depends on a well-informed electorate, it’s essential that the informationcitizens receive is accurate, easily accessible, and ethically delivered," said Christina Cocek.

Barbara Trent, Academy Award Winning documentary filmmaker said, "We must function as if we werein control, assume our rightful positions, not think of ourselves as nipping at the pants leg of power, notthink of the resources allotted to our work as inadequate. Itis a mindset change in which we will findourselves helping each other out for the sake of the system, not seeing ourselves as competitors, butrather colleagues working on different parts of the same grand scheme. "

This Summit was presented as a special Media Track event of the Boston Social Forum which wasorganized by 70 grassroots organizations which was designed to showcase the growing impact andrejuvenation of the Progressive movement.

For more information about Summit Net 04, please go to for ongoingupdates and discussion boards or to see the archive site.

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