More Police State Tactics Ahead? Drugged Prez About to Release MORE EXECUTIVE ORDERS!

Drugged Up Prez About to Release MORE EXECUTIVE ORDERS

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07/31/04 12:33 PM
More Police State Tactics Ahead? [ Post 292823999 ]

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Synopsis: Drugged Up Prez About to Release MORE EXECUTIVE ORDERS
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Published: July 30, 2004 Author: Bill Brumbaugh
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Bill Brumbaugh
Proactive News Alert: More police state tactics ahead?
Fri Jul 30, 2004 16:56

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President Bush is preparing more police state tactics for America as he preps us for a new onslaught of Executive Orders.

This morning, ONLY MSNBC reported that Bush was preparing to release a handful of new executive orders to respond to the 9/11 Commisions critiques on the Bush administration.

Fact is, these XO's have been on the burner for quite some time, as an XO is NEVER simply penned on the spur of the moment, but is rather orchestrated through events that acquiesce to global parameters and mandates.

This means that Bush, who either intentionally lied or was misled by fraudulent reports regarding WMD's and Al Queda links to Iraq that weren't, is not putting another personal touch on almost certainly an escalation of attacks on the freedom and rights of Americans.

Friends, the media neglect in reporting another major story again is clearly illustrative of their complicity in the assault on America through their journalistic negligence.

I am definitely anti-terror, and have great disdain for terrorism and it's immoral practices to "justify the end through means that are unethical".

However, I fear we the people of America are facing two-fold terrorism and the freedoms of America are affecting Americans and NOT having any sort of equitable impact on foreign sponsored terrorism or it's structure.

Questions of collaboration and allowance of foreign terrorist acts are on the rise regarding the US gov't and it's relationship with foreign terrorists. These questions leave much to be desired regarding the US intelligence community.

However, our forthcoming new Czar of terrorism is NOT going to solve anything except to act as a clearinghouse for information and a singular channel in which to strike from public perview those reports critical of the US intelligence community.

I pray for an awakening of the public to be more receptive to these issues and realities, and realize war has been declared on them. It is not enough to simply accept these assaults, but we must respond with the best weapon we have... TRUTH, and the ability to still question the true motives of the legislative assaults aimed at Americans.

Executive orders are unconstitutional, and have placed us under a form of martial law that has been instituted on the public since the war between the states.

Having a president, who through important psychologist is being labelled as unstable, is not a desirable nor acceptable reality. Please pay attention and understand the real motivations of this upcoming assault against America. Time to vote out ALL incumbents.



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